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    New Operator Ideas/ New DLC Year Idea

    Hey, I had some time and made 8 new Operator Ideas so I thouht I would write them down .

    1.)Country: Israel
    Specialforce: Aman
    2 Speed/2 Armor
    Primary weapons: TAR-21, IMI Galatz
    Secondary weapons: Glock 19, Uzi
    Claymore/Smoke Grenade
    Gadget: Bat can shoot a sonardevice with a launcher to an area (10m for 10sec) and he can scan all enemies with a display on his arm but he can't equip a weapon
    looking threw
    his display. His allies can't see anything of that. He has 2 of this sonar clips.

    1 Speed/3 Armor
    Primary Weapons: Tar-21, Remington 870
    Secondary Weapons: Glock 19, Uzi
    Barbed Wire/C4
    Gadget: Signal can equip a doorframe with an Alarm Signal so that Ops activate it when they walk threw that door. Only Thatcher can destroy it with his gadget. She
    has 2 of

    2.)Country: Norway
    Specialforce: MJK
    1 Speed/3 Armor
    Primary weapons: HK416, Barrett M82
    Secondary weapon: USP
    Smoke Grenades/Claymore
    Gadget: Turtle is a shield user but he can equip a Primary weapon while he puts his shield on his back and the shield is bigger so you can only shoot his feet from
    and when he puts his shield infront of him he can only equip the USP. If you knife his shield while he has it on his back he falls on the ground like a turtle an needs time to
    get back up.

    2 Speed/2 Armor
    Primary weapons: AG-3F2, MP7A2
    Secondary weapon: USP
    Impact Grenades/Shield
    Gadget: Booster can reinforce one reinforcement that now will be totally undestroyable. He can also reinforce droppers. He only has 1 of it.

    3.)Country: Australia:
    Specialforce: SASR
    3 Speed/1 Armor
    Primary weapons: M4 carbine,SR-25
    Secondary weapon: Glock19
    Frag Grenade/Smoke Grenade
    Gadget: She has 2 drones which are equiped with a light beam that blind peopel just like the stun grenades but without the sound leakage. The effect lasts for 4 secs
    (5 until
    the effect is totally away) She can use it 3 times per drone.

    1 Speed/3 Armor
    Primary weapons: Mk18, M870
    Secondary weapon: Glock 19
    Barbed Wire/Shield
    Gadget: He has 3 barbed wire (extra to the normal ones) but the barbed wire is bigger and hurts while punching it or walking threw it, it's also more durable than
    barbed wire. He has 3 of them.

    4.)Country: New Zealand
    Specialforce: NZSAS
    3 Speed/1 Armor
    Primary weapons: L96 A1, FN MAG, L129A1
    Secondary weapon: FN Browing HP, SIG P228
    Smoke Grenades/Claymore
    Gadget: She can put traps on the ground that look like a mine and they get almost invisible. If a defender steps on one he gets shocked an can't move for 4 seconds.
    has 2 of them.

    2 Speed/2 Armor
    Primary weapons: M16, Benelli M3
    Secondary weapons: FN Browing HP, SIG P228
    Barbed Wire/Shield
    Gadget: She has 3 devices that looks similar to the ela mines but they spill smoke out for the whole round but only to the direction where the exit of the mine is and it
    a whole door frame (up to down or down to up). She has 3 of them.

    Map Ideas:
    1.) Israel: A temple.
    2.) Norway: a museum.
    3.) New Zealand: A Shopping center.
    4.) Australia: A highschool.

    Hope you like my idea of one of the new DLC Road Maps. It took me alot of work.
    If you want to add something or just help me out just leave a comment or add me at uplay (Finnsternis). If you have a question you can always ask (Im german tho)
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    Hey Finsterniss,

    Dies hier ist ein Deutsches Forum.

    Solltest du nur Englisch schreiben wollen müsstest du bitte ins Englische Ubi Forum.

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