Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Please implement HVT procedural missions from Boards and HORDE and Underground dlc!!

11-01-19, 11:22
i would really love if we could get back the Board missions for Intels and the HVT missions back and the Wave horde mode!!

in ADDITION PLEASE an implementation of an Underground like procedural generated mission maker but not in Tunnels instead of tunnels a procedural generated open areal map!!

i HOPE we will get most of the division 1 back to Division 2. i will buy this game when its not as empty as the 1st game was. not this time. not twice

i trust in you MASSIVE. you are great devs!!

11-01-19, 22:00
Hallo @NoVa_Erk,

du kannst hier übrigens auch in Deutsch schreiben :)
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