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06-09-19, 14:56
Hallo zusammen,

der nächste Trials Rising Patch wird am 9. September veröffentlicht.
Unterhalb findet ihr die Patchnotes:


Fixed an issue where players’ gear was frequently resetting after restarting the game
Trending feed now correctly displays the most recent popular tracks
Favorited TC tracks now automatically download


Fixed missing items when local save data is restored from online storage

Bike & Rider Stores

Fixed “Find in Store” redirects for bike parts that redirected players to the Squid


Fixed various crashes that could occur when network connection is lost during specific actions


Fixed incorrect creator name that could display under various conditions in the Store
Included missing information in Custom Filers menu if there are no Custom Filters
Fixed missing menu elements that could occur in the Gear Crates menu
Fixed missing HUD that occur when restarting a skill game
Fixed missing item previews that could occur when accessing Player Profile

Track Central

Players no longer incorrectly redirected after exiting Creator Profile or Leaderboard screens several times on the same TC track
Previously selected or highlighted tracks now correctly remain selected when returning to TC main or feed page

Track Editor

Fixed custom material and collision settings that would reset when an object is copied


Fixed notifications for various activates that were not appearing the notifications tab
Fixed an incorrect ghost that could appear when attempting the “Scrapped Potential” Contract on Grave of Giants
Fixed accessories that were not displaying on rider preview in the Garage & Store