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    Cupidity eSports [EU][PC]

    Cupidity eSports [EU][PC]
    My Discord : AttitudeIsKey#4242
    About Us:
    We are a new team forming to be active in scrims ranked and the weekly tournaments as well as make a name for ourselves in the community.

    What we are looking for:
    on Defense:
    We are looking for 2 roamers
    We are also looking for 2 anchors
    And also 1 support player
    On Attack:
    We are looking for 1 hard breacher
    Also 1 soft breacher
    aswell as 1 entry fragger
    And 2 support

    We are creating 2 teams for both competitive, u will be placed into a team according to skill level.

    Must be 15+
    Must have been plat + (Exceptions can be made)
    must currently hold above gold 1
    Must be active at least 4-5 days of the week with flexible times (make sure u can play on weekends)
    Must be willing to improve and learn
    CAN NOT be toxic

    Application: (Send To Me Through PM)
    Current Rank:
    Highest Rank:
    R6DB Link:
    Preferred Att:
    Preferred Def:
    Previous Experience (Ex-Teams ETC):
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    Hey AttitudeIsKey,

    Welcome to the Ubi Forums.

    This is the German boards. As such please speak German or find an english board at: forums.ubi.com

    Regards and good liuck searching for members!

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