Hi anno 2070 admin,I am a anno player.I have some ideas that i want to share.It about the Ark.
To me,the ark is a tactical symbols.Player can make his tactic,make his decision and play style through the update and depot in the ark,it is very interested
Problem is,when the ark can hold too much in her depot,game will become some mass develop battle,i even don't have time to look at opponent base.
When everything can easily earn,people will not care about trader or tactic,make tools and bulding module by eco ways or tycoon ways at start of the game.or even won't care about how much money they have...
In Ark on mode,from develop source to end phase things,all will exist at the start of the game (even energy will come from Hydroelectric Power Plant at the start of the game ^_^)
Game is all about how fast you take things from the ark and how fast you develop and mass production.
Anno 2070 great point is the different between eco and tycoon,the profit you will earn from trading with another player,the ways you make a big nice city...it about how you make and use the product but not how many the product you have.
So those stuff is making anno game not so good as it deserves.
BUT ark is very important things in the game (the name is saying it self ^_^).it make the soul of anno game.those update projects make ark became a very separate character that every player have one ark.it take times but tactical like a RPG game character.
So what i saying is perhap ubi will make some playing mode like ark on but without depot or some kind...^_^.The ark still have her update and anno game still have slow to fast taste.
Thanks to every friends have read this ideas.I hope to help ubi make a better game for everyone ^_^.
If anyone or ubisoft admin care to discuss about this ideas you can contact me through my yahoo mail.
Best Regards.