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07-04-19, 11:11
Hey everyone
I'm sure there are many who had this problem or they always have and will never get a solution i guess as long as you can't get any support!
My problem is: bought the game (dvd set) installed it, activated it, played it and everything was just fine. Days later got some problems with my pc and i did refresh it. Problems with my pc are gone but the game was deleted. It's okay i thought cause i got DVDs 👌
Inserted disk 1 prepared for a new install as logged in with the same account i used for the 1st time, but here it goes! Put the activation key on and without any reasons the key is linked with another account!!!
Is this serious from Ubisoft?
Got a support ticket, sent them the details, but it looks like no one is working there!
Simply no answer.
I opened this thread not to get a solution, but to show em the this is the WORST SUPPORT EVER i lived. Was my 1st product from Ubisoft anf and definitely the last.
Thank you guys for reading.

09-04-19, 16:49
Hello Paragem2019,

This is the german Forum,
You might wanna have a look at the English Version (https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/381-Watch-Dogs), I am sure they will be able to help you!