Kay, so uhm, i haven't been playing anno 2070 for about 4 months, which meant the game just got updated.

I felt like starting a new game, so i did, but after i got to the actual gameplay, it was slower then my grandma on a bad day.
I've been fiddling around with settings and stuff, but nothing helped, even ultra low settings didn't help.

Then suddenly i got the bright idea, to start my old savegame and to my amazement, it ran fine, like nothing had changed.
So i tried putting all the settings back to very high and still, ran perfectly.

Back to the new savegame again, BAM, super slow again.

Can anobody tell me what the issue might be?

Some info:
EVGA SR2 motherboard.
2 x 24 GB ram
2 x intel xeon E5630
3 x gtx580
4 x 120 gb SSD's OCZ AGT3

Old savegame created on game version 1.02.
New savegame created on game version 1.06.
Both medium sized map, but my new savegame actually has 2 less npc's in it.

Also, the wait cursor in the game is almost constantly active, almost as if it is doing a whole lot of other things in the background.