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03-05-20, 12:59
Hello everyone,

I would like to ask a question. I'm experiencing difficulties with my population ascention, which is utterly stuck. There is no growth whatsoever, there are no ascension rights available. I wonder how this can happen, because I did everything I had to, as far as I know. My Anno 1404 version is Gold, and I'm using the I.A.A.M. mod.

On one island the population is:
- Patricians 2076
- Citizens 1112
- Peasants 1880
- Beggars 474
On another island it is:
- Nomads 2676
- Envoy 2655

All needs are met, everything is satisfied. Taxes are in the dark green area, so everyone is euphoric. At Al-Zahir's I have the rank of the Sultan's Confidante, so I unlocked all the Orient stuff and started building a big mosque. Under 'Attainments' I unlocked the first Envoy's Favorite.

No nomads develop into envoys, no patricians develop into noblemen.

I wonder if there is anyone who can help me with this.

03-05-20, 20:10

is your city connected to the office?

Building materials are needed to upgrade the houses.

Is this available?