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30-09-18, 21:46
Hi we are Team Gadget and we are looking for 2 or 3 more players. M or F doesnt matter. Our goal is to get prepared for the Winter Tournaments ESL and lots of Go4 cups.
We are 4 players. Each of us has a unique play style and good aim. The Clan is Gold 1-2 and looking to play up to Plat 1 and above with good comms and team work.

If youre interested, send an email to Sean Arnoczky with the Topic clipped to the email. Email: arnoczkyse@gmail.com

30-09-18, 22:33
Hey Hawkshot,

Nice to have ya. Wrong forum sadly.

This is the German forum so German language only. Linking you to the english one's tho: https://forums.ubi.com/

Good luck finding players mate!