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07-10-18, 11:00
Hey zusamman,
ich habe gerade bemerkt, dass der Ford Focus RS keinen Motorensound hat, während man stillsteht und kein Gas gibt. Sobald die Drehzahl unter 600 sinkt kommen keine Geräusche mehr.

Hey there i Just realized that the ford Focus Rs doesnt have any Engine Sound while IT is Standing and you dont Press gas the rpm Go down top under 600 and the engine doesnt make any noise or Sound

07-10-18, 12:00
Hey there and welcome to the forums.
First off, thanks for the bugreport. Thought which Focus RS are you referring to? 2011 Street Race, 2015 Street Race, 2011 Rally Cross or Focus RSRX (2015 Rally Cross)? As far as I know, 3 of them share the same sound while the Focus RSRX has a different one.
Secondly, these are the German forums. Since you seemingly prefer to post in English, here's the link to the English forums: http://forums.ubi.com/

I translated your post into German so everybody here can understand what you said.