Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Cant upgrade any Houses in Settlers 7 HE

19-11-18, 16:56
I was playing today with my friend against some AIs and couldnt after I unlocked every option in the prestige Menu any buildings! Is this some sort of bug or what did I miss?

19-11-18, 19:55
I got the same bug, cant upgrade any buildings. It worked fine on my old S7 install, on the new one i got of the history collection it doesnt.

19-11-18, 19:59
DrFreezero, download the latest patch for S7 History Edition, in the Bugforum they said it should be fixed then

19-11-18, 20:40
Please let us know if you still encounter this problem, it should be fixed now.

20-11-18, 01:39
Well I just tested it on Singleplayer Skirmish and its working. Later I will try again with my friend but I guess its okay :D Thx for the fast answers ;)