Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : There is somesort of problem with the server.

06-12-11, 13:39
I think the server might be down. Is there any information about that here in germany-town?

06-12-11, 13:47
Also the same problem. Ubisoft has been written that the server will be maintained.

06-12-11, 14:04
Momentan finden Arbeiten an den ANNO 2070 Servern statt. Wie schon erwähnt kann es daher zu Einschränkungen kommen. Wir entschuldigen uns dafür! Im Laufe des Abends gehen die Server wieder online.
translated it means:
We are currently working on the Anno 2070 servers. As we already informed, there can be some inconvenience. We are very sorry for that! The servers will be back online in the course of the evening.