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13-02-19, 20:42
I played around 40h in the beta and around 600h of TD 1 as well where I spent my time with mostly pvp. Here are a few bugs I noticed and things that could be done or done better to improve the dz pvp or dz experience overall.

- Seeker mines make no sound (or at least not loud enough) + are not visible (extreme when in
Cover + gets thrown behind you)
- Seeker mines are invisible in many cases (resulted in exploding unexpectedly - especially
without pvp multiplier)
- Grenades are invisible in many cases (resulted in exploding unexpectedly)
- Seeker mines not attacking marked targets (resulted in the marked enemy being displayed red
but the seeker mines not doing anything)
- Drone not healing for a set amount of time after deployed
- Skills getting destroyed randomly + give low cooldown after
- Rouge sync after exiting CP results in turrets shooting you to soon (add 10sec. to the sync timer
(resulted in players who exit the checkpoint as well can shoot you and you cant react because
you have to run from the turrets)
- Stagger with sniper rifles, shotguns, dmrs, seeker mines and nades (said to be not present in the
full game - still a bad thing in the beta)
- When downed the character doesn’t always crawl in the right direction(s) (resulted in getting
finished because the character crawled out of cover instead of further behind the cover)
- Head glitching is still thing when you angle yourself the right way behind cover (resulted in dying
to a not visible player)
- Skills are visible through walls (resulted in the ability to spot players through walls while they
cant see a player which has no skills deployed)
- Delayed broken armor animation (resulted in not being able to tell when getting shot or dying
befor being able to use an armor kit)
- Delayed damage (resulted in not being able to tell when getting shot or dying befor being able to
use an armor kit)

- Seeker mine does too much dmg to players (Division 1 1.7 seeker nerf - other way around in the
beta - why?) (makes a sniper headshot + seeker combination way to good in pvp)
- Add a more specific and loud sound to the seeker mines to make them noticeable (results in not
getting one shot from a seeker mine behind cover because someone thew it behind you) (maybe
add a similar sound likes the little explosive cars from npcs to the seeker mines - same volume
as well)
- Shotguns are dealing way to much damage (close range) (in combination with the armor kit
mechanic results in no time to react - especially the double barrel shotgun which resulted in a
„boom boom dead" situation in close quarter engagements)
- Rhino pistol (not sure about the actual ingame name in the beta) deals way to much damage for
a sidearm (close to medium range) outperformed any other weapon dps wise (resulted in me and
my friend getting manhunt with only pistol several times as well as winning straight up face tank
gunfights against p416s with around 650rpm and utars with around 820rpm - makes shield +
rhino combo to op for pvp)
- Add the ability to get ammo in the DZ safe house (results in not having to run across the map to
get to a CP - especially then doing pvp only)
- Ammo drops from players need to be drasticly increased (resulted in not having enough ammo
when doing pvp only)
- Armor kit drops from players need to be increased (resulted in not having enough armor kits
when doing pvp only)
- Add armor kit pouches (like med kit pouches) (results in the ability to get enough armor kits
when doing pvp only)
- Think about adding a instant armor kit „perk“ if you are solo or in a 2 man group (results in the
ability to react when shot out of no where since the time to kill is so low - might be a „early game
only“ thing)
- Respawn timer is to long for rouges (resulted in not being able to help your team while SHD
players keep spawning over and over again)
- Remove the ability to shock players from npcs (results in not getting shocked while in fight with
other players)

- Remove manhunt blur animation (its just annoying)
- Increase the visibility from the voip activation above the player model (own and other players)
- Add an option to instantly mark the loot from the landmarks as junk (results in not having to clear
the inventory every 10min. - bad drops 90% of the time anyways)
- Add a sensitivity slider for the first person zoom scope (PC specific)
- Marking an inventory item as junk should highlight the next item (like in Division 1) (results in the
ability to clear, sort and clean the inventory faster)
- Opening a cache should not require an additional confirmation (like in Division 1)(results in less
annoyance while opening a larger number of caches)
- Opening a cache should take half or maybe a full second less (results in less annoyance while
opening a larger number of caches)

- Add directional sound for viop (like in Division 1)
- Turrets on CPs dont prevent the (non existing) „checkpoint camping“ (just spawn somewhere
else) since there are only 2-3 exits anyway which you can still sit outside of and snipe people -
just remove them because they add more negative things and not a single positive thing

Great thing that voip was enabled in the dz. That is a big factor for me which makes the dz the dz.

14-02-19, 10:55
Warum schreibst Du es nicht in Deutsch?