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    [EU] Looking for a team to play or even becoming a pro

    About me: Hello, I my name is Michael and I am 17 years old and I am from Ukraine. At the moment I live in Germany. Before I have strated playing R6S I had over 5k hours in CS combined and reached Global Elite in cs:go. I also played moba games and PUBG for over 600 hours. I consider myself beeing not the best player and I think that I can improve myself. I am very open and give callouts to my team. I can play every role but my main for defending is roaming and defending the obj and for attack I play as twitch, thatcher, thermite or hibana. I am looking for a small team in which I can improve, meet new people and hopefuly make it to the pro scene with the selected team. My highest rank in R6S was Plat 2 and currently I am sitting at Plat 3.

    Contact me: You can find me on discord Quilg#1683 and I am Mr.Yung. on Ubisoft.
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    Hey Mr.Yung,

    Welcome in the German Forums of Rainbow Six Siege.

    As these are the German Forums we kindly ask you to either post here in German or head over to the English Forums by changing the language on the top right corner of the page where the flag is located.

    Thanks in advance,

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