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Teddy Bar
03-10-06, 00:04
The NYGM Anti Humming Bird Mod will cause your u-boat to react more realistically when at periscope depth and reflects the real world difficulties of maintaining a given depth when close to the surface due to wave action and currents.
When at periscope depth a u-boat would be set stern heavy as it was critical, that if the u-boat did breach the surface, that the propellers remained as deep as possible to give as much push to regain depth.

The u-boat's overall buoyancy would also be set slightly negative so as to assist against breaching the surface either by heavy wave action or from possible trim imbalances when firing a salvo of torpedoes.

As a result of the NYGM Anti Humming Bird Mod, in heavy seas, i.e. high wind speeds, maintaining periscope depth is a little more tricky, just as it should be.
It is only when the wind speeds start getting up towards and into double figures does maintaining periscope depth without breaching the surface become a concern.

You will need to pay close attention to your speed as with your crew now having to constantly adjust the dive planes to keep you at periscope depth, you will find that this will result in a speed hit and as a result of this speed hit comes a greater difficulty in maintain periscope depth. A real catch 22!

The best way to deal with the realistic difficulties of maintaining periscope depth in heavy seas is when on approach to maintain a depth closer to 20 metres and when you want to use the periscope to order a depth, this depth will be from on the spot experience as the different wind speeds and the directions will effect the u-boat differently in each situation, that allows you to see while minimising the risk of breaching the surface.

Depending on the sea state i.e. the winds mps and how far away the escorts are, as well as their direction, you could risk increasing your speed to ahead 1/3 which will make the dive planes work more effectively.

Realistically under normal weather conditions if you order all stop you will not float to the surface and into the view of the escorts. However in heavy seas there is a risk that this might occur if at periscope depth but never from 15+ metres.

As a result of the removal of SHIII Humming Bird affect a close by depth charge will have a greater effect on your u-boats ability to maintain an even keel resulting in a change of depth as your crew work to level the u-boat out.

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The combination of the NYGM Anti Humming Bird Mod & the new NYGM Submerged Endurance Mod have resulted in the weather conditions having a larger impact upon your patrol!

All the u-boats in the NYGM TW 2.2 mod will in normal sea conditions do the historical distances. For example the VIIB in 0mps winds will at ahead slow (10 knots) will sail over 17,000 kilometres. Where as in 5mps winds at ahead slow you will only make 9 knots and as a result will sail only 15,000+ kilometres.

As demonstrated above as the wind speeds increase your given speed for the ordered speed will drop and as a result you maximum distance will also be effected and is a great real world result.

You will now you will have to ensure that you have a small reserve to make it home in case the weather turns bad!

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