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    Aug 2020

    Yo what's up

    Hello i am currently looking for a team
    That is looking to take the game seriously,
    So lemme get one thing straight i am not looking for people that will put me with people that dont play in my rank.

    Discord Name | Ab$oul.LFT#0803

    Ubisoft Name | Absoul.

    How active are you? | Everyday besides Fridays for 3 hours

    Age | 14

    Stats | Track me on R6tracker

    Rank | Gold 1

    Role | Entry/Flex on attack, Roamer on defense.

    Languages | German, English, Syrian Arabic.

    I am the quiet type but i will give callouts as soon as i die, and DONT put me on support. I am to aggressive for a support

    If u have interest just dm me under Ab$oul.LFT#0803 on discord
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    May 2016
    Hi Absoul and welcome in the German forums of Rainbow Six Siege.

    As these are the German forums we kindly ask you to either post here in German or head over to the English forums by changing the language on the top right corner of the page where the flag is located.

    Thanks in advance,
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