Dear ANNO fans and deep sea explorers,

Today I want to show you the core of the upcoming add-on: The third population class of the Techs, The Genius.

The Geniuses enhance the functional research cells of the Techs to thriving metropolises.

A Premiere in the History of ANNO

Since the first add-on for ANNO, the community had asked for additional population classes, production chains and goods. The same goes for ANNO 2070. In an online survey, Ubisoft had carried out in December 2011, the community was asked what feature would be most important to them in an add-on. As foreseen “A new population class” was first.

However, to integrate a completely new population class into an existing ANNO game is far more difficult than most might think. On one hand you have to build precautions to integrate it smoothly into the existing gameplay and on the other hand you have to ensure that the main game stays functional without the add-on. With ANNO 2070 we decided to accept this challenge for the first time.

Geniuses: Thanks to neuroimplants and genetic engineering they are not freaks of nature anymore.

Geniuses in a Row

Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least work are most active.“ This famous quote from Leonardo da Vinci is only partially true in the year 2070.

In the future of our favorite game you can find hard-working geniuses everywhere. After the ethical frontiers had been pushed towards optimization of humans, it was only a matter of time until the Techs’ scientists were able to create genetically enhanced humans out of their offspring. Thanks to neuroimplants and bionic suits these humans are highly capable of accomplishing all kinds of tasks.

In the eyes of external critics, like Tilda Jørgensen, this is the “ultimate fall of man”, but the acceptance of Geniuses in society has grown, even if their emphatic abilities stand behind their impressive intelligence. Hiro Ebashi’s research in the trench would supposedly be in its infancy, if he had not had the support of a highly developed colony of Tech Geniuses.

Four new Goods

The Tech Geniuses, as the third population class, provide the ANNO 2070 player access to most advanced technologies, like energy transfer and an island-wide construction radius. To level up your Scientists to Geniuses you have to prepare them for their future tasks with new goods like neuroimplants and immunity drugs.

To produce these new goods, raw materials and products from the deep sea, like corals, sponges and special enzymes are required. Some of these new goods are manufactured directly under the sea others need a logistic connection from the underwater facilities to conventional manufacturing sites.

Besides the neuroimplants and the immunity drugs, there are also laboratory instruments and bionic suits, which make a total of four new production chains in the add-on. The last one of these will make the Geniuses completely happy and generate massive taxes. In total there are eleven goods needed to produce the final products. Seven of these are newly introduced into the game (e.g. lithium) and the other four will be reused (e.g. microchips).

For the first time there will be a production chain with four steps – the longest production chain in the history of ANNO, so to speak. It is necessary to produce the highly demanded bionic suits. With omega acids and biopolymers two high class goods from Tycoons and Ecos are used in this chain. Which means that you either have to trade massively or raise both factions up to level four to gain the big tax bonus of the Geniuses.

Concept art of a hydraulic facility that produces exoskeletons. This design was initially intended to be a cybernetic factory as you may have noticed in the top left corner.

Central Accomplishment of the Geniuses

Besides the new production chains the Geniuses will add further innovations and improvements to the game. Finally you can build a Tech monument: The Science Forum. Father 2.0 will contact you here to announce special tasks. Furthermore this monument has a very special ability. It opens up all build restrictions for the whole island, so builders can optimize their cities even more.

In addition the Geniuses improve the logistics on deep sea islands with defense platforms that will defend the upper part of underwater depots against attacks and a underwater goods receiving department that will expand the construction area, allowing reception of goods and raising your storage capacity. There will also be new vehicles like the transport submarine Sisyphus.

Energy transfer will also be of central importance. It will be enabled with the energy transmitter. How the allocation of energy works in detail will be discussed in another article, since it has many interesting implications on the gameplay.

Until then we wish you lots of fun with ANNO 2070, in particular with the beta test of the new “Domination” mode and the ever changing world events. Sadly I cannot promise you when the next report from the ANNO-factory will be published, but of course it will be prior to the release.

...or, like the Tech-Geniuses say: “Uncertainty defines the essence of usual people.

Best wishes,
Dirk Riegert