Hallo meine lieben Assassinen,

das Julfest ist seit gestern Abend live und wir wünschen euch ganz viel Spaß damit!

Hier ist einmal eine Liste bekannter Fehler, und Tips wir ihr Bugs umgehen könnt:

  • Cannot start the Yule Festival?
    - The event is located in Ravensthorpe.
    - If you did not get the Yule Festival notification, please restart the game or perform any save/load action to activate the event
    - Note that either the Ledecestrescire or Grantebridgescire quest arcs have to be completed to access seasonal content
  • Yule Festival cannot be completed when the player goes offline
    - Workaround: Try to stay online while engaging with the festival.
  • Character is blocked in the first round of the Yule brawl if an explosive jar is thrown on the contenders before starting a fight
    - Workaround. Don’t throw oil jars at people..
  • Cannot complete The Case of the Missing Ale / world marker misplaced
    - Workaround – Finding the brew: The brew is located here. Spoilers.
    - Workaround – Handing over the brew to Ake: You have to hand over the brew here. Spoilers.
  • The objective in The Cow Catcher might not update when the player kills the last cow outside of Bertham’s vision
    - Workaround: Reload a previous save.
  • Cow Catcher objective misplaced during “Escort Bertham back to Winfirth”
    - Workaround: Return to the settlement and don't follow the quest marker.
  • Drunk status effect applied during and after loading screen?
    - Workaround: Meditating or sleeping in your bed should remove the status effect. (or you can just walk it off..)

LG Hearty