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26-02-05, 02:01
http://www.rmutt.netfirms.com/2v2-GS-Ubi.gif (http://www.ghostskies.com/comp/)

Ghost Skies and NaturalPoint have combined efforts to bring you the Double Domination 2v2 Tournament on Saturday March 12th at 4pm Pacific Time, U.S. on Hyperlobby It is open to any and all! Winning team will earn a brand new Track IR 3 Pro with Vector Expansion for EACH pilot! Sign up today! Official Rules will be available shortly, but here is an overview:

Last Team flying match (1 life only) with a 20 minute time limit. 1 plane will be randomly chosen each round for all pilots to fly. Single elimination for all participants! The tournament will continue until a winning team is discovered!

Hope to see you all there!

26-02-05, 14:34
Greetings Everyone,

NaturalPoint is pleased to sponsor the "Double Domination" tournament and continue supporting the IL-2/FB/PF Community. Crash has done an excellent job in organizing this event and we know it will be a success. If you don't own a TrackIR or Vector Expansion, this is your chance to win a FREE one! Sign up today!

For anyone who is not familar with the TrackIR 3 or Vector Expansion, please visit www.naturalpoint.com (http://www.naturalpoint.com) or www.trackir.com (http://www.trackir.com) for more information.

The TrackIR 3 with Vector Expansion not only changes your game view, but your entire sim flying experience...forever.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


27-02-05, 04:58
The Double Domination Tournament will be held March 12th at 4pm Pacifc Time (U.S.) on Hyperlobby!

After further discussions with Jason, we've decided to use an extra week to promote this inagural tournament. We want to make sure we spread the word well enough, plus give people enough time to sign up and absorb the rules and prepare. Not to mention it will give the Ghost Skies staff more time to ready our website and database.

Also: The Double Domination Tournament will be SINGLE elimination for all participants!

We've retracted Double elimination for Ghost Skies members.

Thank you for understanding our growing pains. We are breaking new ground. I'm sure this will be much easier the next time Ghost Skies brings a prize tournament to the community!


27-02-05, 08:41
I would really like to participate in this event though I have already a track IR.
But please give me the rule conditions and futher more I would like to know do we have to pay for the entry?
You're doing a great job!