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22-09-05, 20:25
Leider, das information ist nur auf Englisch, aber 'SH3 Commander'( http://www.beerymod.com/SH3Cmdr2.7z ) ist ein 'mod' vielleicht ein bisschen unbekannt in die Deutsch-sprechende SH3 community:

Main interface:

Crew Manager:


Personnel file:

Log book:

Ace list:

Features include:

List of features (v2.0.0):

Original Silent Hunter III files are backed up for easy and speedy restoration by pressing the "Rollback SH3" button;
Selected careers (new and existing) are set in Silent Hunter III prior to loading, thus providing integration with Silent Hunter III;
Further integration with Silent Hunter III by linking Date/Flotilla/U-Boat selection to that allowed by Silent Hunter III when starting a new career;
Ability to generate random Commander and crewman names in preparation for new careers, recognised by Silent Hunter III on loading;
Ability to start new careers in any month between 9/39 and 5/45 (if using either the Flotilla mod (http://www.beerymod.com/Flotilla1.44.7z) or the Real U-boat mod (http://www.beerymod.com/RUb1.43.7z);
Options which allow
- a "realistic career length" (based on Beery's "roll of the dice" approach)
Checking this option automatically retires the Commander after a random number of patrols (based on the minimum and maximum number of patrols completed by historical commanders). If you use this, please be aware that the randomisation occurs every time you launch a career using SH3 Commander. So, if you like to tinker between patrols without actually starting a patrol, or you load SH3 Commander mid-patrol, be aware of this and disable the 'realistic career length' feature prior to pressing the "Launch SH3!" button.
- returning (or removing) the "Hull Integrity %" text within Silent Hunter III
- randomised or set days spent in base within Silent Hunter III
- any one of three different types of fatigue handling models to be used, with ability to add your own fatigue models
To add you own fatigue model, open up Fatigue.cfg, located in your SH3 Commander\Crew folder. Copy one of the existing blocks of values and paste at the end of the file. Update the number of this new block (the value contained between []) to be the last number plus 1. Then change all the values accordingly. What you enter for "Desc" will be what is displayed as an option in SH3 Commander.
Ability to change the next patrol grid within an existing career;
Ability to change the U-boat number within an existing career;
Ability to delete an existing career from the hard drive;
Ability to return Commanders from retirement;
Commanders have the ability to create a Personnel File for viewing (html format) and printing;
The Personnel File includes a full Commander profile, including details of the Commander's career prior to commencement of his first U-boat patrol. Where a Commander has been retired by SH3 Commander, details of his post campaign and post war career are also included. SH3 Commander uses the language preference stored in Silent Hunter III, meaning that the summary will print in English or German depending on the text language selected in Silent Hunter III. Like with Silent Hunter III, users can modify the language files to allow for the summary to be generated in any language required. A Personnel File can be generated for active, deceased and retired careers. The Personnel File also includes links to each individual patrol summary, U-boat Aces List and U-boat Crew Lists (provided that U-boat Crew Lists have been created prior to creating the Personnel File).
Ability to change Commander image within SH3 Commander.
Users can replace current images with their own. Provided they use the same file name and the image is in jpg format, their image will be included in the random generation. The image size should be the same to avoid stretch distortion. Users can also add new jpg images to the Images folder. There are no naming restrictions, apart from ensuring the file name does not include commas. These images will *not* be included in the random selection. To use these images, the user can simply double click on the current image and then choose the new image he wants to use.
Ranks, medals and qualifications are labelled in SH3 Commander using the same language preference as stored in Silent Hunter III;
A random folder feature - up to 5 similar sets of files can be included under the Random folder with one different set randomly copied across to SH3 every time a career is loaded. Useful for randomising skins etc;
Dynamic inclusion of crewmen/commander names and birth places. The SH3Cmdr.ini file can be edited to include more names and places.
Note: the SH3Cmdr.ini is not overwritten by newer versions. This is done on purpose in order to retain career details and user modifications. However, there is a bug in early versions where the birthplace 'Klein Stockheim' sometimes caused the place of birth to be listed as 'Klein'. This can be fixed manually by replacing the space between Klein and Stockheim with a dash, so it appears as 'Klein-Stockheim'.
An SH3 Commander Crew Manager component. With a simple click on the "Crew Manager" button, players can:
- promote and demote within type (ie Officers, Petty Officers and Sailors);
- change crewmen names;
- give and remove medals based on historic criteria;
- give and remove badges based on historic criteria;
- give, adjust and remove qualifications (3 for officers, 1 for petty officers and 1 for sailors);
- create a crew list for viewing (html format) and printing.

23-09-05, 12:54
I forgot to add - this mod should work with any version of the game. It's not restricted to the standard SH3 1.4b or RUb.

27-09-05, 08:56
Thanks, I like it. Is very good to play a realistic carear. It was sure a very hard work!

U 99

27-09-05, 10:21
Thanks Beeryus http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif

27-09-05, 11:52
Great Mod, thank you!