Hello folks!
Is someone out there still playing this awesome game?
I came here to create this post, because I really love GRFS and even after 5 years it still is by far my most favourite game out there. Fortunatley (I'm playing on PS3) there are still some guys playing the Multiplayer (me included), but it seems that there are only conflict-game-mode-lobbys. When the game was fresh, "siege" (mode) was what I loved about the game; basically Rainbow Six Siege (it even shares the name), but in third person mode and with the GRFS controls that I love so much. So, what I wanna know is, is there any chance to revive the siege-mode or to give the game a second life in general?
Hopefully someone is gonna read that after all, but if so and if he or she is interested in playing GRFS (yes I am not using the recruitement center for this post ;) ) especially "siege" tell me, I'll be very happy.
Best of luck for everyone, MHuzzler (also my PSN ID)