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Teddy Bar
16-02-06, 16:10
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Please find the link for the first release of the NYGM Aircraft Damage Mod Beta Ver 0.06 & the NYGM Ship Damage Mod Ver 0.39 (http://rapidshare.de/files/13387119/NYGM_Aircraft_0.06___Ship_Damage_Mod_0.39.zip.html )

A recap of the issue, done by Berry i.e. RUB, is at the bottom of this post.

<span class="ev_code_RED">I cannot stress enough, that you AI AA crew are not useless, but, they no longer have a Laser Guided Aiming System.</span>

The AA gun no longer has a Laser Guided Aiming System. You AI AA gunners are now not going to be able to nail an aircraft to the wall' from over 2000 metres.

Aircraft will now be something to be feared and respected. They are not impossible, and most planes can be brought down with 1 and 2 bullets for the bombers. However, 95% of time this will not happen. The planes are not impossible. They are now both harder too hit as well as armoured.

The ability for a bullet to pierce the armour is determined by the bullet's HP or if the bullet's HP value alone is not enough it still may still get through when the bullet's HP in conjunction with random Armour Piercing modifier give it enough HP's. However, the Min/Max HP range for the bullet is large which will result in some bullets never getting through even with the modifiers.

The ability for a bullet to cause damage is Random.

In light of the AI's ability to drop bombs very accurately I have reduced the bomb's maximum blast area, while at the same time increasing the minimum range. That is, where as a 100kg bomb had a HP of 40 Min & 100 Max, it is now 100 for both Min & Max and where the range was 1 metre Min & 20 Metres Max it is now 5 metres Min & 10 metres Max.

It is I feel, and I hope that after playing, that you will agree, a good compromise when considering the many aspects of game play, including that of how the AI works. I will ask before dishing the bomb changes to give it a fair chance, then feel free to have your say.

I have adjusted the Airstike.cfg to increase the time between possible instances of aircraft showing up. This has not fixed the inherent RUB & other Mods airbase issues. I hope that I may have this addressed in the initial release of the NYGM Tonnage War Mod, but, as proper testing etc will be required it is most likely that the NYGM Airbase Mod will be an update.

What the Airstike.cfg changes do is to increase the time between instances of aircraft to 45 minutes up from the original 15. This is a very small bandaid on a much larger issue, but it will offer some small relief.

Please note that the aircraft AI ranges have been changed to...
Close 1000
Medium 2000
Long 3000

I would recomend at the start of a patrol you you immendiatly set the AA to Fire at will, set the range to medium & fire at incomming aircraft only.

Ammunition could now be a possible issue.

Even though you are very unlikely to attain many hits I have set the maximum range at 3000 metres. This is for the times that you are desperate to keep the plane away from you.

I would, as mentioned above, recomend using the medium setting of 2000 metres.

NYGM Ship Damage Mod 0.39 update
Small & Coastal Merchants  sinking times decreased to one or more compartments and adjusted random variation of damage done to one or more compartments
Tankers  all cargo compartment times reduced on a sliding scale for each ships capacity
Merchants & Tankers  adjusted random variation of damage done to one or more compartments
Escorts  sinking times decreased to one or more compartments & adjusted random variation of damage done to one or more compartments
Small vessels  created sinking times and adjusted armour to suit

Files replaced...
Zones.cfg  NOTE - This file includes changes for the NYGM Ship Damage Mod 
AircraftName.simShells.zon  NOTE - This file includes changes for the NYGM Ship Damage Mod 
Bombs.zonShip zon & cfg
Guns_SUB.sim  NOTE - This file includes changes for the NYGM Ship Damage Mod 

Here's the problem: the AI can literally hit a gnat's whisker at a range of 2 miles. That means that (except for the first couple of rounds) every bullet fired from the time the AI open up until they stop (i.e. while the aircraft is in range) will hit the aircraft. It is impossible (as far as we know) to make the AI less accurate.

In RUb we tried making the aircraft armour plated to the maximum to offset this (this was the first thing we tried), but adding armour only goes so far, and after a while it starts to look ridiculous when you have aircraft taking thousands of FlAK hits without effect.

We also decreased the effectiveness of FlAK shells (this was the second thing we tried), but FlAK shells can only be made a little bit less effective otherwise players will have problems when using FlAK guns against other targets - PT boats etc.

The nerfs that we used up to this point began to affect the way the game looked because what was needed was a HUGE reduction in firepower to offset the AI's superhuman accuracy. The only alternative left to us was to reduce the range at which AI FlAK guns can fire. Even after doing all this, the FlAK guns are still uber.

It is still very possible to shoot down many more planes than was historically possible.

In WWII only 120 aircraft were shot down for the entire war and most of those were from 1942 onwards.

Between 1939 & 1943 only 10 aircraft were shot down...
1939 - 2 - U-30 2x Blackburn Skua NOTE: one was 'shot' down by it's own bomb bouncing off the water and exploding in the air.
1940 - 0
1941 - 1 - U-131 1 x Martlet
1942 - 7 - U-73 1 x Hudson, U-256 1 x Whitley, U-259 1 x Hudson, U-505 1 x Hudson, U-561 1 x Liberator, U-565 1 x Hudson, U-606 Catalina,

Please check out the u-boat.net's page on aircraft shot down http://uboat.net/history/aircraft_losses.htm.

As far as I can tell, the most aircraft shot down by one u-boat is an astounding number of 4!

2 Sep, 1942
(British Whitley aircraft, Squadron 77/H)

11 Mar, 1944
(Canadian Wellington aircraft, Squadron 407/H)
The aircraft seems to have crashed on its own during preparations for the attack run.

19 Mar, 1944
(British Liberator aircraft, Squadron 224/F)
The aircraft smashed into the sea 500m away from the boat and exploded.

7 Jun, 1944
(British Liberator aircraft, Squadron 224/M)