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    Nov 2011
    Why is the default language german? The game is sold worldwide and standard use is english, as almost any other game out there.
    And why just the Anno forum? I dont get it, any explanation?

    Feel sorry for the users that cant find this site or just give up when they find a random language that they might not understan. Sure european players might have it easier since a lot study german in school, but there are a few millions that do not.

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    Hello everyone! What a great game, is ANNO 2070 - Deep Ocean! Didn't have much in the way of difficulty following the instructions and adjusting the profile to translate the Deutche to Englais. What's the rub, Bub ?
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    These instructions appear to be out of date, and the last post is 3 years old, too.

    For an future trailing edgers like myself, the 2nd step should now be ...

    2 ) Go to the "Forenaktionen" pull-down menu. One of the options here DOES include the word "Einstellungen" – select it and you WILL be directed to the desired page.

    I hope this helps someone, eventually.
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