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    [BUG] Destoryed Objects still visible

    Hello there,
    so today I played on Clubhaus and my friend shot an ash charge at the new wall in garage. For him the wall was opened but for me (I was spectating) was the wall closed. Ok just another bug I thought and kept playing but a few hours lazer on Oregon a Clash rushed me threw a door(broken enough to vault threw) in towers. For me the door was closed and it looked like she glitched through it, even watching the killcam I only saw her vault threw a closed door but when I asked in the chat how she did that they all replied saysing that she just vaulted the door like normaly.
    And there was another bug which is probably related to the one mentioned above. Today I could sometimes not walk/vault through a hole made in a wall even thought it was obviously opened and teammates could walk through. I guess the game didnt show me maybe a small piece of wood or so idk
    Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

    (btw is it normal that is takes weeks for the ubisoft support to answer? I had another issue on the 29.8 and they still didnt even reply

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    Hello Revanatic,

    zhis is the german board. As such the posts have to be in German.

    Please go to https://forums.ubi.com/ for help in english.

    Also yes: the support is swamped with work and needs time to answer.

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