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19-12-05, 07:53
<font size="4">Preview in der PC Action</font>
<center>http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/4470/pcaction1gl.th.jpg (http://img50.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pcaction1gl.jpg)</center>Die Computerspielezeitschrift PC Action wird in Ihrer nächsten Ausgabe 2/2006, 4 Seiten lang über die XBox 360 Version von Splinter Cell Double Agent berichten. Darin findet Ihr u.A. auch ein Interview mit dem Co-Producer Julien Gerighty, der auch bei Pandora Tomorrow schon beteiligt war (wozu er auch noch seinen Kommentar abgeben wird *g*). In dem Bericht erhaltet Ihr u.A Informationen darüber welche neue Fähigkeiten die KI jetzt hat
"Die Intelligenz der Gegner hat seit Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory übrigens ordentlich zugenommen." sowie eine ganze Menge mehr. Auch wird ein wenig darüber gesprochen wovon sich die Entwickler diesmal haben inspirieren lassen. Besonders aufgefallen ist dem Redakteur der PC Action übrigens, das nichtlineare Leveldesign und die Tatsache, dass man nun auch Sam verstärkt bei Tageslicht zu sehen bekommen wird, was ganz neue Herausforderungen an den Spieler stellt denn schließlich war er nur selten mit taghellen Missionen konfrontiert! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif Auch teilweise neues Bildmaterial gibt es zu sehen! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent wird im Frühjahr 2006 für alle Current-Gen und Next-Gen Konsolen sowie den PC erhältlich sein und den Spieler eine etwas andere Seite von Sam Fisher zeigen.

19-12-05, 07:53
<font size="4">Preview in der PC Action</font>
<center>http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/4470/pcaction1gl.th.jpg (http://img50.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pcaction1gl.jpg)</center>Die Computerspielezeitschrift PC Action wird in Ihrer nächsten Ausgabe 2/2006, 4 Seiten lang über die XBox 360 Version von Splinter Cell Double Agent berichten. Darin findet Ihr u.A. auch ein Interview mit dem Co-Producer Julien Gerighty, der auch bei Pandora Tomorrow schon beteiligt war (wozu er auch noch seinen Kommentar abgeben wird *g*). In dem Bericht erhaltet Ihr u.A Informationen darüber welche neue Fähigkeiten die KI jetzt hat <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">"Die Intelligenz der Gegner hat seit Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory übrigens ordentlich zugenommen." </div></BLOCKQUOTE> sowie eine ganze Menge mehr. Auch wird ein wenig darüber gesprochen wovon sich die Entwickler diesmal haben inspirieren lassen. Besonders aufgefallen ist dem Redakteur der PC Action übrigens, das nichtlineare Leveldesign und die Tatsache, dass man nun auch Sam verstärkt bei Tageslicht zu sehen bekommen wird, was ganz neue Herausforderungen an den Spieler stellt denn schließlich war er nur selten mit taghellen Missionen konfrontiert! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif Auch teilweise neues Bildmaterial gibt es zu sehen! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent wird im Frühjahr 2006 für alle Current-Gen und Next-Gen Konsolen sowie den PC erhältlich sein und den Spieler eine etwas andere Seite von Sam Fisher zeigen.

19-12-05, 12:00
Das US - Foren Mitglied splinter-z hat teilweise neue bzw. qualitativ bessere Screenshots zu Double Agent gefunden:


21-12-05, 17:50
<font size="4">And the winner is.....</font>

.... Ubisoft Montreal: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Zumindest meinen das die beiden Websites IGN und GameSpy denn diese haben den Titel zum "Best Game 2005" gewählt. Ebensowenig dürfte es überraschend sein, das Ubisoft Montreal zum besten Entwicklerstudio für XBox Spiele gewählt wurde. Näheres erfahrt Ihr unter den folgenden Links! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Best Action Game (http://goty.gamespy.com/2005/xbox/index10.html)
Best Multiplayer Game (http://goty.gamespy.com/2005/xbox/index10.html)

Best Graphics Technology (http://bestof.ign.com/2005/xbox/10.html)
Best XBox Developer: Ubisoft Montreal (http://bestof.ign.com/2005/xbox/22.html)
Best PC Action Game (http://bestof.ign.com/2005/pc/1.html)

23-12-05, 06:39
<font size="4">Australisches OXM Preview entdeckt</font>

Unser Mitglied BurningDeath., hat vor kurzem einen Bericht über Splinter Cell Double Agent gefunden, der Euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten werden soll! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content"><span class="ev_code_RED">~ACHTUNG: SPOILER INSIDE~</span>
Das Australische OXM, hat einen Artikel über SCDA verfasst, welcher von stealthy_U abgetippt, und nun von mir hier reinkopiert wurde. Allen, die des englischen mächtig sind (wahrscheinlich ein geringer Prozentsatz, hier...) wünsche ich viel Spaß mit dem (wirklich) guten Artikel:

Official Australian Xbox Magazine-
The scene is all too familiar. An innocent man is gagged, bound, and kneeling in a filthy concrete room. He's a nobody who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His every movement is a cry for mercy. His face is contorted. His eyes are black pits of dispair. He has fallen into the clutches of terrorists, and he is about to be murdered infront of millions, for no reason other than to demonstrate their power.

This is where you come in. Entering the room, the terrorist leader recognises you, puts a gun in your hand. Something is very wrong about this. The witnesses of this diabolical crime arn't CNN viewers, they're gamers. They're also murderers. You walk up to the man, take aim, and blow his brains out. You are Sam Fisher.
You are a terrorist.

Tom Clancy's video game production house doesn't do things by halves. For his fourth adventure on Xbox, Sam Fisher is going into extreme new territory. The crisis in today's counter intelligence war systems from a lack of 'Human Intelligence'- learning who and where the terorists are. For that job, you need someone who can think and act like a terrorist, and be convincing enough to make friends with them. To win their trust you must match their evil.

On OXM's recent mission to Ubisoft HQ in Paris, France, were thrust into moral dilemma at the heart of Double Agent right from the get-go. After two years of toiling away in secrecy, producer Julian Gerighty was determined to make a splash at this exclusive presentation. Mission accomplished. Having spent a good proportion of their professional lives making Sam Fisher look good, his team of game developement veterans seemed to hold a deep grudge against the grizzled hero.

"We're tired of the good soldier. We're going to destroy that. We're really going to break him." Where to begin? Well, lets start with his only living relative, his precious daughter, Sarah. She's dead, killed in an accident. Unlike a cheesy action film, like Commando, we don't see Sam rescue her from the bad guys at the climax- she's dead and buried. They even have pictures of her headstone mocked up. "It's a random event. This is not fantasy for 13-year old boys." Julian wasn't kidding. Judging by the ghoulish stuff we saw, Double Agent will be rating at MA15+, if its released at all. While there are elemnts of fantasy in the work(the terrorists are garden-variety white supremacists- like they've ever blown up an airliner), it wouldn't be a Tom Clancy production without at least a ring of truth. Hence Sam's dubious promotion to the highest level of US super spy: Non Official Cover. Just like in Mission Impossible, NOC spies don't officially exist- and if they get caught, they are totally, royally screwed. Julian clearly relished the possiblities. "They are completely invisable. That have no past, and they have no future."

He said it again, as if the execution video wasn't hint enough. "Your going to become a terrorist. You'll have dual objectives for each mission: terrorist and CIA." Do good deeds, and you'll get HSA love: satellite photos, gadgets, and a chance to wear Sam's trademark triple goggles once again. Dirty deeds lead you deeper into the mouth of madness: access to terrorists' inner sactum, and gizmo's from their own bag of tricks. Events unfold simultaneously around each level, forcing Sam to be in two places at once. And the clock keeps ticking- keep both sides happy may be too much, even for Sam. " It's doing the impossible in very, very difficult circumstances."

As if your standard countdown-driven gaming wasn't enough, Sam's own conscience is now the ultimate time bomb. "Nothing is going to be black and white in the game." Julian was clearly enjoying the distress his vision was about to unleash on the gameing community at large, and a wry, involuntary smile crept onto his lips every time he asked us: "Do I do evil for the greater good?" Next on the stand was, Bitmap Brothers veteran Chris Smith, another lead disigner on the Xbox 360 version. He was fresh off the plane from Shanghai, where 100-odd staff were coding away, working towards the March release. Unlike many other launch titles for the new system, Ubisoft were not merely scaling up the Xbox 1 version with a skeleton crew. In a rare and expensive move, completely different teams were working on the old and new Xbox systems( with seperate teams for PS2, gamecube, etc). Over 300 staff in all- a monster production.

Is it worth it? To demonstrate, Chris booted up the openeing level of the 360 version. It's November 16, 2008, and Sam is breahing out of a Federal Prison. Detail we expected was an abundance: delicious textures, fine deatil, eerie lighting, fire and shadow. Then there were details we didn't expect, like 50 high-def inmates running riot through the six story complex. In the shadows, Sam slunk about, as normal. But in the light, he gave away any pretense sense of stealth and started running around will-nilly. When Chris took his hands off the controller, Sam relaxed against a wall, crossed his arms, and started idly looking about. Chris laughed at this point "Our animators hate me. Sam has a lot of new moves." The breahout scene revealed more than Sam's new shaved noggin and fetching a pseudotribal tattoos. There's a powerful co-op AI system purring under the hood. Accompanying our NOC supercrop is Chris; friend of Sam, but enemy of all Negroes. Chris is smarter than your average wingman. He runs around, acheiving objectives on his own, covering Sam's back as they progress towards their escape. This robust "frindly" AI is designed to make the inevitable moral choices tougher when they emerge.

A key point on the Xbox code we were shown illistrated this perfectly. It turns out that the blackout was engineered by your old chums at Third Echelon. Trouble is, their mission want awry, and one of their rubber-suited operative got nabbed. By Chris. After developing something of an emotional attachment(the designers hope) to your partner in crime, you have to choose between shhoting you tri-goggled comrade and the man who can lead you straight to the door of the terrorist mastermind. There are multiple paths, and no easy choices.

Back to 360 code, we were shown a window into the backyard of Ubisoft's operations in Red China: the Shanghai skyline. Sam has crash-landed a chopper on the 88-floor hotel, towering over the bustling redevelopment district of Asia's most dynamic mega-city. Rain buckets down, individual drops bouncing off Sam's skin-headed nogin. It's Chinese New Year, and multi-coloured explosions pepper the skyline. Players will be able to time violent actions to be masked by fireworks, or simply marvel and how each burst individually lights up the dreary rooftop.

Again, Sam has a wingman, covering his as5 as he works his way past, and through heavily armed, high alert guards. A big change is the lack of arbitrary, invisible barriers. No more locked doors, no more impassable railings. Thereare at least seven different ways to reach the objective, thanks to the wealth of new geometry the coders can cram in. On a larger scale, the other skyscrapers are real, not just painted to a skybox. Far below, individual cars weave through the streets. Beyond, the river surges in the storm. We're definately in 360 territory. The challenge is now to take advantage of this potential. Chris is elated at the power of the machine. "We don't have to cheat anymore."

As Sam creeps out on a crane and rappels down the side, his dual nature comes close to getting him into trouble. He's runnning a NSA errand right under the nose of his terrorist buddies, and reaches the level of their hotel room just as they say shut the blinds- close call. "We stress the player out so god**** much in this game." Chris asuured us there will be ample opportunities for Sam to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If going out out in the rain sounds risky, you can scale down INSIDE the hotel, thanks to it's distinct 57-level atrium. There's a risk of being noticed by some party-goers, but then it is a real nice atrium. "The hotel is absolutely gorgeous."

The 360's power supply was frequently overheating, shutting the test machine down mid-presentation. Nothing works a CPU like ambitious game design. Back in action, we were treated to the wide open spaces od Kinshasa, one of Africa's more delightful hell-holes. So what are domestic American Terrorists doing in the third world? It all comes down to an effect analyst call 'Blair's Law'. As extremist groups become more marganalised as freedom and democracy spread, they're more likely to do deals with each other, even if they have completely different philosophies. That's why you see Pakistan and North Korea trading missilie parts, for instance.

There's something different about this mission, though: it's in the daytime. Now sporting shades, Sam has fewer places than ever to hide. A running street battle rages between government and rebel forces, and Sam has to be very careful if he wants to meet his objectives at the terrorist arms bazaar. Yet as if we weren't being tortured enough,the designers find new ways to push Sam through the wringer. We soon see a small boy trapped in a burning bus. Rescuing him would be obvious, right? Well, to enter that pen ground, Sam has to blow away gnmen from both factions to ensure he isn't exposed. After that their surviving buddies will consider Sam a threat, and go out of their way to waste him for the rest of the mission.

It's a maddening choice. Julian has an apt way of describing this-"The bad guy is our engine to play with Sam." Larger forces are at work. He is definately being lead, down a dark path, but underneath it all, Sam is still Sam. We hope. "We still have Sam's moral code. Sam's character is always considered."

So, to summerise: as if things weren't cpmlicated enough, there's more than one terror group working it in Double Agent. "There's not just ONE Big Bad." As the player weaves towards the multiple ending of their choice, all will be revealed.

The game will climax with Sam making an earth-shattering decision; wheather to kill one person to save three thousand lives. An ominous threshold, considering how many souls perished on 9/11. It seems like no-brainer, especially if the latest in Sam's long line of victims is a terrorist.

Mathieu Ferland, the original producer of Splinter Cell, and leader of the Double Agent Xbox team, was adamant this was a good move. he gave reassuring answer when we asked if the terror trollop was hot enough justify such as a dangerous liaison. "Of course, or there is no purpose."

Deperting the Dark Continent of our own, Charles De Gaulle airport bore signs of our world terror: armed gendarmes, brandishing machine, pistols; marching briskly, eyes roving on alert. their guns showed wear and tear; these guys had been practicing. An orange sun burned through the clouds of fog; was that smoke, from a hundred burning cars?

One thing is clear: we're living in a new age. A dirty age, full of dirty work. Sam Fisher's just the man to do it. But when we wash our hands after playing, will the dirt come off?

-courtesy Official Australian Xbox Magazine </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

27-12-05, 05:44
<font size="4">GameStar Preview zu Double Agent</Font>

<center>http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/6259/rimg00929yw.th.jpg (http://img387.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rimg00929yw.jpg)</center>
Petra Schmitz, Redakteurin des Computerspielemagazins GameStar, hatte die Gelegenheit sich in Paris Sam's neustes Abenteuer anzusehen. Zu sehen bekam die Redakteurin die XBox 360 Version des Spiels, welche lt. aktuellen Informationen auch nahezu inhaltsgleich mit der PC Version sein wird.<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Sicher, Splinter Cell Double Agent sieht zum Niederknien wundervoll aus. Aber überdies wächst sich die Geschichte um Agent Fisher wohl in der nächsten Episode zu einer echten Bewährungsprobe in Sachen Moral aus - für Sie. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Das Preview, welches in der Ausgabe zu finden ist, geizt nicht mit Lob an die SCDA Entwickler von Ubisoft Shanghai. So werden vor allem die KI, die Animationen, die Grafik und das Moralsystem gelobt und ebenso wird die Feststellung gemacht, dass "die Serie nun aber wirklich erwachsen" werde. Mehr zu Double Agent lest Ihr in der Ausgabe der GameStar 2/2006 welche ab Morgen am Kiosk zu finden sein wird.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent wird im Frühjahr 2006 für alle Current-Gen und Next-Gen Konsolen sowie den PC erhältlich sein und den Spieler / die Spielerin vor mehrere moralische Entscheidungen stellen, deren Auswirkungen er in der Gestalt von Sam Fisher unmittelbar miterleben wird.

27-12-05, 06:26
Richtigstellung zum Bericht: "Servicewüste Deutschland"

Im oben genannten Bericht der Ausgabe 02/2006 stellt die GameStar folgende Behauptung über Ubisoft Produkte auf<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Den Verkaufsversionen liegen grundsätzlich keine Editoren bei, sondern werden mit (wie bei Siedler 5) Add Ons verkauft. Allerdings gibt's durch zahlreiche Patches neue Multiplayer-Karten und Bugfixing. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Dies entspricht leider nicht den Tatsachen. So liegt zum Beispiel Splinter Cell Chaos Theory der Mapeditor bereits der Verkaufsversion bei (befindet sich im Ordner EXTRAS auf der Spiele DVD), bzw. kann kostenlos von der Website von Ubisoft heruntergeladen werden. Auch der Map Editor von Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow war kostenfrei über die Homepage bzw. das Forum erhältlich. Korrekt müßte es demnach heißen "Den Verkaufsversionen liegen teilweise keine Editoren bei. Diese werden mit Add Ons verkauft oder auf der Homepage von Ubisoft zum Download kostenfrei zur Verfügung gestellt, falls sie sich nicht auf der DVD der Verkaufsversion befinden.

02-01-06, 08:48
Erste Screenshots zu Splinter Cell Essentials (PSP)

Im US Splinter Cell Double Agent Forum sind vor kurzem erste Scan's eines Artikels zum nächsten Splinter Cell PSP Spiel aufgetaucht, was den Namen Essentials tragen soll und derzeit entwickelt wird. Der Spieler soll hier die ersten Einsätze von Sam Fisher erleben.

http://pix.nofrag.com/4a/dd/c2e21c394f557868fcf0be7f5d5d.jpg <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Genre: Stealth
Developer: Ubisoft
Producer: Ubisoft
Players: 1-?
Release: March
Playable: Offline/Adhoc

How many 'PS2 ports have you seen on the PSP? Most companies simply release games which are mostly worse versions without extras. But Ubisoft aren't...

Ubisoft's Splinter Cell has been coming out every year so you can imagine that the French Software Developer have found it hard to stay original. Every version has added new features to better take advantage of the respective platforms it's released on. Splinter Cell for the PSP is going to be no different and Ubisoft will follow the same strategy.

Splinter Cell Essentials is not a traditional Sam Fisher adventure, but nin big missions spread over the whole of Fisher's military carrier. So in one missions Sam could be a member of Splinter Cell and the next he is active in the US Navy, probably where he got all his cool moves. Two of the nine missions will be familiar to players of previous Splinter Cell games and the other seven are completely new.

From what we have seen we are deffinately impressed that it all plays on the small handheld. Weather affects, falling leaves and the like have never graced the system before. If you doubt that the platform can pull it off we assure you that you will be impressed that Sony's handheld has never looked beter.

Whoever has read our previous previews knows that we had doubts about the game, but these have since been laid to rest. The slightly tweaked camera is excellent but the only thing we are unsure about is how prominently wi-fi will feature in the final build.

Picture: Many games on PSP seem to have no soul but Essential is different and a completely original game truly worthy of the platform.

Main Points ---

It will feature nine missions of his whole carreer als a splinter cell.
- Also one mission when we wasn't yet a splinter cell agent.
- Two missions are remakes and the other seven brand-new.
- More graphic details than PS2-versions
- Maybe it will feature a WiFi mode
- Biggest PSP team ever (60 persons) </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

04-01-06, 05:39
<font size="4">Chaos Theory gewinnt erneut Award als GotY</font>

Team XBox (http://features.teamxbox.com/xbox/1421/TeamXboxcom-Game-of-the-Year-Awards-2005/p3/) war vom 3. Teil der Splinter Cell Reihe mit dem Namen Chaos Theory so begeistert, dass es sich vor kurzem dazu entschied, es wie zuvor GameSpy und IGN zum "Overall Game of the Year" zu küren. Zudem hat es die Auszeichnungen für "Best Graphics", "Best XBox Live Game" sowie "Best Action Adventure Game" ergattern können und ist nur sehr knapp an dem Award für "Best Sound" vorbeigeschlittert.<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">"Please don't tell us you're shocked about this result. Not only does the sum of Splinter Cell's parts create a game better than nearly anything currently on the market, each part is better or nearly better than its competition (it almost won best sound for example)" </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Na, da bleibt uns doch nur noch Ubisoft Montreal (mal wieder) zu gratulieren und uns auf Splinter Cell Double Agent sowie Splinter Cell Essentials zu freuen! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

05-01-06, 12:02
<font size="4">Neues Interview auf CVG</font>

Das Team vom Online Computerspielemagazin ComputerandVideogames.com hat vor kurzem ein neues Interview mit dem Co-Producer von Splinter Cell Double Agent, Julien Gerighty (Ubisoft Shanghai) veröffentlicht! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Double Agent's co-producer Julien Gerighty gives us the lowdown on Sam Fisher's latest escapade

15:27 Sam Fisher gone bad? How did this happen? It only seems like yesterday he was saving the world again in Chaos Theory and now just one year on (in both game and real terms) Fisher's gone over to the dark side and become a common criminal with tatts and a shaved head. Say it isn't so....

Well actually we now know it isn't so, because the clue's in the title see, with Fisher becoming a Double Agent to infiltrate an apparently small time criminal organisation known as John Brown's Army which has designs on a scale far larger than anyone can imagine.

Much of Splinter Cell 4's details are still being kept veiled (something about protecting the innocent) but we decided it was high time that we caught up with the guys making the game to find out more. So we tracked down Julien Gerighty, co-producer on the Xbox 360 version of the game, to find out the skinny on Sam's latest adventure. Although he was comparitively tight lipped (even under extensive 'persuasion') we nevertheless managed to extract some interesting information including why Sam hasn't really become a bank robbing psycho, and why Uwe Boll should never direct the Splinter Cell movie.

How have you managed to turn around a sequel so quickly after Chaos Theory?

Julien Gerighty: We had two teams working in parallel, basically one team, the SC4 team has been in production for a long long time, basically before Chaos Theory was even finished. That allowed us to keep everything really fresh, and introduce a lot of new ideas and new concepts and technology each time we release a SC game.

We notice that Sam Fisher has been put in jail. How did he get in there?

Julien Gerighty: Basically it's a time of crisis in his life. Sam's daughter has just died, and Sam has ended up depressed and empty and has been approached by his agency to become an undercover operative. So he's given a background story, which is that he's robbed a bank and killed some people. He's now in jail and teams up with one of the terrorist inmates Jamie Washington, but his real agenda is to infiltrate this criminal organisation, the John Brown Army, and the story carries on from there.

So Sam hasn't turned into a bank-robbing, killing psycho, he's still Sam Fisher but he's maybe a bit more personally exposed than he's ever been before. This isn't a guy who's lonely and depressed and thinking about himself all the time, he's very focused on his mission, he's definitely got more personal convictions than he's ever had.

Why is the terrorist organization called John Brown Army?

Julien Gerighty: John Brown is actually a historical figure who rallied against the government. That's the story behind that. It actually comes from a band known at the Masters of Reality. That's the only reason they're called that - for the record!

Will we ever see Sam's trademark goggles and stealth suit again?

Julien Gerighty: Yeah oh yeah, it's a part that's in the game, but it's not a 100 percent of the game. There are some stealth sections in the game but goggles, suits? Not in prison. However, other levels push that concept forward and there's some interesting twists on the stealth and new challenges.

What new gameplay features can we expect this time around?

Julien Gerighty: Well on 360 you'll obviously have gameplay based on larger areas. We have some massive areas where you swim, climb up and get onto a supertanker in the middle of the night. Gameplay will actually be more influenced by weather as well and you'll actually have to use weather conditions to your advantage. The weather conditions are actually quite intricately linked with the gameplay on the 360 version of the game. We have achieved a lot with shadows and lighting and we've had to develop new ways of making the hardware work with the gameplay.

What feedback or criticisms of Chaos Theory have you focused on while developing Splinter Cell 4?

Julien Gerighty: Trial and error. The difficulty and the elite nature of the online part. These are all things that we definitely considered. The difficulty level is a very big influence on how you play the game and the Elite difficulty level will really challenge even the best Splinter Cell players we've seen.

Sam's left the Third Echelon - does this mean that we won't be getting our hands on any high-tech weaponry and gadgets in Splinter Cell 4?

Julien Gerighty: Now he's part of a terrorist group, if he had a bunch of gadgets and gizmos, the terrorists would be very suspicious and want to know where he got that gear from. Sam will be doing a lot more and using the environment a lot more. Of course there are gadgets but they take a long time to acquire. We have upgrades to some equipment and I can't reveal too much, but I will give you one. Because of the dual nature of Sam's mission, if you do well with the Agency they will lend you satellite support, to show enemies' locations during the mission. If you play with more a terrorist orientation, you'll do without that support but then slightly different elements will come into play.

What kind of locations and environments will we see in the game?

Julien Gerighty: Well we're taking Sam Fisher from the base of the terrorist cell in New Orleans to New York, to Washington and abroad to places like Kinshasa and Shanghai. We'll have massive buildings, he'll be going everywhere from underwater, to streets on fire in the middle of a war. We really did think hard about the locations, the type of environments and what kind of events could happen in those locations rather than just thinking how many we've got. There's the Chinese New Year celebrations with massive fireworks and there'll be a lot of things going on around you that bring a lot more reality to those events.

What kind of graphical improvements can we expect over Chaos Theory?

Julien Gerighty: Again it's not technology for technology's sake. If we can use the technology to heighten the sense of realism in what you see, then we've done our job well. We're really pushing the shading and lighting effects, the special effects, we're basically doing much much more with the hardware.

You've obviously put quite a lot of work into the story this time around. How much deeper is the story telling compared to the previous games?

Julien Gerighty: Well I think the previous games had great stories, but were based on assembling pieces of the puzzle and putting them slowly together. So for example in Pandora Tomorrow, you had to do mission one to find out what mission two was about. This time we've got real Hollywood guys working on it and we've got some really really good stuff written by these guys. I can't really go into all the details right now as we don't want to give too much away, but involves a huge threat against the government of the United States on American soil, but the actual threat isn't pinpointed until quite late in the game. But Sam's the guy who tracks it down and collects and assembles the information to discover what the actual cell and the real threat is.

Does the story have any ties with the future Splinter Cell movie?

Julien Gerighty: You know, the movie in the works has been Hollywood coming to Ubisoft and saying we want to make a movie based on Splinter Cell. But we're kind of protective about it and we don't want Uwe Boll coming along and making a movie out of it. It's a question of picking and choosing who we're working with. I don't think it will have anything to do with Splinter Cell 4. Maybe the people who are making the movie will take inspiration from it, but the game wasn't envisioned that way at all.

Does the series' classic hide-and-seek multiplayer or co-op mode feature in Splinter Cell 4?

Julien Gerighty: For Xbox 360 we can't really talk about it right now, but for current-gen incarnations we wanted the multiplayer direction to be all about accessibility. Accessibility is our buzz word, obviously it'll have stealth elements but again, we don't want to give away too much right now. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Quelle: ComputerandVideogames.com (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/news/news_story.php?id=132074)

06-01-06, 00:16
<font size="4">Großes Update auf Beware Sam Fisher</font>

Die Website Beware Sam Fisher (http://www.bewaresamfisher.com/us/) hat ein sehr großes Update erhalten und wartet nun u.A. mit 2 weiteren Video Clips auf, von denen einer den Titel "die Entführung von Irving Lambert" trägt während der andere eine Observierung von Enrica Villablanca zeigt. Außerdem kann man nun auch die Nachrichten des Handy's abhöen - 2 an der Zahl! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

06-01-06, 02:28
<font size="4">Jam infiltriert Ubisoft</font>

Die englische Version von Ubisoft's eigenem Clan mit dem klangvollen Namen "Fragdolls" hat es sich nicht nehmen lassen, eins Ihrer Mitglieder loszuschicken um Chris Smith (Ubisoft Shanghai) zu verhöen und was dabei herausgekommen ist, erfahrt Ihr in dem Video Interview (http://media.ubi.com/uk/fragdolls/fdtv/Jam-ChrisSmith-SCDA.wmv) mit Jam & besagtem XBox360 Game Designer von Splinter Cell Double Agent! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

06-01-06, 12:29
<font size="4">Shadownet infiltriert Polar Base</font>

Wie bereits angekündigt steht nun die Map Polar Base für den Versus Modus von Splinter Cell Chaos Theory zum Download zur Verfügung! Die Map verschlägt Euch, wie der Name schon verrät in eine Forschungseinrichtung in der Antarktis. Hier gilt es als Shadownet Spion einen Laptop zu hacken, eine Festplatte sicherzustellen sowie ein bestimmtes Ziel zu zerstöen, oder aber als Argus Söldner all das zu verhindern!

Zum Download von Polar Base EMEA Version (ftp://ftp.ubi.com/emea/splintercell3/mapping/SCCT_PC_map_PolarBase.exe)

<CENTER><font size="4"><span class="ev_code_YELLOW">WICHTIG!</span></font></CENTER>
<CENTER>Bitte beachtet, dass bei der Installation standardmäßig in das folgende Verzeichnis installiert wird:

C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory\Versus

Für die deutsche Version muß das natürlich so aussehen:

C:\Programme\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory\Versus

<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Viel Spaß! Holt Euch keine Erkältung, kalte Füße oder Frostbeulen in der Forschungseinrichtung! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif</span></CENTER>

10-01-06, 13:17
Neues vom Doppelagenten

Wie das US Spielemagazin "PlayStation Magazine" berichte, wird es im vierten Teil der Serie insgesamt zwei unterschiedliche Endsequenzen geben. Je nachdem, wie man sich imLaufe des Spiels verhält, wird sich das Ende bzw. der Spielverlauf auch ändern. Bereits zu Beginn des spiels wird der Spieler sich mit Sam entscheiden müssen, ob der Terrorist den Agenten töten. Erledigt man diesen als Sam selbst oder hält man den Terroristen von dem Mord ab, werden seine Chancen gemindert, in dessen Terror-Organisation John Brown's Army hineinzukommen.

Das Hauptquartier dieser Terrororgansation (JBA) ist eine offene Spielewelt und komplett frei begehbar. In dieser Welt bzw. diesen Abschnitt wird es mehrere verschiedene Stockwerke geben, einen Friedhof, etc. Zudem eröffnen sich je nach Entscheidung dem Spieler auch weitere Abschnitte. Im Hauptquartier der JBA finden insgesamt 5 Missionen statt. Das Hauptquartier erweist sich jedoch auch als eine recht friedliche Zone, wo man ganz gelassen mit anderen JBA-Mitgliedern sprechen kann. Hier wird man außerdem auch neue Aufträge seitens Emile erhalten, jedoch wird es im Hauptquartier keinen einzigen Platz zum Verstecken geben.

In einer Mission wird Sam Fisher Informationen einholen und dazu einen Laptop der JBA hacken müssen, allerdings wird er sich nicht alleine in den Raum mit dem Laptop befinden, was die Sache durchaus erschweren dürfte, achtet die KI jetzt doch auch darauf wo Sam bzw. der Spieler hinsieht und reagiert entsprechend. So ist beispielsweise einer der Charaktere besonders leicht reizbar und lässt ich nicht gerne von anderen anstarren.

Fisher erhält natürlich auch wieder interessantes neue und hilfreiche Gadgets beispielsweise eine Art Fernsteuerung. Diese kann man mit jeglicher Elektronik in der Umgebung interagieren. So kann man beispielsweise Wachen damit ablenken und diese Ablenkung nutzen um ein Missionsziel zu erfüllen etc. Der Glasschneider wird ebenso wie der Enterhaken hingegen Sam neue Wege eröffnen. Sollte Sam während einer Mission für die NSA entdeckt werden, endet das Spiel aber nicht automatisch, sondern stattdessen folgt eine interaktive Zwischensequenz (quasi etwas ähnliches wie in Chaos Theory im Kukobo Sosho) in der zu sehen ist, wie Sam gefangen genommen wird. Wenn man nun die eingeblendete Tastenfolge in der richtigen Reihenfolge drückt, entgeht Sam der Festnahme.

Im Hauptquartier wird es aber auch feindliche Bereiche zu Genüge geben, die Sam nicht betreten darf. Nur durch ganz sauberes Schleichen und Verstecken kann er sich in diese gefährlichen Gebiete vorarbeiten.

10-01-06, 13:18
Zu den Features von Splinter Cell Double Agent

Die Unterschiede bzw. Features der verschiedenen Plattformen könnt Ihr auf der Website vom Ubisoft Shop USA (http://store.ubi.com/item.jsp?item=52294) einsehen.<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Xbox: Weitere Single Player Missionen mit alternativen Enden, 15 co-op Missionen offline spielbar, im LAN und über Xbox Live® sowie weitere 8 Minuten an zusätzlichen Zwischensequenzen.

<LI>PS2: 2 für die PlayStation 2 exklusive Single-Player "Sam Fisher Flackback" Missionen, eine Single-Player Mission mit alternativem Ende, 15 Coop Missionen und weitere 8 Minutes an zusätzlichen Zwischensequenzen.

<LI>PC:2 weitere alternative Single-Player Missionen, 9 vollständig neue Versus und Co-op Maps, sowie brandneue Unterwasser und Sandsturm Kampftechniken.

<LI>XBox360:2 weitere Single-Player Missionen mit alternativen Enden, 15 Coop Missionen offline spielbar über LAN sowie XBox Live und weitere 8 Minuten an zusätzlichen Zwischensequenzen.[/list]Was Ihr auch den Daten dort entnehmen könnt, ist das ungefähre Release Date an dem Double Agent in den Läden stehen soll und welches (wie erwartet) mit März angegeben ist! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

übrigens kursiert auch schon seit einiger Zeit dieses Cover einer angeblichen US XBox 360 Version von Double Agent im Internet! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif


(Anmerk. d. Moderators: Ich könnte etwas zu dem Cover sagen, verkneif mir aber jeden Kommentar, weil ich sonst von 2 Shadownet Agenten "zum Zigaretten holen" geschickt werden würde und wir wissen ja alle, dass man von dort niemals wiederkehrt, was vor allem für mich als Nichtraucher "ärgerlich" wäre! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif)

11-01-06, 07:35
Eurogamer berichtet über Double Agent & Essentials

Das Online Computerspiele Magazin Eurogamer hat vor kurzem den folgenden Bericht veröffentlicht:<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">There's not long to go now until Sam Fisher's latest adventure sneaks out of the shadows, and judging by what we saw of Splinter Cell Double Agent recently it's shaping up really rather well.

You can expect a full preview of the Xbox 360 version to appear on Eurogamer this afternoon, but in the meantime here's a rundown of what current-gen console owners have to look forward to...

First up, let's look at the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game. They're based around the same basic concept as the X360 version - Sam is now a Double Agent, do you see, and must infiltrate a terrorist group known as John Brown's Army. All the games are much more plot-driven than previous instalments and place a bigger emphasis on Sam's character and personal history, but each game "delivers the story in different ways," according to Ubisoft.

In the current-gen games, there doesn't seem to be quite such an emphasis on dealing with moral dilemmas when it comes to making your way through missions. In the Xbox 360 version, Sam will avoid killing innocent people wherever possible - but in the PS2 level we saw, he was polishing off poor old prison guards left, right and centre without thinking twice. You will still have to make some moral choices, though, and there will be consequences to your actions.

The PS2 game also has a more co-operative feel to it. In the first level, Sam has to break out of prison (he's been convicted of armed robbery, but it's all just a ruse so he can make friends with a JBA member). He teams up with a fellow inmate, and they must work together to make their escape.

For example, Sam's chum can give him a leg-up so he can reach a high ledge. Once Sam's in position, he can reach down to pull up his mate. Later on in the level, said mate ends up getting captured, and it's Sam's job to work out how to deal with the two guards holding him.

There's also a fair bit of familiar stuff here - expect plenty of computers that need to be hacked, drainpipes that can be climbed, numeric codes that must be entered on keypads and so on. Both games are being built using already existing technology - the Xbox version is based on the Chaos Theory engine, for example.

Both the Xbox and PS2 versions will feature multiplayer modes, and they've been designed to be accessible for gamers at all levels. So if you're fed up of getting done over by the hardest of the hardcore, cheer up - the online mode will let "people of different levels play at different levels, and to different rhythms," according to Ubisoft.

So what of Splinter Cell Essentials, as Sam's first adventure on PSP is tentatively titled? Well, "It's not a port or a remix," Ubisoft says. The single-player game features nine missions - seven of the level maps are new, while the other two are taken from the first Splinter Cell game and Chaos Theory. Ubisoft reckons the whole thing should keep you occupied for around 13 hours.

The level we were shown was set in Colombia some time in 1992, when Sam has yet to join the NSA and is still working for the Navy. He finds himself in a heavily guarded jungle camp, and must make his escape without being detected.

New features include a set of two vertical meters which appear on either side of the screen. These monitor environmental noise on a directional basis - so if a sound is originating from somewhere to the left of you, the left hand bar will fill accordingly, and vice versa. The idea is that once you get the hang of it you can work out the exact location of your enemies - even if you can't see them.

To make up for the fact that the PSP only has one analog stick, the face buttons come into play and have different functions depending on whether you tap them or press and hold. Aiming is done with the left stick, and you use the face buttons to move around - a system that will be familiar to King Kong PSP owners.

There's a possibility that you'll be able to download extra maps for the multiplayer game in the future - this has yet to be confirmed, but it's certainly something Ubisoft's considering.

Bad news for DS owners, though - there are currently no plans to bring out a version of the game for your handheld. But if one does arrive, it's likely to be of a higher quality than Splinter Cell Chaos Theory DS, which we didn't think much of, frankly. "We want to keep a certain level of quality associated with the Splinter Cell series," Ubisoft says - which we're taking to mean they learned their lesson.

Splinter Cell Double Agent is due out on all formats in March, as is Splinter Cell Essentials. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Quelle: Eurogamers (http://www.eurogamer.net/index.php)

11-01-06, 09:20
Großes XBox 360 Preview zum Doppelagenten bei Eurogamer

Ohne Umschweife, direkt zum Preview! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Sam Fisher's daughter is dead, and understandably he's not too happy about it. But what's a special agent to do when faced with personal tragedy other than throw himself into his work, entirely abandoning his former life in the process?

So begins the Xbox 360 version of Splinter Cell Double Agent, which we're being shown by co-producer Julien Gerighty and designer Chris Smith. They explain that the game starts after Sam has been selected by the National Security Association to become an NOC agent.

NOC, in case you didn't know, stands for Non Official Cover, which means agents go completely underground and sever all ties to their past. They exist only to gather information which will help to bring the enemy down, and they don't make many friends along the way.

Which is fine by Fisher, who's struggling to cope after his daughter's fatal car accident. As Gerighty explains, Splinter Cell Double Agent will show us a much more human side of Sam and give us more information about his personal life - "It's the chink in his armour."

Armour is not something Sam possesses much of in Double Agent. Quite early on, the team says, they decided it was necessary to break the poor fella - to take away his tools and weapons and put him in a situation where he's not the one in control.

Hence you won't see much of his trademark night vision goggles. "This is an indication of where we're going," says Gerighty. But remain calm, purists, the goggles do pop up in a few levels. And besides, Sam looks very fetching in his brand new aviators.

Crime and punishment

However, he doesn't even get so much as a pair of shades to play with in the game's first level, which is set in a prison. Sam's there because he's been convicted of armed robbery - only he didn't do it, of course; it's all just a ruse so he can make embark on a mission to infiltrate a terrorist group known as John Brown's Army.

Sure enough, Sam befriends a fellow inmate who just happens to be a member of the JBA, and the new chums set about planning their escape. They manage to pull it off after there's a riot in the prison and they seize control of a news helicopter, and next thing you know Sam's being introduced to his new terrorist family at the JBA headquarters.

This is where things start to get interesting, since it's where one of the game's major elements comes into play; throughout Double Agent, you'll be forced to make moral choices, and your actions will directly affect what happens next and how other characters respond to you.

So, it's time to make the first decision. The JBA has managed to capture the helicopter pilot, and now he's kneeling in front of you, bound and pleading for his life. A member of the JBA hands you a gun and orders you to shoot the man in order to prove your allegiance to the group.

Now, this bloke is merely an innocent bystander, and more importantly a journalist, and thanks to some excellent animation and voice acting it's hard not to feel persuaded by his pleas for mercy. But if you don't shoot him, you risk blowing your cover and could end up dying yourself. So what do you do?

Well, according to the development team, in playtests around 70 per cent of players chose to spare the journalist's life. Since we don't want to unleash any spoilers, let's just see it's interesting to see the outcome of your decision - whichever one you make.

Decisions, decisions

All these screenshots are from current-gen versions - the X360 game is still under wraps for now.

The moral choices you have to make get harder and more complex as the game progresses. At one point, for example, you'll have to decide whether you're going to sacrifice one person in order to save 3000 - not such a difficult choice, you might think, but what if that person was someone close to you? A member of your family, say, or someone who's voluntarily touched your privates?

All this is compounded by the fact that you're constantly dealing with dual objectives. The more of the terrorists' dodgy missions you carry out, the more you'll earn their trust, and the more information they will share with you, and you'll also get to access new areas in their HQ. But the NSA is constantly chucking missions at you, too, and if you get rumbled by the JBA whilst carrying out one of these, things will get very tricky.

To illustrate this, the development team shows us a level set in nighttime Shanghai which is exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game (although other platforms will get their own exclusive levels, too). Sam has just been accepted into the JBA, and he's accompanying them to an important meeting which is taking place on the roof of a skyscraper.

The view over Pudong is stunning - it's all soaring buildings, neon lights and, er, advertising billboards, of which more later. Smith explains that this level takes place during Chinese New Year, so in the finished game the sky will also be lit up by brilliant bursts of fireworks. There's already a huge amount of environmental detail in place, however - we particularly like the way the rain falls in sheets and bounces perfectly off Sam's freshly shaven head.

Double jeopardy

But back to the mission. The JBA have tasked Sam with keeping a lookout from way up on the highest point of the roof while their meeting takes place. Only problem is, the NSA is insisting that he somehow finds a way to record the entire conversation.

So what better way to get up close and personal than by dangling extremely precariously from a flagpole before jumping onto a window cleaner's platform and throwing its unfortunate occupant to his doom. It's important to hold on tight, though, since Sam is constantly being buffeted by high winds, and you'll need to use precision control to avoid death by concrete.

That's all they're showing us of the Shanghai level, but now Sam has moved on to Kinshasa, where a bunch of rebels have just launched a violent attempt at overthrowing the government. Hence there's carnage in the streets with bullets flying, buildings exploding and trigger-happy rebels battling it out with grenade-lobbing soldiers wherever you look.

The entire Kinshasa level takes place in broad daylight, which the development team explains was very much a conscious decision; they decided that although lurking in shadowy corners and skulking down dark corridors should always be a part of any Splinter Cell game, it was also time for a bit of a change.

But just because there's no dinginess to hide behind doesn't mean there's no cover at all. In fact, there's more and more cover as you progress through the mission, since as buildings are destroyed bits of debris end up flying all over the place. It's your job to react dynamically and make the best use of your environment even as it changes shape.

Multiple choice

It all ties in with one of the development team's key objectives; they didn't just want to create bigger environments in Double Agent, but to give you many more options in terms of how missions can be achieved. That doesn't just mean multiple paths through levels - it's more about working out how you want to complete different objectives, and finding out which methods work best for you.

You also get the option to take on extra side-missions which earn you points and improve your ranking, and often the "moral dilemma" element will come into play here too. In the Kinshasa level, for example, you spot a kid who's trapped in an overturned bus with flames licking up the sides. His mother is screaming at you to help, but there's a choice to be made here. Hanging around to sort it all out could waste valuable time and risk attracting your enemies' attention, but can you really leave the poor beggar to face his fiery doom? More importantly, can you really do without the extra points?

The team also uses the Kinshasa level to demonstrate how clever your enemies are. "All the characters you can see have highly developed AI," Smith explains, adding that they all fight intelligently and independently of each other. "To test it, we set a group of people in the Kinshasa level fighting each other and left them to it overnight. By morning, there was one guy left."

Character building

Moving on, it's time for a quick demonstration of some of the characters featured in the game. There are 176 in total, and every single one has been designed individually - you won't spot any swapping round of heads and bodies here.

This is quite an achievement when you consider that it takes a whole week to create one character. All of their facial features, bodies and clothes are individually modelled, and professional clay sculptors and life models were drafted in to ensure the highest level of realism.

Sam himself is more detailed than ever before - his head alone is made up of three thousand polygons, which is what was used for an entire character in previous Splinter Cell games.

It isn't just the characters which have been given a graphical overhaul - the developers also paid particular attention to the in-game lighting and how it reflects off different surfaces. Leather appears dramatically different, for example, to plastic or metal - just as it should, of course.

There's been a focus on getting the animations perfect, too, and once again they've drafted in specialists to help out; one of the artists working on the game was previously responsible for animating one of the triplets in hit French film Les Triplettes de Belville.
Techno techno techno

Ah, a random fire - the videogame prison inmate's best friend.

The Xbox 360's advanced technology has also allowed the team to make plenty of changes to the gameplay, but Gerighty explains that they are firm believers in "Not using technology for technology's sake."

Now you'll see Sam performing a greater variation of actions than ever - he goes swimming and skydiving, for example - but the team was determined that these elements "couldn't just be in there for the sake of it; they had to fit in with the Splinter Cell series."

Which means Sam will have to make use of his more familiar talents, such as stealthy approaches, even when he's trying out his new skills. So, for example, there's a level set in the Arctic where Sam is able to cut a hole in the ice and swim undetected through the freezing waters beneath. If he spots an enemy lurking above, he can cut open another hole, reach up and pull the poor unfortunate down into the icy depths quick sharp.

It all contributes to our overall impression that Double Agent is indeed a much bigger, deeper game than previous instalments in the Splinter Cell series - as both Gerighty and Smith are keen to point out, "It's not just Chaos Theory 2." They say that a lot.
IP freely

What with all these changes to both the game and Sam's character, we can't help wondering why they didn't just forget the whole Splinter Cell thing altogether start all over with an entirely new IP. So, we ask, why didn't you just forget the whole Splinter Cell thing altogether start all over with an entirely new IP?

"It almost is a new IP," Smith explains. And they had to ensure that was the case, since the development teams had already worked on three Splinter Cell games - which meant they were at risk of getting bored, and therefore at risk of producing a boring game.

Smith says the inspiration for taking the series forward came from Resident Evil 4, which he started playing one night and was still playing the following dawn. He's full of admiration for the way Resi 4 took the series in a new direction and still ended up being a brilliant game - and that's what he and the team are trying to do with Double Agent.

Ads infinitum

One similarity with previous games, however, is that Double Agent does feature in-game advertising, which isn't good news for those who didn't enjoy being encouraged to buy chewing gum in previous games. We didn't spot any Wrigley's ads, but there was a prominent Nivea billboard on one of the skyscrapers in the Shanghai level. Don't tell us we'll be watching Sam slap on a bit of Revitalising Eye Relief Q10 between missions?

Absolutely not, says Smith. Yes, Nivea is the game's biggest sponsor, and there will be adverts, but these will be implemented "subtly and realistically" - Smith cites the blatant product placement in "I, Robot", where the character played by Will Smith (no relation) (probably) shows off his Converse boots, as an example of what the team is desperately trying to avoid. Unfortunately, there's no getting round the need for a bit of in-game advertising, Smith says - "It's a financial reality of development costs today."

So that's it for now - yes, we're told, the multiplayer mode is shaping up very nicely thank you, but it's being kept under wraps for now. Just time for one or two more cheeky questions; so when's the PS3 version coming out, then?

It's a "No comment" on that one, unsurprisingly. But Smith does add: "If there was going to be a PS3 version, I would love to work on it."

What about the Splinter Cell movie - is there anything the team can share with us? Well, apparently Ubisoft has been approached by lots of Hollywood studios who want to take charge of the film, but they're making their decisions carefully. "They don't want another Alone in the Dark," we're informed, and frankly who does. The good news, we can now confirm, is that Uwe Boll will definitely not be allowed to have anything to do with the Splinter Cell film. Manners. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Quelle: Eurogamer (http://www.eurogamer.net/)

12-01-06, 12:00
News: Offizielle Pressemeldung zu Splinter Cell Essentials

Auf dem französischen Splinter Cell Portal wurde soeben die offizielle Pressemitteilung für Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials herausgegeben. Hier die ungefähre übersetzung.

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Ubisoft, einer der weltweit größten Publisher und Hersteller für Computer- und Videospiele, kündigte heute Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials für die PSP an. Tauchen Sie in den Welten von Splinter Cell ein. Nehmen Sie neue Aufgaben wahr, die besonders für die PSP entwickelt wurden und decken sie die wahre Geschichte von Sam Fisher, dank zahlreicher Flashbacks und variierten Missionen aus dem Splinter Cell Universum (darunter Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent) auf.

Zu den Features zählen unter anderem:

- Es ist das erste Mal daß Splinter Cell für den PSP zur Verfügung steht

- Das Spiel wird spezifisch für die PSP entwickelt, mit einer auf die Konsole angepaßte Schnittstelle und stark verringerten Ladezeiten

- u.A. spielt Essential nach dem Ende von Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent, aber erlaubt auch dem Spieler sich in die Vergangenheit von Sam Fisher zurück zu versetzen.

- Eine Vielzahl von Gadgets, sowohl bereits bekannte als auch brandneue, die extra für die PSP entwickelt wurden.

- Ein Multiplayer Mode über Wi-Fi wird ebenfalls verfügbar sein und ihnen die Möglichkeit bieten gegen Ihre Freunde anzutreten. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
Quelle: splintercell.fr (http://www.splintercell.com/fr/newspost.php?id=14462)

13-01-06, 12:28
Neues Preview auf Gamesradar.com

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Splinter Cell splinters, as Edge discovers Sam Fisher's loyalties divided...

Julian Gerighty, the Shanghai-based co-producer of the 360 and PC versions of the fourth Splinter Cell, is frank.

"Outside of Ubisoft, there are very few action-adventure games that get released on a yearly basis... my main worry when we were approached with Splinter Cell 4 was, OK, how do we keep ourselves interested? Let alone consumers, retailers, the business, everybody. How do we still keep it fresh?"

Looking over their shoulders at the varied fortunes of two other famous franchises that had gone beyond trilogy, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, they saw that they had only one option: change.

"The challenge will be to balance levels of trust with both terrorists and spies"

So the rather pithier subtitle of this instalment, Double Agent, rams home the point.

Grizzled spook Sam Fisher, devastated by the death of his daughter in a car crash, is offered a deniable, 'nonofficial cover' (or NOC) assignment by his NSA paymasters: get sent to high-security prison, stage a breakout with a convicted terrorist incarcerated there, infiltrate the terrorist group, and feed back information from within.

In itself, this premise will take the game's style beyond the stealth purism of previous Splinter Cells, as the challenge will be to balance levels of trust with both terrorists and spies, and often to hide what you're doing rather than to hide yourself.

Prioritising NSA objectives over terrorist ones, and standing firm on mettle-testing moral choices, will gain you more technical support from the NSA, but restrict your access within the terrorist HQ that acts as a mission hub. Balancing the two will be the most rewarding, but most difficult path.

Another challenge: how to handle the evolution of the franchise across two generations of home hardware, as well as handhelds.

With Ubisoft keen to invest in next-generation technology and expertise, and to give the Splinter Cell brand a meaningful start in the brave new world, a separate, optimised version for 360 and PC was a given. That's being handled by the Shanghai studio which developed Pandora Tomorrow's single-player campaign.

"A lot of the resources that we need [for next-generation development] - art resources, engineering resources - are really high quality in China. And cheaper," notes Gerighty.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft Montreal, home to the first and third games, works on GameCube, PS2 and Xbox code, while a second Montreal team is creating an only superficially similar PSP game, Splinter Cell Essentials. The multiplayer specialists at Annecy are the fourth and final piece of a vast undertaking that spans three continents.

The approach isn't without its dangers. Although the two versions share the same philosophy, story arc and key locations (the prison where the game begins, and the terrorist HQ it centres on), they will likely be vastly different experiences, and the ability - or willingness - of the PS2 and Xbox team to realise Double Agent's grander concept is already in question.

Gerighty insists that the intention in both cases is to blend the Shanghai studio's cinematic leanings with what he calls Montreal's 'scientific', hardcore stealth approach, but early glimpses of PS2 and 360 code cast doubt on how much of a two-way street the production has been.

Shanghai certainly isn't blind to Chaos Theory's superior reputation to its own game: "It was so appreciated, so loved compared to the other ones that I think we'd be fools to turn our backs on that," says Gerighty, promising that its play style has largely been adopted.

But then there are the striking 'directed moments', essentially playable cinematics, composed in Shanghai by Hugues Martel, a French animator who worked on Belleville Rendezvous.

These are supposed to frame Double Agent's toughest choices and give it the emotional and visual punch that will set it apart from its predecessors - and the two examples we're shown, a skydive and a genuinely appalling execution, are indeed remarkable.

But from what little we've seen and heard, it seems they will be either be crudely implemented in or simply omitted from lesser-specced versions.

And that's before you consider the huge, heavily populated environments and particle weather effects in the 360 version that would be technically impossible to replicate, but that have obvious, far-reaching implications for stealth gameplay.

Montreal will have its work cut out to prevent its own game ending up caught in limbo between Splinter Cell's past and its future.

There have been tough calls to make in Annecy, too. That studio's unique, exquisitely tuned spies-vs-mercenaries multiplayer game found a passionate fanbase in its two incarnations to date, but has been judged too involved, exclusive and forbidding for most Splinter Cell players.

It has regretfully been ditched (from the GameCube/PS2/Xbox versions, at any rate - 360/PC multiplayer remains under wraps).

Under a new mantra of accessibility and 'instant fun', a spy-vs-spy, third-person, 'acrobatic stealth combat' game has been designed. The maps are compact and symmetrical for quick understanding, but laden with secrets and traps.

The acrobatic moves and onscreen button prompts for close combat are comfortably reminiscent of a single-player adventure.

The action is supremely quick. After a round of a two-vs-two mode entitled Team Hack (hack your opponents' terminal while defending your own), misgivings were easily set aside. Annecy wanted to make an online multiplayer game that was fun the first time you tried it; it has succeeded, unequivocally.

There is much, much more to learn about every aspect of this game, or suite of games. There isn't one version that isn't intriguing and laden with possibility - the central, universal concept of maintaining counter-intelligence cover sees to that.

But, like any mole with a split personality, Splinter Cell Double Agent runs a distinct risk of ending up its own worst enemy.

Splinter Cell Double Agent will be released for PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube and PC in March
</div></BLOCKQUOTE>Quelle: Gamesradar.com (http://www.gamesradar.com/previews/default.asp?pagetypeid=2&articleid=38586&subsectionid=1594)

16-01-06, 16:42
Gameswelt wählt Splinter Cell Chaos Theory zu einem der besten Action Spiele des Jahres 2005

Irgendwie nimmt das kein Ende mit den Awards und Lobpreisungen von Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Nach diversen IGN, Gamespy und wie sie alle heißen Awards ist nun auch Gameswelt.de der Meinung das Chaos Theory eines der besten Action Spiele des Jahres 2005 war und gibt ihm den 3. Platz! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Quelle: Gameswelt.de (http://gameswelt.de/artikel/index.php?id=1291&page=3)

18-01-06, 00:37
Neues Interview Shacknews.com

Die Damen und Herren von Shacknews hatten ja bereits vor einiger Zeit die Gelegenheit, Daniel Roy zu interviewen, nun haben sie einen weiteren Teil des Interviews veröffentlicht.

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Shack: I find the choice aspect of the game very intriguing, as it brings a lot of moral issues into the game to make it a far more "real" experience. Will the player, for example, have to justify executing hostages in certain situations, or will there be events when they may have no choice but to do one thing or another? In other words, how open-ended is the choice system?

Daniel Roy: Whenever we put the player in front of a choice, we always leave the decision to him on how he wants to handle the situation. None of these choices result in a game over. It's possible to play the game all the way through with totally opposite choices each time. As I previously mentioned, this means some major characters can die, and it's even possible for Sam to fail at stopping the terrorists' plan.

Shack: Are there other ways to show your allegiance besides completing objectives for either side? For example, will there be things for Sam to do that neither side will really be aware of that will allow the player to further cement his or her decision to ally with the NSA or perhaps JSA?

Daniel Roy: There are some ways in which you can cover up your choices, sure. In one specific instance, if Sam decides to follow Third Echelon's directives, he will receive support from them to cover his actions and make the JBA believe that he did everything they asked. This is an actual bonus map in the game, which you get to play or not based on your choices. I won't say anymore lest I spoil the fun.

Shack: Besides carrying out mission objectives, how else can Sam earn the trust of his JBA pseudo-associates?

Daniel Roy: Obviously, he has to be careful around the JBA headquarters... And like I mentioned, there are ways in which he can cover his tracks when he makes the call to compromise his cover.

Shack: What are Directed Moments?

Daniel Roy: Directed Moments are Splinter Cell Double Agent's answer to pre-rendered cinematics on the XBOX 360. We decided to blur the line between in-game experience and pre-rendered sequences, and have created a number of scenes, which are fully playable, but provide a cinematic-like experience to the player.

Shack: While Directed Moments sound pretty cool, they also seem a bit gimmicky. For example, one DM that has been discussed is a parachuting scene in which the player can press different buttons to make Sam perform different aerial stunts such as flipping, twisting, et cetera. That's neat and all, but it doesn't sound as though it will actually affect anything. Do they become useful in different situations?

Daniel Roy: The skydiving sequence is one example, but Directed Moments are used in a great number of situations for maximum emotional effect. For instance, some choices in the game are made in the form of a Directed Moment; obviously, these have great consequences on the game. Others are meant to be cinematic and emotional, and are used to immerse the player fully in the game.

Shack: The X360 version will undoubtedly be graphically superior to the other versions. Tell us more about the differences (graphical and otherwise) that will distinguish the different releases of SChttp://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gifA.

Daniel Roy: Splinter Cell Double Agent on current-gen consoles and on the X360 are actually two different games altogether. It was the only way we felt we could create a truly next-gen experience on the X360 without feeling restrained by the current-gen hardware. Also, this way, we could create the current-gen version without worrying about scaling it up after. Both games follow the same overall storyline, and share a number of environments, but the level design is unique in both cases.

For instance, both games feature the Jail level, where Sam must break out Jamie Washington. The current-gen team spent a lot of time developing clever tricks to simulate a full-scale riot, using graphical effets to give the feeling of a chaotic environment. On the X360, we can recreate the riot in a much more consistent way, by actually going out and showing 20 characters at the same time rioting and fighting. It's the difference between using current-gen hardware to its full effect in one game, and actually using next-gen hardware without holding back on the X360.

Shack: Multiplayer in SC games has been popular ever since it was introduced in Pandora Tomorrow. What modes will be returning, and will they showcase any changes?

Arnaud Carrette: SCDA is the third instalment in the Splinter Cell Multiplayer series and thus, the team responsible for the Online Mode (Ubisoft Milan and Ubisoft Annecy) packed Double Agent with loads of changes! The main objective of the team was to have more players switching from single to multiplayer.

On Xbox, PS2 and PC this goes through the brand new Spy versus Spy mode, that showcases Instant Fun in Splinter Cell Online. With various modes, the exclusive Close Combat System and the Splinter Cell original moves it is a new experience for gamers. Moreover, with 3 vs. 3, the game is very different from Pandora Tomorrow reference.

On X360, the hardware and Live! abilities allow the team to provide a progressive experience. Easier to begin but richer for diehard fans. Every online player embodies a secret agent with its statistics, equipment and team mates. There's a lot of games to play from being a recruit in the Agency to being the Top Agent in worldwide rankings, but you'll be prepared for any situation...

Shack: How about some details on the new multiplayer modes?

Arnaud Carrette: The main mode is in line with the recruitment and progression system. In previous Splinter Cell, the Spies only had to take an objective and the game ended... But this can't work when every agent has a specific progression : he has to leave the map to achieve its objectives. Thus, the Spies have now to escape the map (using their new Escape Moves) and the Upsilon Forces have to track and kill them (using their deadly Drones for instance)...

Shack: How will team-based games work online? Will there be a rankings system, and how will players be paried up?

Arnaud Carrette: Due to 3 versus 3 oppositions, team game play offers now lots of possibilities. With two team mates, you can plan new tactics, attack with more efficiency or react faster to multiple threats.

This also increases the situations when Coop Moves can make the difference.

The whole game is built on the team experience, as only team can play ranked games and the ranking system is only available for teams. What could an agent do alone against trained and experimented teams? In a team of six players, every victory earn points to the team, depending on individual levels and performances.

Players are paired up according to their wishes, and obviously friends list. The team wants any opposition to be a Community experience and thus the team is the way to pair up with the bests!

To have fair confrontations, the matchmaking tool allows the system to create games between equivalent levels, the victory relies only on skill...

Shack: Lastly, tell us about the Challenge mode that is being introduced.

Arnaud Carrette: The Challenge Mode is the key to the recruitment and progression system: it is a Cooperative Mode against bots, with additional game play features and objectives. Basically it allow you to learn the game rules (Infiltration, Exfiltration...). But then, it allow you to play against different bots, with their personalities and constraints. Thus you can improve and create the most efficient tactics for each maps. To end with it, the Challenge Mode allows the players to achieve specific objectives in every map, for those who like to have 100% achieved everywhere.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent will be released on PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2 and GameCube this Spring. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
Quelle: Shacknews (http://www.shacknews.com)

20-01-06, 04:38
Neues Preview auf Actiontrip
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Beware, there are spoilers ahead...

Sequels are always a huge pickle for developers. If they screwed things up in the previous game, they must be damn sure not to make the same mistakes twice or they'll be crucified by the community. It's also vital that the new installment puts forth a fresh idea - something that will appeal to average gamers and devotees alike. But this is usually the part where game designers get stumped (it's not that easy to come up with a new concept, you know). Then it hits them. The most obvious solution to the problem is to come up with a darker storyline, preferably something involving the character's bitter past which is always a good way to stir things up a bit. An evil deed done to him in the past triggers feelings of regret and that often leads to a character with vengeance on his mind, which in turn establishes the perfect foundation for a motive, something that keeps the character going.

"Noir" sequels were seen time and again (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Hitman: Contracts, Max Payne 2: the Fall of Max Payne) and they were usually successful, which proves the recipe works. To give it even more edge, your average sequel is frequently supplied with extra gore and violence. Whether you approve of the method or not is irrelevant. The fact remains that it sells, so the odds are that most developers will continue down that all too familiar road. Some more so than others.

In Splinter Cell Double Agent, Sam Fisher's life has taken a turn for the worse, seeing as he's forced to cope with the death of his only daughter. She got killed in a car crash and Sam is, quite naturally, devastated about it. Being one of the most reputable operatives out there, he decides not to sit around and pine all day for the loss of his daughter. Instead, he gets back into the spy business when The National Security Agency recruits him to work as an NOC (which apparently stands for Non Official Cover) agent. He begins his first true assignment almost straight away. The surprising catch is that Sam faces a really challenging undercover operation, which will put him through some intense moral choices. The objective is to infiltrate a well-known terrorist organization as quickly and as inconspicuously as possible. The delicate nature of the mission requires Sam to go in without much of his standard spy equipment - that rules out the famous night vision goggles, well for a certain amount of time anyway (he gets to use them later on in a couple of missions).

Sam's top secret task involves getting into one of the most ruthless terrorist groups in the world, known as John Brown's Army. In order to strike at the very heart of organization, Fisher must figure out a way to get inside.

After being convicted of armed robbery, Sam Fisher ends up counting the long days in an Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary prison cell. Serving time, obviously, provides the ideal cover for his operation. Before long, Sam gets acquainted with a prisoner name Jamie Washington (enough with the immigrant names already - Ed), who incidentally turns out to be one of the many members of the JBA (John Brown's Army). Eventually, they begin to plan their escape. During an unexpected prison riot, all hell breaks loose and the two inmates manage to nab a news chopper and flee to the terrorist base, where Sam will face his first hard decision. Each step will bring our hero closer to his goal, but it all depends on how he reacts to certain events and how well he can handle intense situations. The JBA doesn't screw around, so they test Sam straight away by ordering him to shoot an innocent unarmed man to prove his devotion to the organization. The good thing is that the choice is yours entirely, regardless if you are prepared to show mercy or splatter someone's brains across the floor with a handgun. No matter what choice you make, the game will become even more exciting as you progress.

Moral choices get increasingly tougher, but on top of that at many points in the game, you'll have to deal with additional challenges. Each endeavor has its reward though, so every time Sam successfully completes an assignment for the terrorists, they will reveal crucial information about their operations and grant him access to new sections within their base. The really tricky bit is that the NSA also has their list of assignments that have to be followed, which puts our poor protagonist in a rather tight spot. Essentially, as a skillful operative, you're gonna have to effectively balance between the demands of Third Echelon and missions given by the terrorists. Reckless decisions can easily compromise Sam's cover, so players are advised to take heed every step of the way and choose their options wisely.

If that's not enough for you, Ubisoft also included additional side-missions to draw your attention away a wee bit from the main task at hand. Completing these missions will improve your ranking and earn you extra points. Moral choices await you in side-missions as well, although you'll also have to think about whether Sam can afford to waste time and jeopardize his own safety just so he can get his hands on a few extra points. Sometimes it may not be worth the risk. Luckily, Sam was also given a few new abilities to help him survive through the whole ordeal. His unique skills will indeed come in handy in certain situations - like when he has to dive into freezing water and swim his way pass the guards undetected (yep, Sam can swim now). Then again, he's a professional operative, so swimming shouldn't be too hard for him. Sam will of course be able to use a range of familiar stealthy and acrobatic moves in order to avoid being caught by the enemy. Also, as you know, taking out foes in silence has always been Sam's specialty, so naturally, that will be an important part of the game.

Actual gameplay footage is not exactly abundant at the moment. What is featured in this preview are screenshots taken from the current-gen game build. However, we did get to see some high-res Xbox 360 shots (which we unfortunately cannot run). Let's just say that the game appears to make sufficient use of the advantages of the Xbox 360 hardware. We had a hard time believing we were looking at actual in-engine shots. Ubisoft is really looking to polish the game for Xbox 360 users. We're not entirely sure about the exact differences between the Xbox 360 and the PC version, but we do know that one level (a nighttime mission taking place in Shanghai) is being hailed as an Xbox 360 exclusive. According to what we've seen thus far, the designers seem to have worked their tales off to bring some of the in-game characters to life. Some of the Xbox 360 models look amazing.

The power of the Xbox 360 platform also allowed the developers to tweak the AI to react to situations as realistically as possible. In many missions, players will truly have to make an effort to avoid being detected by enemy sentinels. Once again, it's all about ingenuity and stealth.

The growth of the Splinter Cell series has been more or less apparent over the years, but certainly less apparent than it should have been (at least in the single-player department). At its core, the game remained the same - good old Sam Fisher sneaking through the shadows and streaming down on his unsuspecting pray. Recent titles in the series began to feature a few minor annoyances, such as excessive use of the Sony Ericsson trademark etc. Still, that's modern-day advertising for ya. There's not much we can do about that, except complain. But grumbling won't stop publishers from stuffing their games with ads for Mountain Dew, Nivea or L'Oreal (Sam into skin cosmetics much? - Ed).

As we understand it, Ubisoft has spread the project across many of its branches to bring the game to various platforms. So, Ubisoft's Shanghai studio is handling the PC and Xbox 360 versions (the same dudes who worked on the single-player campaign for Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow), while PS2, Xbox and GameCube builds are being developed by Ubisoft Montreal. An additional development team is working on the PSP version (Splinter Cell Essentials). In all, Splinter Cell Double Agent is coming along nicely, and the developers also appear to be pleased with the game's multiplayer mode. SCDA features the Challenge Mode, which basically puts player in a co-op mode against bots. Your ranking will depend on how well you handled yourself on each map. PC, PS2 and Xbox versions will have a brand new Spy vs. Spy mode and some changes were also made to the 3 vs. 3 MP mode. The Xbox 360, Xbox and PS2 versions will see the return of the Spies vs. Mercenaries multiplayer mode and, as you'd normally expect, Live! support was also confirmed for the Xbox 360 version.

SCDA is scheduled to hit US stores during March 2006. The game is still going through the fine-tuning stage, but we hope Ubisoft will send us a playable build pretty soon.

http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8551/splintercelldoubleagent34zj.th.jpg (http://img13.imageshack.us/my.php?image=splintercelldoubleagent34zj.jpg)http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/9184/splintercelldoubleagent181ws.th.jpg (http://img13.imageshack.us/my.php?image=splintercelldoubleagent181ws.jpg)http ://img33.imageshack.us/img33/7282/splintercelldoubleagent194zv.th.jpg (http://img33.imageshack.us/my.php?image=splintercelldoubleagent194zv.jpg)
</div></BLOCKQUOTE>Quelle: http://www.actiontrip.com/

20-01-06, 12:05
Neue Screenshots zu Splinter Cell Essentials warten auf Euch

Wie unserem geschätzen Kameraden Stricky aufgefallen ist, wurden weitere Screenshots zu Sam's PSP Abenteuer auf der englischen Portalsite freigegeben.

Quelle: Splinter Cell Portalsite UK (http://www.splintercell.com/uk/newspost.php?id=14531)

21-01-06, 05:31
Videofootage von Splinter Cell Essentials aufgetaucht

Noch infiltrieren wir nicht die JBA, aber wer sich gefragt hat, wie die Abenteuer von Sam Fisher auf dem PSP aussehen, dem bietet die Website 1up.com nun eine Antwort auf diese Frage - sogar in bewegten Bildern.

Quelle: 1up.com (http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3147274)

21-01-06, 12:57
Lobhudelei und kein Ende für die Chaos Theory

In der Ausgabe 3/2006 der GameStar (ab 25. Januar im Handel) entschied die Redaktion, dass Sam Fisher's derzeit aktuelles Abenteuer (Splinter Cell Chaos Theory) zu den besten Spielen des Jahres 2005 gehöten. Insgesamt gelang es nur 6 anderen Spielen sich ebenfalls dieser elitären Gruppe anzuschließen.

22-01-06, 17:29
Neues GTV Interview zu Splinter Cell Double Agent

Vor kurzem ist auf der Website www.Gametrailers.com (http://www.Gametrailers.com) ein neues Interview Video aufgetaucht bei dem u.A. Details über den Single Player - Coop Aspekt, die KI sowie die XBox360 Version von Splinter Cell Double Agent das Thema waren! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Quelle: Gametrailers.com (http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2205)

24-01-06, 03:26
Sam Fisher zum Mitnehmen

Längst wissen wir alle das ein Teil von Sam's Abenteuern bald auch überall gespielt werden kann und zwar mittels der Playstation Portable, jetzt hat jedoch Gamespot ein genaueres Auge auf Splinter Cell Essentials (http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/splintercellpsp/news.html?sid=6142853) geworfen und Sam Saliba (Senior Product Manager von Ubisoft) zu dem Titel interviewed. Zudem bietet das Online Magazin auch 2 weitere Ingame Movies, die Euch einen kleinen Vorgeschmack darauf geben, was Ihr ab diesem März auf der Sony PSP erleben könnt. Ganz klar, anschauen ist Pflicht für jeden Fan der SC Reihe! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Quelle: Gamespot.com (http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/splintercellpsp/news.html?sid=6142853)

24-01-06, 11:15
OXM berichtet über die Wave Vision in Splinter Cell Double Agent

Das unser Sam und seine Shadownet Kollegen immer wieder neue Spielzeuge haben, die ihnen das Erfüllen der Mission ermöglichen oder zumindest vereinfachen, wissen wir. Das neuste Gadget der Spione nennt sich Wave Vision und wird zum restlichen Repertóire (Nachtsicht / Thermalsicht) des Multisichtgerätes gehöen. Das offizielle XBox Magazin (OXM) berichtet darüber folgendes.<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Now even breathing could kill you on Splinter Cell Live, as Ubisoft announces that Sam Fisher will have a new mode of offing the enemy. The 'Wave Vision' feature, which will sit alongside the already famliar night-vision and thermal imagin, will pick up sound waves given off by enemies in nearby spaces. Looks like the guy at Ubisoft couldnt quite let go of the fancy gadgertry for Double Agent after all!

Integrated into the main Story mode, and also forming part of the multiplayer function, the Wave Vision will send ripples of sound to a sensor from the direction of the enemy who made it. So, if you think you can quietly slide from one part of the map to the next over the head of an enemy, think again. All that sliding along the rope will send out circles of sound. If you reload this time, you'll have to make sure you do it away from any rivals because the click of the reload mechanism is enough to give you away. The Wave Visionmode will even be sensitive enough to pick up the sounds of a glass cutter. You might think making a hole through a window would be a silent affair, but it's likely to leave you with your trousers down if someone nearby is in what we like to think of as "moth mode". Depending on your style of play, the default for multiplayer tallies together scores from previous multiplayer games and automatically mathces you with the best equipment and most suitable weaponry for the job. One question begs to be answered - with no one able to move without fear of being seen, heard, and shot, how the hell are we supposed to actually play Splinter Cell: Double Agent online?

Quelle: Forenmitglied S7N (http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/2771048463/m/4421032204/r/4421032204#4421032204) und das Official XBox Magazine (OXM) </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

26-01-06, 07:55
USK Altersempfehlung der Double Agent Preview Version (PS2) steht fest

Die USK (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle) hat nun die Altersfreigabe der PS2 Preview Version von Splinter Cell Double Agent veröffentlicht. Das Ergebnis davon sehr Ihr hier:


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent(Vorabversion)
Publisher: Ubisoft GmbH
Alterseinstufung: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren gemäß § 14 JuSchG
Prüfdatum: 25.01.2006
USK Nr.: 15276/06
Sprache: deutsch
System: Sony-Playstation 2
Genre: Shooter
Untergenre: Taktik

27-01-06, 13:44
Splinter Cell Double Agent auf September verschoben<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Heute hat Ubisoft offiziell verkündet dass der hoch erwartete Titel Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent im 2. Quartal des Fiskaljahres 2006/2007 veröffentlicht wird. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent wird im September für die Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, den GameCube und auf PC erscheinen.

Das Spiel wurde verschoben um ein atemberaubendes und einzigartiges Spielerlebnis präsentieren zu können.

Wir sind uns sicher dass Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent das Spy Action Genre durch die Doppelagentenrolle sowie völlig neuen Features revolutionieren wird.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Essentials für die PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) wird am 28.März 2006 erscheinen! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Quelle: SplinterCell.de (http://www.splintercell.com/de/)

01-02-06, 21:23
Weitere Infos zu Splinter Cell Essentials im Netz aufgetaucht - !! SC4 SPOILER !!

Ganz so unentdeckt wie unser Sam blieb das vermeintliche Cover zu Splinter Cell Essentials (PSP) nicht denn ein findiges US Mitglied ist darauf gestoßen als es bei Gamespot stöberte. Ob es sich dabei um die finale Version des US Covers handelt, lässt sich noch nicht sagen, aber Vieles spricht dafür. Hier scheint das Art Department bei Ubisoft sich mal wieder selbst übertroffen zu haben. Bei dem 2. handelt es sich übrigens um eine Version die ich auf der Ubisoft UK Online Shop Website entdeckt habe, sowie die unten aufgeführte Beschreibung.

<center>http://www.gamestop.com/common/images/lbox/190229b.jpg http://www.ubi.com/resources/binary/151/37782.jpg </center>

Immediately following the events of Splinter Cell Double Agent™, Sam Fisher is placed under arrest and brought to the NSA Headquarters. As a government interrogator pressures him to confess his involvement in terrorist activities (whatever the truth is), Sam discovers that fraudulent mission files depict him as an unstable, violent and insubordinate agent. Concealment, fraud, manipulation, lies... Sam Fisher is now trapped in a huge conspiracy: he will have to search into his past to find out who is hiding behind all this, and ultimately begin the arduous quest to clear his name.


Accessible Wifi multiplayer mode: Spy vs Spy deathmatch
Join a wifi game and play Splinter Cell with a friend in duel – 2 simple rules:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI> Frag limit – the first who reaches the frag limit wins the match<LI> Time limit – when the time is finished, the player who has the best frag score wins the match[/list]KEY FEATURES<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI> PSP system debut: The highest-rated and top-selling spy franchise hits the PSP system for the first time, pushing the boundaries of yet another platform.<LI> Developed specifically for the PSP system: Unique gameplay sequences designed specifically for the on-the-go nature of handheld gaming and a new adapted interface.<LI> Exclusive content: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Essentials starts where Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent™ ends, and takes players to the years before Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® when Sam was still a Navy Seal.<LI> Deeper & stronger scenario: Discover Sam's personality when confronted to a conspiracy led against him personally, and experience missions from his point of vue during the interrogation.<LI> Accessible multiplayer mode – Spy vs spy deathmatch<LI> Sam's best moves have been kept & new moves have been added!<LI> Enjoy 5 new exclusive missions, including the NSA HQ, in addition to 4 ˜flashback' missions<LI> Adapted gameplay: Double reticule system & brand new interface allowing to localize the sound provenance<LI> Weapons from Splinter Cell® and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory™ - knife is back![/list]
<center>Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials wird am 30. März diesen Jahres für die Playstation Portable (PSP) Handheld - Konsole von Sony erscheinen.</center>

Anmerk. d. Moderators:

Ich habe mir das Datum bereits <span class="ev_code_RED">ROT</span> im Kalender angekreuzt und werde meinen PSP dafür schon mal vorwärmen - Ihr auch?

08-02-06, 20:35
Es sind wieder neue Screenshots aus dem Schatten aufgetaucht

Die folgenden Screenshots sind auf der Website des niederländischen Online Computerspielemagazins Insidegamer.nl aufgetaucht und stellen verschiedene Szenarien aus der PS2 Version von SCDA dar. Bin ich eigentlich der Einzige der findet, dass sie für eine PS2 Version verdammt gut aussehen? Ich hoffe Ihr genießt sie! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif


Quelle: Insidegamer.nl (http://www.Insidegamer.nl)

09-02-06, 05:30
"Ah....all die Erinnerungen"

Was Sam mit diesem Spruch meinte, als er ihn in Panama (Chaos Theory) von sich gab, können wir nur vermuten, aber Gott sei dank gibt es ja ab dem 28. März Splinter Cell Essentials für den PSP. Im Rahmen eines Verhös, welches (nach Double Agent) im NSA Hauptquartier stattfindet, muß Sam seine Vergangenheit erforschen, um festzustellen warum er nun in den NSA Akten als "instabil" gilt. Im Rahmen dieser Erinnerungen wird er auch einige wenige Missionen aus seiner Vergangenheit zu bewältigen haben, inklusive einer Mission in Kolumbien als Navy Seal. Das Online Computerspiele Magazin IGN.com hatte nun erneut Gelegenheit, sich den kommenden Titel genauer anzusehen und berichtet in einem weiteren Preview von all dem. Besonders hervorzuheben dürfte hier wohl auch die Tatsache sein, dass Sam neben den vertrauten Levels aus SC, SCPT und SCCT auch das Ausbruchslevel aus Double Agent enthalten sein wird - inklusive der cooperativen KI Manöver, die Sam mit Jamie Washington in Splinter Cell Double Agent durchführen werden muß, um aus Ellsworth zu flüchten. Doch auch wenn es auf den ersten Blick so aussehen mag, Montreal wollte nicht nur die aufregensten Level aus den Vorgängern für die Playstation Portable verfügbar machen, sondern bietet auch gänzlich neue Levels an, sowie einen Multiplayer Mode.

Quelle: IGN.com (http://psp.ign.com/articles/686/686977p1.html)

14-02-06, 15:31
Weitere Einblicke in Sam's Flashbacks

Auf der Website von Insidegamer.nl findet Ihr nun die folgenden 8 brandneuen Screenshots zu Sam's erstem mobilen Abenteuer auf der PSP. U.A. seht Ihr hier die Öl Plattform aus dem 1. Teil und einen Auszug aus Sam's Vergangenheit als Navy Seal! Splinter Cell Essentials wird Euch nicht nur Missionen aus Sam's Vergangenheit präsentieren, sondern auch mit brandneuen Missionen aufwarten! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials erscheint am 30. März für die Sony PSP.


Quelle: Insidegamer (http://www.insidegamer.nl)

15-02-06, 17:36
Neues Preview auf Kikizo Games

Die Website Kikizo Games hat eigenen Angaben zufolge vor kurzem dem Entwickler Team in Montreal einen Besuch abgestattet und bei dieser Gelegenheit auch Mathieu Ferland interviewt. Viel Neues weiß das Online Magazin zwar nicht zu berichten, jedoch ist das Eine oder Andere schon interessant! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Quelle: Kikizo Games (http://games.kikizo.com/news/200602/075_p1.asp)

17-02-06, 18:57
USK Altersempfehlung für Splinter Cell Essentials steht fest

Wer bisher noch daran zweifelte, das der Release von Essentials nicht verschoben wurde, der dürfte spätestens jetzt davon überzeugt sein das SCE ab dem 30. März wirklich im Handel stehen wird denn die USK hat dem Titel nun auch einen Altersempfehlung Stempel aufgedrückt.

http://www.ubi.com/resources/binary/151/37782.jpg http://helliwood.mind.de/~usk/images/content/1071167930_kl.gif

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials (http://forums-de.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/993106895/m/8261095883/r/8721050704#8721050704)
Publisher: Ubisoft GmbH
Alterseinstufung: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren gemäß § 14 JuSchG
Prüfdatum: 11.01.2006
USK Nr.: 15151/06
Sprache: englisch
System: Sony-PSP
Genre: Shooter
Untergenre: Taktik

Um dies gebührend zu feiern, hau ich jetzt erstmal einen Stapel brandneue Screenshots raus,
natürlich alles nur für Euch! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/8936/01essentialscolumbiahanging2tz.th.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=01essentialscolumbiahanging2tz.jpg)ht tp://img147.imageshack.us/img147/7220/02essentialscolumbiasneaking5a.th.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=02essentialscolumbiasneaking5a.jpg)ht tp://img218.imageshack.us/img218/2106/03essentialsfactorysneak2vj.th.jpg (http://img218.imageshack.us/my.php?image=03essentialsfactorysneak2vj.jpg)http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/4579/04essentialscolumbiafall7yl.th.jpg (http://img218.imageshack.us/my.php?image=04essentialscolumbiafall7yl.jpg)http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/9377/05essentialscolumbiasmoke0mt.th.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=05essentialscolumbiasmoke0mt.jpg)http ://img106.imageshack.us/img106/6126/06essentialssneak1iv.th.jpg (http://img106.imageshack.us/my.php?image=06essentialssneak1iv.jpg)http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/4410/07essentialssamshoot5xc.th.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=07essentialssamshoot5xc.jpg)http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/497/08essentialssampunch1ow.th.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=08essentialssampunch1ow.jpg)http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/470/09essentialssamknock8vf.th.jpg (http://img106.imageshack.us/my.php?image=09essentialssamknock8vf.jpg)http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/4021/10essentialssamknife3yr.th.jpg (http://img105.imageshack.us/my.php?image=10essentialssamknife3yr.jpg)http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/3466/11essentialsknee5kw.th.jpg (http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=11essentialsknee5kw.jpg)http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/6562/12essentialsboat7sy.th.jpg (http://img140.imageshack.us/my.php?image=12essentialsboat7sy.jpg)

18-02-06, 21:55
Die wahre Geschichte

Eigentlich hatte sich Sam Fisher auf einen wohlverdienten Urlaub gefreut, doch daraus wird nichts denn in Splinter Cell Essentials für die Playstation Portable (PSP) muß er wieder ran, doch diesmal ist es für ihn alles andere als einfach. Nachdem Sam vom Tod seiner Tochter erfahren hat, ist er spurlos verschwunden.

Als Agenten des Heimatschutzministeriums mittels Echelon schlußendlich doch noch Fisher in New Orleans aufspüren, werden ihre schlimmsten Befürchtungen wahr. überwachungsfotos zeigen ihn in der Gesellschaft eines bekannten Terroristen namens Emile Dufraisne.

Third Echelon quält nun die Frage:

Warum wirft ihr bester Agent die Jahrzehnte treuer Dienstzeit weg, um für Terroristen der JBA (John Brown's Army) zu arbeiten?

Sam wird nach Fort Meade ins NSA Hauptquartier gebracht und dort verhöt, da er als psychisch instabil gilt - als eine Gefahr für die nationale Sicherheit. Zu seiner Verteidigung erzählt Sam eine Geschichte, mit der bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt niemand gerechnet hätte...

Diese Geschichte zieht sich nahezu durch die gesamte Historie der Reihe und führt den guten Sam an die unterschiedlichsten Orte. Da wären unter anderem:


Dies ist eine der ersten Missionen des Spiels. Sie findet 1992 statt, noch bevor Sam Fisher in den Dienst der Third Echelon trat. Shetland, einer von Sam's Teamkameraden bei den Navy Seals, wird während einer gemeinsamen Operation mit der kolumbianischen Armee gegen einen großen Drogendealerring, gefangen genommen. Sam zieht auf eigene Faust los, um ihn zu retten und widersetzt sich damit einem direkten Befehl.


Fans der Serie kennen diese Mission aus Tom Clancy´s Splinter Cell. Sie ist eine der beiden Karten, die auf früheren Splinter Cell-Spielen basieren. Diese für die Geschichte sehr wichtige Mission findet 12 Jahre nach Kolumbien statt. Während des Verhös offenbart Sam einige interessante Neuigkeiten zu dieser im Jahr 2004 - und damit einige Jahre vor Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - stattgefundenen Mission. Auf Befehl der NSA soll er einen Terroristen verhöen und während der gesamten Mission völlig lautlos vorgehen, um möglichst wenig Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen.


Ein Jahr vor den Geschehnissen aus Chaos Theory (2006) begibt sich Sam auf eine Mission innerhalb einer Stahlfabrik in Warsaw Indiana, USA. Er muss einen illegalen Waffenhandel aufzeichnen, bei dem es um gestohlene Spezialwaffen von Third Echelon geht. Während er im Inneren der Fabrik hohe Temperaturen aushalten muss, macht sich Sam bereit, es jederzeit mit unerwartet auftauchenden Terroristen oder Wissenschaftlern aufzunehmen.


Mit Sarahs Tod im Jahr 2008 ändert sich Sams Leben schlagartig. Plötzlich bricht sein gesamtes Weltbild zusammen und alles wird auf einen Schlag absolut unwichtig. Dieser Moment ist Kernpunkt von Splinter Cell Essentials und der erste Schauplatz des Spiels, welches am 6. April in den Läden stehen soll.

23-02-06, 03:51
Stealth-Action Portable

Was Ihr im neuen Splinter Cell Essentials (Sony PSP) so alles in der Rolle von Sam Fisher erfahren bzw. durchstehen werdet, versucht die Website IGN.com nun in 4 sehr kleinen Videos (http://media.psp.ign.com/media/736/736173/vids_1.html) zu vermitteln. Die Videos zeigen auch das Sam nach wie vor über all seine Moves verfügt. Außerdem hat Sam, je nach Zeitabschnitt andere Waffen & Gadgets zur Verfügung. So seht Ihr in einem Video beispielsweise das Sam als Navy Seal kein SC20K besitzt (Anmerk.: Ist ja auch logisch denn das SC20K...äh F2000 wurde ja erst viel später von FN entwickelt).

Quelle: IGN (http://psp.ign.com)

24-02-06, 08:34
Essentials Hands On

Auf der Website PSP-Aktuell ist vor kurzem ein Hands On von Splinter Cell Essentials (http://psp-aktuell.4players.de/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=717) aufgetaucht. Sehr detailiert gibt es Euch einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf das fertige Spiel, welches ab dem 30. März für den Sony PSP erhältlich sein wird.

Quelle: PSP-Aktuell (http://psp-aktuell.4players.de)

25-02-06, 07:21
Erstes Preview zur PC Version von Splinter Cell Double Agent erschienen

Das Online Computerspielemagazin Games Daily hat nun das erste Preview zur PC Version von SCDA veröffentlicht und scheint nicht gerade unbeeindruckt zu sein, aber lest doch selbst! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Quelle: Games Daily - SCDA Preview (http://pc.gamedaily.com/game/preview/?gameid=4096&page=2)

28-02-06, 06:08
"Früher war alles besser"!

Ob das in Sam's Fall so war, könnt Ihr bald auf dem PSP beurteilen denn am 30. März erscheint Sam's neustes Abenteuer mit dem Titel Splinter Cell Essentials, welches Euch zum Teil auch einen Einblick in Sam's Vergangenheit, ja evtl. sogar seine Zukunft gewähren wird. Kaum verwunderlich also, dass eines der bekanntesten Online - Computerspielemagazine (1up.com) sich den Titel nochmal genauer angesehen und ein Preview dazu verfasst hat.

Quelle: 1up.com - Preview (http://www.1up.com/do/previewPage?cId=3148354)
Media: 1up.com - Video (http://www.1up.com/do/download?cId=3147001)

01-03-06, 04:20
Eyecandy par excellánce

Zugegeben so richtig brandneu sind die Screenshots, welche nun auf Gamespot zu finden sind nicht (man kennt sie bereits aus Scans von diversen Magazinen) aber dafür könnt Ihr sie jetzt glasklar betrachten. Einige dieser Screenshots weisen sehr viele und deutliche Details auf sind also eines Splinter Cell Titels durchaus würdig, ob der Titel auch spielerisch überzeugen kann, erfahren wir dann voraussichtlich im September.

Bild 1 (http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2006/058/926934_20060228_screen004.jpg), Bild 2 (http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2006/058/926934_20060228_screen005.jpg), Bild 3 (http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2006/058/926934_20060228_screen006.jpg), Bild 4 (http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2006/058/926934_20060228_screen007.jpg), Bild 5 (http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2006/058/926934_20060228_screen008.jpg), Bild 6 (http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2006/058/926934_20060228_screen002.jpg)

02-03-06, 05:03
Video Interview Teil 2

Julien Gerighty verrät im neusten Teil des Gametrailers.com Video Interviews weiteres zum Konzept des Spiels.

Quelle: Gametrailers.com - Video Interview (http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2205)

02-03-06, 05:20
Splinter Cell Double Agent (PC) goes Next-Gen

Ok, zugegeben man hat die Fans ganz schön zittern lassen, aber scheinbar war es Heute an der Zeit das Geheimnis zu lüften:

Splinter Cell Double Agent für den PC gehöt offenbar in die Sparte, die man schon seit längerem als "Next-Gen" bezeichnet. Der Pressesprecher von Ubisoft Deutschland Niels Bogdan erklärte vor kurzem in einem Statement gegenüber dem Magazin PC Games, dass die Entwicklung der Xbox 360 Version und der PC Version "Hand in Hand" gehe.

Daniel Roy, Produzent von Splinter Cell Double Agent, hatte zuvor darauf hingewiesen, dass Double Agent als zwei eigenständige Spiele mit einer parallelen Handlung entwickelt würden, wodurch es Unterschiede zwischen der XBox360/PC Version und der XBox/PS2 Version geben wird. Roy erklärte ebenfalls, dass vor dem Release des Spiels, auf jeden Fall eine spielbare Demo zur Verfügung stehen wird, sowohl für den PC als auch für die XBox360 Version.

Quelle: PC Games (http://www.pcgames.de/?article_id=455320)

03-03-06, 05:22
Neues Hands-On Preview zu Essentials veröffentlicht

Die Website Gamespot.com hat nun ein neues Preview veröffentlicht, darin wird u.A. ein Einblick in die 1. Mission gewährt, in der sich unser Held als Navy Seal in ein fremdes Camp in Kolumbien schleichen wird. Außerdem geht die Gamespot Redaktion auch auf die Steuerung ein, die deren Preview Version beinhaltete.

Quelle: Gamespot.com - Essentials Hands-On Preview (http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/splintercellpsp/news.html?sid=6145327)

03-03-06, 15:49
Daniel Roy spricht über den Doppelagenten

Im neusten Interview auf Gamecloud.com spricht Daniel Roy wieder mal über den Doppelagenten. Dabei beantwortet er einige Fragen und wirft (bewußt) auch andere auf.

Quelle: Gamecloud.com Interview mit Daniel Roy (http://www.gamecloud.com/article.php?article_id=3722)

04-03-06, 09:21
Sam Fisher bleibt in Bewegung

Während Gametrailers.com einfach mal ein paar von Sam's Moves zu einem Video (http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2471) zusammengeschnitten hat, präsentiert Euch Gamespot auf der PSP (http://www.gamespot.com/psp/index.html) Sektion sowohl im Stream, als auch in der Media (http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/splintercellpsp/media.html) Sektion neues Footage aus dem 1. Level von Splinter Cell Essentials für den PSP.

Quelle: gametrailers.com (http://www.gametrailers.com) | gamespot.com (http://www.gamespot.com)

15-03-06, 19:07
Neues Preview zu Splinter Cell Double Agent erschienen!

Auf der Website Gamesradar ist Heute ein neues Preview zu Splinter Cell Double Agent erschienen. In diesem Interview erfahrt Ihr einiges über die PS2 Version des Spiels. Viel neues gibt es zwar nicht zu lesen, aber wenigstens etwas.

Quelle: Gamesradar (http://www.gamesradar.com/us/ps2/game/previews/article.jsp?articleId=20060313153353898067&sectionId=1001)

16-03-06, 08:34
Deine Freunde halten Dich für den Feind. Der Feind hält Dich für einen Freund - Beide haben Recht!

Wenn man verstehen will, wie weit die Faszination von Splinter Cell bereits Wellen geschlagen hat, dann ist das neuste Interview mit Daniel Roy wohl das Beste Beispiel denn es stammt von einem israelischen Online Spielemagazin und hat einiges zu bieten.

Quelle: Gamer.co.il (http://www.gamer.co.il/gamer2/php/doc.php?id=94696)

20-03-06, 17:03
Stealth - Action Portable

Sam trägt nun schon seit wir ihn zum ersten Mal sahen, einen Handheld mit sich herum - das OPSAT - und so mancher Fan dachte sich wohl auch schon, wie cool es wohl wäre, könnte er sein Lieblingsspiel überall und jederzeit spielen also warum nicht beides kombinieren? Vermutlich dachte sich dies auch Ubisoft Montreal als das Team mit der Entwicklung des Titels Splinter Cell Essentials (http://shop.ubi.com/Prod_ExtDesc.asp?catalogid=378&id=102) für die Playstation Portable (PSP) von Sony begann.

<center>http://www.ubi.com/resources/binary/151/37782.jpg </center>

Bis vor kurzem war es noch recht ruhig um den Titel für die "mobile Playstation 2", jetzt jedoch hat Ubisoft den offiziellen Trailer zum Spiel released. Der Trailer liegt auf dem Server des amerikanischen Computer - und Videospiele Magazins Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com).

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials fängt da an, wo Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent aufhöt. Die Story nimmt den Spieler mit auf eine Reise in die Zeit vor Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, als Sam Fisher noch ein Navy Seal war.

Das Spiel erscheint hierzulande am 30. März und erhielt von der Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle die Altersfreigabe "ab 16".

Quelle: Trailer @ Gamespot.com (http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/splintercellpsp/download_ini.html?sid=6146222)

21-03-06, 09:29
Sam Fisher schleicht wieder in den Printmedien

Lange war es ruhig um Sam Fisher, was nicht verwunderlich ist, hat Ubisoft doch erst vor kurzem eine Release Verschiebung des nächsten Splinter Cell Teils auf September angekündigt, aber die Entwicklung des 4 Teils der beliebten Stealth - Action Saga geht natürlich weiter. Um die Wartezeit für die Fans ein wenig informativer zu gestalten, kündigten nun diverse Magazine bereits auf dem Cover der nächsten Ausgabe einen Artikel zu Splinter Cell Double Agent (http://forums-de.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/993106895/m/2361098683) oder sogar dem am 30. März erscheinenden PSP Spiel Splinter Cell Essentials (http://shop.ubi.com/Prod_ExtDesc.asp?catalogid=378&id=102) an.

Während das Playstation Magazin PSW (http://www.psw-magazin.de/) damit wirbt "alle Gadgets, alle Fakten und alle neuen Bilder" in der Ausgabe 5/2006, seinen Lesern / Leserinnen zu präsentieren, kündigt das unabhängige Playstation Magazin PSM an, sich in der Ausgabe 4/2006 gänzlich allen Versionen zu widmen sowohl PS2, PSP als auch PS3. Damit dürfte es vorerst genug Stoff für die lesefreudigen Splinter Cell Fans geben.

Quelle: TomClancy-Games.de (http://www.tomclancy-games.de)

21-03-06, 17:06
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials ab dem 06. April erhältlich

Düsseldorf, 21. März 2006 - Ubisoft, einer der weltweit größten Publisher und Hersteller für Computer- und Videospiele, verkündete heute, dass Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Essentials am 30.März zum empfohlenen Verkaufspreis von 49,95 € in den Händlerregalen stehen wird. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials wurde speziell für PSP entwickelt und bietet eine neue, einzigartige Spielerfahrung mit einer Story aus der besten Spionage Actionserie aller Zeiten.

über Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Essentials:
Unmittelbar nach den Ereignissen in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent™ wird Sam Fisher verhaftet und für eine Anhöung in das Hauptquartier der NSA gebracht. Als ein Regierungsbeauftragter Sam nach seiner Beteiligung an terroristischen Aktivitäten befragt, entdeckt Sam, dass er in seinen Akten als labiler, brutaler und aufsässiger Agenten dargestellt wird. Inmitten dieser großen Verschwöung muss Fisher in seiner Vergangenheit suchen, um heraus zu finden, wer hinter diesen Machenschaften steckt.

Die wichtigsten Eigenschaften:
Speziell für PSP entwickelt: Einzigartige Spielsequenzen, die mit minimalen Ladezeiten und neuartiger Benutzeroberfläche speziell für den tragbaren Spielspaß entwickelt wurden.

Story entfaltet sich über die gesamte Splinter Cell-Serie:
Die Story nimmt den Spieler mit auf eine Reise in die Zeit vor Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, als Sam Fisher noch ein Navy Seal war und spannt den Bogen bis hin zu den Ereignissen des kommenden Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent.

Neue Missionen:
Der Spieler betritt die Welt der internationalen Spionage mit 5 neuen, exklusiven Missionen, inklusive dem NSA Hauptquartier, zusätzlich gibt es 4 "žRückblende"-Missionen, die rund um den Erdball führen.

<center>http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/2411/scpspcolumbiareadytodrop0tw.th.jpg (http://img460.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scpspcolumbiareadytodrop0tw.jpg)http://img475.imageshack.us/img475/673/scpspyugoslaviahumanshield5ff.th.jpg (http://img475.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scpspyugoslaviahumanshield5ff.jpg)htt p://img147.imageshack.us/img147/2618/scpspcolumbiaaimingnohud4xo.th.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scpspcolumbiaaimingnohud4xo.jpg) http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/4613/scpspfactoryhighpunch4fn.th.jpg (http://img227.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scpspfactoryhighpunch4fn.jpg)</center>
Umfangreiche Spionageausrüstung:
Zusätzlich zu sämtlichen Waffen und Ausrüstungsgegenständen der Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell-Serie gibt es neue, exklusive Gegenstände für die PSP-Version.

Immer in Bewegung:
Alle klassischen Stealth-Action-Moves sowie neue, aufregende Killermoves.

Spieler treten in kabellosen Mehrspielerpartien im "žSpy vs. Spy Deathmatch" mittels dem PSP ad-hoc Modus gegeneinander an.

23-03-06, 19:26
CVG ausspioniert

Naja, eigentlich hat CVG eher Splinter Cell Double Agent ausspioniert denn da es ja erst im September auf uns wartet, haben die Kollegen von CVG um die Wartezeit bis dahin zu überbrücken, nun ein weiteres, kleines Preview veröffentlicht, welches Ihr auf deren Website findet.

Quelle: SCDA Preview @ CVG (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/previews/previews_story.php?id=136081)

27-03-06, 06:25
Mehr zu Splinter Cell Essentials in Kürze

Am 30. März ist es soweit dann wird Splinter Cell Essentials für die Sony PSP auch hierzulande erhältlich sein. Wenn alles klappt, werdet Ihr ab Heute Abend (ca. 18:00 Uhr) das Spiel über das Portal www.splintercell.de (http://www.splintercell.de) direkt bei Ubisoft vorbestellen können. Zudem wird um den Launch zu feiern, auch das Portal selbst in neuem Glanz erstrahlen.

28-03-06, 15:57
Gewinnt ein exklusives Splinter Cell Essentials Poster

Zur Feier des Tages verlost Ubisoft 2 exklusive Splinter Cell Essentials Poster. Was müsst ihr tun? Ganz einfach: Beantwortet die folgende Frage und schickt die Antwort sowie eure Adresse an simulation@ubisoft.de

Frage: Wie viele exklusive Karten gibt es in Splinter Cell Essentials?

Bitte schickt eure Antwort bis zum 31.03.2006 mit dem Stichwort "Essentials Gewinnspiel" ein.

Viel Glück!

Achtung: Dieses Gewinnspiel gilt nur für Deutschland & Österreich!

PS: Einen Hinweis zur Beantwortung der oben aufgeführten Frage, findet Ihr auf der neuen Splinter Cell Essentials Website (http://www.splintercellessentials.com)! http://forums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

30-03-06, 06:18
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngKommt Essentials doch später?</h1>Viele hatten sich bereits darauf gefreut mit Splinter Cell Essentials die Wartezeit bis zum Erscheinen von Double Agent zu überbrücken, doch jetzt sieht es so aus, als ob der Start der deutschen Version verschoben wurde.<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Ubisoft verkündete heute, dass sich die Veröffentlichung von Sam Fishers erstem PSP-Abenteuer in den deutschsprachigen Territorien verzögert. Neuer Veröffentlichungstermin für "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials" ist Mai 2006.

Grund der Verzögerung ist ein Lokalisationsproblem in der deutschsprachigen Essentials-Version. Ubisoft ist bestrebt, den Fans der Serie die bestmögliche übersetzungsqualität zu liefern, da diese für die dichte Atmosphäre und Spannung eines Splinter Cell-Titels unabdingbar ist. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>EDIT: Verschiebung auf Mai wurde bestätigt.

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06-04-06, 16:20
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngSvM Modus in Splinter Cell 4!</h1>Die Splinter Cell Community Managerin von Ubisoft San Francisco - Rhoulette, hat nun in einem Posting bekannt gegeben, dass die PC Version in vielen Punkten der XBox360 Version entsprechen wird, inklusive dem Spy VS Merc Modus, der von den Fans gefordert wurde.<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">After months of discussion about the fate of the PC version of Splinter Cell Double Agent, it is my pleasure to announce that the community has gotten its wish! Originally when it appeared that the multiplayer mode of the PC version would not be based on the Xbox 360 code and only have the new spy-vs-spy format instead of spy-vs-mercenary, the community coordinated an effort to communicate its preference to the company. It quickly became apparent that the PC community was willing to give up the Spy-vs-Spy experience in order to retain the Spy-vs-Mercenary multiplayer mode that they had grown to know and love in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Upon examining a whole host of factors including the open request from the community to have the PC version most closely resemble the Xbox 360 version, Ubisoft has agreed that this change is worthwhile. Therefore, the PC version of Splinter Cell Double Agent will have the spy vs mercenary multiplayer as well as other features in common with the Xbox 360 version.

Please consider this an official statement from Ubisoft. There should be an official media alert issued in the coming weeks, but since the call to action originally came from the community, we wanted to first bring this announcement directly to you.

Thank you for pulling together to help us make Splinter Cell Double Agent a more ideal gaming experience for you. We hope this can be considered one large step further in the direction of establishing a healthy flow of constructive feedback from the community straight to Ubisoft. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Quelle: Ubisoft (http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/2771048463/m/2081064034/r/2081064034#2081064034)<br clear="all"></p>

22-04-06, 07:46
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngSplinter Cell Double Agent im Preview</h1>Man stelle sich vor, auf sich gestellt bewegt sich eine Gestalt durch ein wild umkämpftes Gebiet, ständig nur mit dem Gedanken im Kopf, die eigene Mission zu erfüllen und erreicht schwitzend den Ort, an dem dies geschehen soll. Was wie der Alltag der TomClancy-Games Staff klingt, soll nur eine der Missionen sein, die man als Sam Fisher in dem mit Twists gespickten Splinter Cell Double Agent erfüllen soll, welches laut aktuellem Stand im September auf die Fans wartet. Mehr dazu unter der unten aufgeführten Website.

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03-05-06, 16:16
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngTim Larkin wird Doppelagent</h1>Tim Larkin, welcher u.A. auch für den Soundtrack von Half Life 2 Episode 1 verantwortlich zeichnet, wird Sam Fisher's nächstem Abenteuer die entsprechende musikalische Untermalung spendieren. Larkin's jüngste Werke waren Pariah (Digital Extremes/Groove Games), The Incredibles: When Danger Calls (THQ) und Uru™: Ages Beyond MYST®, welches den PC Gamer Award für "Best Sound," GameSpot's Award für "Best Sound Effects" und eine Game Developer's Choice Nominierung für "Best Audio" erhielt. Larkin war zudem auch der Sound Designer, für den animierten Kurzfilm namens The ChubbChubbs™, der mit einem Academy Award ausgezeichnet wurde. Weitere Informationen über den Künstler sind auf seiner Website www.timlarkin.net/ (http://www.timlarkin.net/) zu finden. Was Ubisoft's Audio Director Simon Pressey zu dem Künstler zu sagen hat, ist hier unter der aufgeführten Website zu lesen.

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04-05-06, 15:53
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngJetzt hagelt's News, Previews & Screenshots</h1>Einen Einleitungstext für die News Welle (welche von Ubisoft pünktlich zur E3 losgetreten wurde) zu schreiben, ist beinahe unmöglich - zuviel News kommen dafür auf einen Haufen. Stattdessen wollen wir hier einfach nur mal die Previews mit BRANDNEUEN Screenshots von Double Agent und auch die sonstigen Artikel verlinken - unter der unten aufgeführten Website.

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10-05-06, 05:13
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngNeues Double Agent Material + E3 Trailer & exklusive Interviews erschienen</h1>Auf TomClancy-Games.de findet Ihr seit gestern den offiziellen Splinter Cell Double Agent Trailer, welcher eigens für die E3 erstellt wurde und das erste Ingame Video Footage einer frühen Build des Spiels sowie exklusive Video Interviews mit Hugues Martel & Julian Gerighty vom Ubisoft Shanghai Entwickler Team. Hugues Martel ist als Creative Director der Erfinder der "Directed Moments", welche einen Großteil des Spiels einnehmen werden und Julian Gerighty der Producer von Splinter Cell Double Agent.

Denkt auch an die Website von Ubisoft zur E3 unter: http://e3.ubi.com

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26-07-06, 06:37
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngAbgehöt - Der Soundtrack des Doppelagenten</h1>Wer schon mal einen kleinen Vorgeschmack vom Soundtrack des 4. Teils bekommen will, der hat nun die Gelegenheit dies zu tun denn ein Community Manager von Ubisoft, veröffentlichte Heute im US Forum 2 Tracks sowie ein Interview mit Romain His (dem Lead Sound Designer von SCDA) im MP3 Format. Sowohl ein deutschsprachiges Transskript als auch die Links zum Download der MP3 Dateien sind unter dem unten aufgeführten Link zu finden.

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08-08-06, 02:02
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngSplinter Cell Double Agent Release Date & Demos</h1>Vor kurzem veröffentlichte die amerikanische Community Managerin der Splinter Cell Foren die Ankündigung, dass es diesmal keine Beta Version des Multiplayers geben wird, ABER dafür 2 Demo Versionen (jeweils eine Single Player und eine Multiplayer) für den PC. XBox360 Nutzer werden leider nur mit der Multiplayer Demo Vorlieb nehmen müssen.

Die Demos sollen ca. einen Monat vor dem Release der Vollversion am 19. Oktober erscheinen. Aber damit den Fans das Warten auf Ihre Version von Double Agent nicht allzu lange wird, will Ubisoft auch diesmal wieder eine Team Shadownet Website zur Verfügung stellen wenn auch diesmal allerdings unter dem Namen "Double Agent Spy Ring". Die vollständige Original Meldung gibt es unter dem in der Quelle aufgeführten Link.

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17-08-06, 18:12
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngEnttarnt: Der Double Agent Score und seine Schöpfer</h1>Sascha Dikiciyan und Cris Velasco sind definitiv keine Unbekannten wenn es um Computerspiele Soundtracks geht denn bereits Titel wie Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run, und Hellgate: London hat das Komponisten Duo mit dem richtigen Klang ausgestattet. "Ubisoft fragte uns, ob wir nicht einen Score liefern könnten, der zum Erzählstil des Spiels passt ," erzählt Dikiciyan. "Wir erschufen daher ein mutig - elektronisch klingendes, kinoartiges Orchester, um die emotionale Seite des Spiels auf eine neue Ebene zu heben."

Weiteres hierzu + Download Link zum Theme von Double Agent unter dem unten aufgeführten Link.

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30-08-06, 17:48
<h1>http://img316.imageshack.us/img316/112/wnm6ek.pngWas hält Julian Gerighty von der GC 2006?</h1>Gametrailers.com hat sich dieser Frage angenommen und den sympathischen Co-Producer von Splinter Cell Double Agent, in einem Video über die, am Ubisoft Booth präsentierten Spiele, interviewt.

Julian Gerighty (Ubisoft Shanghai):

Ich bin zum ersten Mal in Leipzig und finde es unglaublich. Es ist eine Konsumveranstaltung d.h. man trifft auf die echten Fans und beseitigt quasi ein wenig diese Barriere zwischen Spieler & Entwickler. Dadurch erhält man eine Menge direktes Feedback. Wir entschieden uns dafür, allen in Leipzig die Möglichkeit zu geben, dass Spiel selbst anzuspielen, sowohl den Single Player als auch den Multiplayer. Im Single Player zeigen wir Kinshasa, welches das zweite Level des Spiels darstellt, man befindet sich in den umkämpften Straßen dieser südafrikanischen Stadt und es läuft wirklich super, super gut. Es wird auf der Bühne präsentiert und bietet jede Menge Action.

Die Fortsetzung des Interviews, findet Ihr unter dem aufgeführten Link.

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