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06-03-06, 01:56

Guten Tag!
Traurig, spreche ich nicht Deutsches.

To kick off its Grand Reopening, Ghost Skies presents the Double Domination 2v2 Tournament!

8pm (20:00) GMT
9pm (21:00) Berlin

Double Domination is a 2v2 single elimination tournament brought to you by NaturalPoint and Ghost Skies. Grand Prize is a TrackIR-4 for each of the winning pilots. The tournament is OPEN TO ALL and will be held March 11th at 12pm Pacific Standard Time (U.S.) on Hyperlobby. Full rules and signups are on http://www.ghostskies.com

Here is a brief rundown of events:
Teams must signup prior to the start of the event. Teams will be randomly paired against each other and randomly chosen to host. All pilots will be required to be in the same aircraft. Only prop fighters will be chosen,and all aircraft will be randomly selected. The match will be fought in accordance with the rules and will last 20 minutes. The round itself will last 30 minutes. The 30 minutes will start 5 minutes after the initial announcement is made. Matches will be 2v2, last team flying. Once the individual match is complete, the losing team will report via the Ghost Skies website. The winning team will confirm the match, then will await the start of the next round. Rounds will continue until all teams have been eliminated except for one winner, so allow plenty of time.

Sign up today! Hope to see you all there!