Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : 3D Printer Feature planned?

27-04-19, 10:57
Hey there,

I would love to have a feature in Anno 1800 that lets you 3D Print a selected Area. Like a Screenshot it automatically saves a .STL File instead a .PNG. There could also be a settings' menu, where you can predefine the size of your saved models. With an SLA 3D Printer you can print very fine details which could work perfectly with such an option. You could also implement a direct print option that include third party 3D printing services like for example Shapeways, where you also can order a hole variety of different 3D prints, like coloured, metals, and so on.

Would love to here your Opinion.
Cheers Stefan

27-04-19, 15:07
This sounds definitely like a cool idea, but I doubt that the effort of developing such a feature would be worth it, because only very few people could and would make use of it. The 3D printer technology is not widely spread enough yet, but maybe we will see more like this in the next years.

28-04-19, 11:01
I'm very sure that will not happen, the 3D Models used in Anno are not designed to be 3D printed, they have 0 walls thickness, are full of holes and so on. Unfortunatly they are just useable as 3D Assets but not for 3D Printing :(. However the idea is cool, I would wish it would be possible.