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    German competetive team LF1


    My name is 747 and I am one of the four extremely dedicated and talented players that currently call themselves ‘The Circle’. Most of us are players since the Beta, we’re all good friends, get along nicely and have crazy high ambitions. We all switched from Xbox to PC, I specifically just switched a couple of weeks ago, but I am making very fast progress, so in two or three weeks, you won’t be able to tell anymore. Most of our players do have a lot of competitive experience, one of us also has (Xbox-) LAN experience. Not that it means anything competitive-wise, but yes, all of our players have been or are currently Diamond in-game, just so you know we are equal when it comes to individual skill. Our goals are quite simple: We want to reach the top. And by the top, we mean the very top. Not only do we plan on participating in tournaments held in Germany, we’re also aiming for CL Quals, which means we want to compete at the highest of levels. The ultimate goal is also very simple, and you may have guessed it by now. It is the ultimate challenge any Siege player can take on, and that is to bring that goddamn hammer home.

    We know that our goals may appear far fetched, that our plans may seem too ambitious to some. That being said though, apart from others, we do not shy away from the work that needs to be done in order to achieve our goals and dreams. We’re fully aware that good planning is everything, so we’re working hard to develop a schedule that fits all our players, yes, even you. We’ve split our training units into different parts so we can focus on certain aspects of the game one at a time. You’ll receive more information about that as soon as we’ve decided to pick you up. From that point on, you’ll also get a chance to meet the team and so on. We may all aim for the highest performances possible most of the time, but we are a bunch of nice dudes and love it to fool around every once in a while. In summary, we like to do two things: Win & laugh. That’s basically everything you need to know.

    In terms of organizations- we are currently actively searching for one that brings the most benefits possible to our players, however, due to previous negotiations during the preparations for the Xbox-LAN, we do have one offer already that’d guarantee us every support we need when it comes to LAN participation and participation in Online-tourneys with entry-fees. Yes, that does also mean financial support.

    We’re also very interested in expanding into content production in the future, however, since preparation is everything and since you need to be way more professional about it nowadays, this is a topic for another day.

    But what about you? What do you need to bring to the table? Well, you may have seen it in the topic- we are 4 german guys. That means ideally, you’re also from the land of beer and sausages. If you are a dedicated player with residence in Germany, we expect you to be fluent in English and able to callout in English, too. However, since we’re always up for a good challenge and are open to change, we will also consider applications of players who are not able to speak german. It’d mean that we’d have to switch language entirely, but since all of our calls are in English anyway and since all of us can speak English, that shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    In the end, it comes down to two things: Do you fit into the team? And are you dedicated enough to keep up with the pace?

    In terms of roles, we are willing to listen to what you deem fitting. We’ll sort something out. You never know how much a new asset changes the dynamics of the whole team, so we’ll just wait and see.

    And yeah, that pretty much wraps it up. If you’ve got any questions or even an application, just comment, shoot me a DM or send an E-Mail to luke.tc.business@gmail.com .

    I’m happy to answer anything sent my way! Looking forward to hearing from you, future teammate.
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    this is a german forum. We must ask you to please write your posts in german or head over to: http://www.forums.ubi.com


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