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    Avatar von Spongebob.lIl Neuzugang
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    Apr 2021

    Ddose on a Raned Match

    Hello dear Rainbow team,
    we started a Ranked Match today. While the Match started, the enemies begined to ddose our team.
    Yesterday we had the same Problem and were get banned and losed our mmr.
    I would be happy if you give Spongebob.lIl, Patrick.lIl and MrKrabs.lIl our mmr bacK !
    If u want to have proofs: I clipped the RanKed Match !

    ThanKs for your Support !
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    Avatar von Ubi-Hydrated Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Aug 2019
    Hello Spongebob.lIl!

    You are currently posting in our German forums, therefore I would ask you to post in German. You can also switch to our English forums by clicking the flag icon at the top of the page.
    For any player reports, please contact us directly, either on our support website or our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
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