ive an big problem guys..
im german and ve not much money and it was hard for me to load these 16,xx gb.
ive 100-200kbs max with high speed internet (datavolume max 5gb in month or u call them and let refill for 15€=5 gb)!!

now i was playing yesterday first mission and than i needed to load the rest of these 16.xx (i came till the first mission till i was back from start,started to be into dedsec...)

i was happy as it was done today and i tried to play!
with my luck i came into game it was stuttering because of whatever , i closed game and after retries i wasnt able to load or start new game!!!!

i found no reason for this @ internet but i tried to repair the files ,with ubisoft launcher..well my pc crashed dumb to disk blue screen and than ,after restart in uplay it displays download, not start..
and i still got the game but i cant start!

well i didnt had newest graphic drivers but i hadnt enough high speed so i could not wait 10h for 380 mb
/and i was able to play good/

i dont know now how to fix that , except to try reinstall (i can deinstall game but it displays download and watch dogs 2 archive is 31,9GB large..)
and copy old folder to other hd or some and than add these file and copy over old install without loaded version,just installed from disk with that ive copied..but im not sure i dont want to lose even now this game , i just wanna play!!

please help me with this..

Sys Specs :

Intel 3570k @ 3,4ghz
gtx 760 ,2 GB
12GB ram