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01-09-05, 14:23
seid mir nich böse, wenn ich einfach sofrage ohne
nachzulesen, obs die frage schonmal gab, aber gibts irgendwas für 1.4, mit dem ich die dc's
wieder intelligenter machen kann. kann ja nich angehen, dass die dauernd daneben schmeissen,
und nach 2 überläufen einfach aufgeben.
hab 1.4, FF 2.1, n paar optik sachen wie den sky mod oder so nen interior tex, aber was zur ki hab ich noch ned gefunden.
1.3 will ich auch ned, wegen dem sonarbug
danke schonmal für die antworten!!

02-09-05, 06:50
weis keiner was oder will niemand mit mir reden?

02-09-05, 07:03
wie wär's mit dem Real Uboot Mod 1.43 (Rub1.43)?


<pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
Version 1.43

050719: Fixed radar and sonar bugs in the Type XXI. Fix by Cdr Gibs. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
050720: Fixed IXD2 torpedo loadout bug. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
050709: Balanced the starting crews to make the combat fatigue and qualifications systems more challenging. (data\Cfg\crew_config_II_1.cfg and all other crew config files in data\Cfg).
050715: Adjusted Realistic Plotting mod. Fix by Observer. (data\Cfg\Contacts.cfg, GameplaySettings.cfg. Also data\Menu\Gui\Units\unitAir.tga, UnitAirL.tga, UnitAirM.tga, UnitLand.tga, UnitLandL.tga, UnitLandM.tga, UnitMShip.tga, UnitMShipL.tga, UnitMShipM.tga, UnitWShip.tga, UnitWShipL.tga, UnitWShipM.tga. Also, all shp.tga files in the aircraft folders in data\Air)
050719: Enemy fog factor doubled. Fix suggested by CCIP (data\Cfg\Sim.cfg).

050703: Changed max height of free camera from 70 to 2000. (data\Library\Cameras.dat)
050720: Added a new ASW mod. Mod by CCIP based on work done previously by gouldjg, Jungman, Jace11 and TimeTraveller. (AI_Sensors.dat, DC_X_H.sim, DC_X_H.zon, Depth_charges.sim, Depth_charges.zon, Shells.zon). This includes Jungman's latest sonar fix.
050719: Increased visual range in perfect weather: fix by CCIP. Also, corrected the wrong bearings on the radar: fix by Jungman (data\Library\Sensors.dat).
050731: Added more national flags to the game. Flag mod by Sergbuto. (data\Library\flag.dat).

050802: Added new nationality labels with flags to ship identification manual. Mod by Beery. (data\Menu\Gui\RecManual\various Cov*.tga files)

050721: Removed intro movie. (data\Movies\Intro\Intro.wmv)

050721: Adjusted C3 Cargo Ship draught from 9m to 12m. (data\Sea\NKC3\NKC3.cfg, NKC3.sim, NKC3.zon, NKC3_en.log, NKC3_ge.log).

050704: Added new JU87, ME109 and FW200 skins. Mods by macstu23. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\JU87Stuka.tga, MesserschmittBF109.tga, FW200.tga)

050706: Re-introduced the older protractor mod. Mod by Jace11. (data\Submarine\NSS_Uboat2A\NSS_Uboat2A_shp.tga, and all other shp.tga files in all Uboat files in data\Submarine)
050720: Raised weather condition cap on using U-boat guns. (all player-controlled U-boat config files in data\Submarine\NSS_Uboat**)

050716: Tweaked Hollywood DM to make it a little more balanced. Tweak by CCIP. (data\Zones.cfg)

050719: Rubini's Traffic Mod is updated. (data\Objects\all Turm2B files and all Turm7c_5 files; data\Roster\German\Submarine\SSTypeIIB.cfg, SSTypeVIIC41.cfg; data\Sound\Collision_AntiSubmarineNet_int.wav; data\Submarine - all files in NSS_Uboat2B and NSS_Uboat7c41 folders)

050720: All new water - still murky but more visible up close. Mod by Beery based on new info found by Manuel, and thanks to Timetraveller. (data\scene.dat and data\Env\EnvColors_Arct.dat, EnvColors_Atl.dat, EnvColors_Med.dat).

050725: Added Improved Convoys mod. Mod by Jasonb885 & Sergbuto. (data\Campaigns\Campaign\Campaign_RND.mis, all files in data\Roster\American, data\Roster\British, data\Roster\Netherland, data\Roster\Norway, plus data\Sea\NDD_C&D\NDD_C&D.dat and NDD_C&D.eqp).

050729: Added Ops Mod. Mod by Nico71, Jace11, CCIP, Egan, Jasonb885. (data\Campaigns\Campaign\Campaign_LND.mis, Campaign_RND.mis, Campaign_SCR.mis, data\Cfg\AirStrike.cfg, data\Land\all files and folders in the mod - too many to list, data\Library\Shells.sim, data\Roster\all files and folders in the mod - too many to list, data\Terrain\Locations.cfg).

050805: Added 'Additional Merchants' and 'Southampton Cruiser' mods. Mods by Sergbuto. (data\Roster\British\Sea\CLSouthampton.cfg, NKGN.cfg, NPTR.cfg; data\Roster\American\Sea\NKGN.cfg, NPTR.cfg; data\Roster\Canadian\Sea\NKGN.cfg, NPTR.cfg; data\Sea\EnglishNames.cfg, GermanNames.cfg; data\Sea\NCL_Southampton\all files; data\Sea\NKGN\all files; data\Sea\NPTR\all files.

050805: Adjusted drafts on Fiji, Clemson, Southampton. Went back to default drafts on Flower and NTRW (Armed Trawler). (data\Sea\sim and dat files for the above listed ships).

050805: Adjusted DC Depth Precision and Max Radius to reduce/fix DD suicide bug. (data\Library\DepthCharges.sim, DepthCharges.zon).


Version 1.42

050630: Added realistic torpedo loadouts mod. Mod by Anteater, configured for RUb by U29. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
050628: Added new Realistic Plotting mod. Mod by GouldJG with additional content by Observer. (data\Cfg\Contacts.cfg, GameplaySettings.cfg. Also data\Menu\cfg\Maps.cfg, data\Menu\Gui\Units\Selection.tga, UnitMShip.tga, UnitMShipL.tga, UnitMShipM.tga, UnitSub.tga, UnitSubL.tga, UnitSubM.tga, UnitWShip.tga, UnitWShipL.tga, UnitWShipM.tga and data\Menu\Gui\ContLine.tga, DashLine.tga. Also, all shp.tga files in the ship folders in data\Sea. Plus, data\Submarine\NSS_Uboat2A\NSS_Uboat2A_shp.tga, and all other shp.tga files in all Uboat files in data\Submarine)

050629: Added Storm Sinkings Fix. Bug fix by CCIP. (various *.sim and *.zon files in data\Sea\ship folders)

050630: Added new JU88 skin. Mod by macstu23. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\JU88.tga)

050629: Added 'Hollywood' Damage Model. Mod by GouldJG. (data\Zones.cfg)


Version 1.41

050625: Added new plane skins and aircraft configurations. Airpower mod by Jace11. (data\Air\ADB_JU87Stuka.cfg, ADB_JU87Stuka.sim, ADB_JU87Stuka.zon, ADB_JU87Stuka_en.log, ADB_JU87Stuka_ge.log and all similar files for all aircraft folders in data\Air, plus *.eqp files for the Liberator and the Avenger. Also, data\Cfg\Airstrike.cfg, data\Land\LAB_LargeAirBaseCa.cfg and all similar cfg files in all the LAB airbase folders in data\Land. Also, data\Markings (all files), data\Sea\NCV_Illustrious\NCV_Illustrious.cfg, data\Sea\NCVE_Bogue\NCVE_Bogue.cfg, data\Sea\NCVE_Casablanca\NCVE_Casablanca.cfg. Also data\Textures\TNormal\tex\Catalina.tga, Liberator.tga, Lockheed_P38J_Lightning.tga, Sunderland.tga. Also, data\Zones.cfg)

050625: Adjusted starting crew configurations to be more historically accurate. Crew configurations by Jaesen Jones and Beery. (data\Cfg\crew_config_II_1.cfg and all other crew_config files in data\Cfg)
050627: Adjusted Flotilla grid destinations to include U-boat operations for 'Weserübung', 'Fall Gelb' and 'Paukenschlag'. (data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg)

050623: Added realistic crew station names for German version (IWO, LI, WO). (data\Menu\de_menu.txt)

050625: Added new Hurricane skin. Mod by Beery. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\Hurricane.tga)
050625: Added new Swordfish skin. Mod by macstu23. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\Swordfish.tga)


Version 1.40b

050602: Adjusted AI flak gun effective range. (data\Cfg\CrewAI.cfg)
050603: Adjusted lost contact time to 40 minutes. Fix by CCIP. (data\Cfg\Sim.cfg)

050526: Adjusted night-time cloud colour. (data\Env\EnvColors_Arct.dat, EnvColors_Atl.dat, EnvColors_Med.dat)

050531: Adjusted bomb effects as per Jace11's Air Power mod. (Bombs.sim)
050531: Adjusted bomb effectiveness. (data\Library\Bombs.zon)
050527: Adjusted deck gun reload time to match historical record for 'war patrol' reload times. (data\Library\GUNS_SUB.sim)
050527: Adjusted range of star shells from 500m to 1500m. Plus, 20mm range reduction from Jace11's Air Power 1.3 mod. (data\Library\Shells.sim)
050527: Adjusted deck gun shell damage to match historical reality. (data\Library\Shells.zon)

050615: Updated U-boat individual number info. (data\Roster\German\Submarine\SSTypeXXI.cfg)

050605: Revamped various areas of the game where the Hakenkreuz was missing. Graphics by Beery. (data\Crew\Body\Body01\Rank_Deco_ND.tga, data\Crew\Casket\Casket01\01_Casket_D.tga; data\Menu\Data\academy02.tga, awards.tga, Deco00.tga, insigne.tga, startcampain.tga, ub aces.tga; data\Menu\Gui\RecManual\RecManCover.tga; data\Textures\TNormal\tex\NBB_BismarkC.tga)


Version 1.30 Full list of mods (because so much has been altered in SH3 v1.3):

* denotes files that have corresponding changes in other files.

050524: Added new 20/20 'levelled' mod. Mod by Pentallion. (data\Campaigns\Campaign\Campaign_RND.mis)
Fixed spawn conflict bug. Mod by Nico. (data\Campaigns\Campaign\Campaign_SCR.mis)

Added alternative version of Basic.cfg for players who play the game at 1X time compression. (data\Cfg\Basic1x.cfg)
Adjusted fatigue progression to model long-term battle fatigue. Mod by Beery (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
Adjusted rank level 1 to zero, which allows each commander to be promoted to Oberleutnant zur See after his first patrol. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
Doubled the requirements for all commander medals except the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
Adjusted renown required for u-boat badge to 50 so that crewmen will get the medal at a more historically realistic rate. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
Increased length of time required for training on new boats. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
Increased time spent upgrading certain equipment. Fix by Beery and Shan_Hackett. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
Adjusted U-boat availability dates to match historical data. (data\Cfg\Basic.cfg)
Added go-back view for periscope and UZO (data\Cfg\Commands_de.cfg and data\Cfg\Commands_en.cfg)
Removed keypad 'Enter' command to prevent accidental torpedo firing (*3: see below). (data\Cfg\Commands_de.cfg, data\Cfg\Commands_en.cfg and data\Menu\de_help.txt, en_help.txt)
1st Flotilla data altered - changed starting port for 1939 to 1940 campaigns, changed U-boat assignment for 1940 campaign. (data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg)
7th Flotilla data altered - removed Type XXI and changed 1943 starter boat from Type VII C/41 to Type VIIC. (data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg)
33rd Flotilla data altered - removed Type XXI. (data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg)
Fixed bug that gave patrols in a sea grid square that doesn't exist (BE30) - changed to BF17. (data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg)
Fixed several 7th Flotilla grid destinations that no Type VII U-Boat could reach. (data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg)
2nd Flotilla data altered - inserted a 1939 start date (*1: see below). Mod by Beery. (data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg and data\Menu\cfg\menu\flotillas.cfg)

Added new crew uniforms. Clothing graphics by Beery, Insignia graphics by Aces. (data\Crew\Body\Body01\OFF_TGA\01_OFF_Body01_D.tga , 02_OFF_Body01_D.tga, 03_OFF_Body01_D.tga, 04_OFF_Body01_D.tga, and data\Crew\Body\Body01\POS_TGA\03_OFF_Body01_D.tga and 04_OFF_Body01_D.tga)

All-new water. Mod by TimeTraveller, Purpulez, Mad-h and Beery. (data\Env\EnvColors_Arct.dat, EnvColors_Atl.dat, EnvColors_Med.dat, SkyColors_Arct.dat, SkyColors_Atl.dat and SkyColors_Med.dat)

050523: Late war sonar and depth charge effectiveness adjusted. Sonar mod by Jungman (data\Library\AI_Sensors.dat, DepthCharges.zon)

2nd Flotilla data altered - inserted a 1939 start date (*1: see above). Mod by Beery. (data\Menu\cfg\menu\flotillas.cfg and data\Cfg\Flotilla.cfg)
Added hakenkreuz to all medals and medal screen, removed unrealistic medals. Mod by Beery. (data\Menu\Data\awards.tga and insigne.tga)
Altered crew fatigue graphic to be less frightening. Graphic by Kaa. (data\Menu\Data\crew_sign.tga)
Added new dial graphics. Mod by Beery (data\Menu\Gui\Layout\Dials1.tga)
Added readable compass dial. Mod by Ripbud. (data\Menu\Gui\Layout\DialsFdb.tga)
Adjusted GUI to enable easier use at night (*2: see below). Mod by Beery. (data/Menu\Gui\RecManual\RecManBkgr.tga, data\Menu\Gui\DeckGun.tga, Notes.tga, Periscope.tga, UZO.tga, and all sil.tga files in the folders in data\Sea)
Added vertical nomograph tool. Mod by Wazoo, clean nav map by Tikigod. Merge by Kaa. (data\Menu\Gui\StrTactMap.tga)
Added mod version number to loading screen. (data\Menu\Loading\Intro.tga)
Added Friend or Foe Identification to in-game help. Mod by U1409. (data\Menu\de_help.txt and en_help.txt)
Removed Hull Integrity notification, changed 'target destroyed' report to 'She's going down!'. (data\Menu\de_menu.txt, en_menu.txt)
Fixed numerous German spelling/word mistakes. (data\Menu\de_menu.txt, en_menu.txt)
050521: Fixed incorrect rank listings. Fix by Jaesen Jones. (data\Menu\de_menu.txt, en_menu.txt)
Added realistic German ranks to English version of the game. (data\Menu\en_menu.txt)
Removed keypad 'Enter' command to prevent accidental torpedo firing (*3: see above). (data\Menu\de_help.txt, en_help.txt and data\Cfg\Commands_de.cfg, data\Cfg\Commands_en.cfg)
Removed binocular crosshair. (data\Menu\menu_1024_768.ini)
Moved shortcuts bar so it's less visible. Mod by TimeTraveller. (data\Menu\menu_1024_768.ini)

Added new wake graphics. Mod by Ailantd. (data\Misc\siaj.tga, siaj_nave.tga, siaj_submarin.tga)
Removed orange U-boat position marker. Mod by Beery. (data\Misc\UMark.tga)

Removed Ubisoft logo movie. Mod by 9th Flotilla. (data\Movies\Logo.wmv)

050519: Updated U-boat individual number info, including Type IIB and Type IXC numbers (*4 see below). (data\Roster\German\Submarine\SSTypeIIA.cfg, SSTypeIID.cfg, SSTypeVIIB.cfg, SSTypeIXB.cfg, SSTypeIXC.cfg, SSTypeIXD2.cfg)
Removed ship identities for UZO and periscope. Fix by Beery. (data\Roster\English.cfg, German.cfg)

Adjusted GUI to enable easier use at night (*2: see above). Mod by Beery. (all tga files in the folders in data\Sea, also data/Menu\Gui\RecManual\RecManBkgr.tga, data\Menu\Gui\DeckGun.tga, Notes.tga, Periscope.tga, UZO.tga)

More realistic and atmospheric sounds added. (data\Sound\Dive sequence.wav, Fanfara_01.wav, Submarine Bell.wav)

Type VII and Type IX U-boat ranges adjusted. Mod by Clive Bradbury. (data\Submarine\NSS_Uboat7c\NSS_Uboat7c.sim, and all sim files for type IX U-boats in data\Submarine)
050518: Changed specs for Type IIA to better simulate a Type IIB (*4 see above). Mod suggested by Teddy Bar. (data\Submarine\NSS_Uboat2A\NSS_Uboat2A.sim)

Added hydrophone graphic. Graphic by 9th Flotilla. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\cadrane_radio_7.tga, cadrane_radio_9.tga, cadrane_radio_21.tga, int_2_1.tga)
Added better quality German flags. Mod by Beery (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\German.tga and German_m.tga)
Added smaller moon. Mod by Ailantd. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\moon.tga, moon_256.tga)
Adjusted the hakenkreuz on the Bismarck. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\NBB_BismarkC.tga)
Added realistic sun graphic. Mod by Gunmod. (data\Textures\TNormal\tex\sun_b.tga) </pre>

03-09-05, 10:35
danke für den tipp, aber funzt das denn mit
ff 2.1?

03-09-05, 17:27
des weiß ich nicht, aber ich glaube nicht so richtig, da Rub doch sehr viel ändert. aber im zweifelsfall einfach mit dem Enabler ausprobieren, da kannst das auch wieder rückgängig machen!