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17-09-18, 20:48
das finde ich mal klasse das von ac ein boadgame kommt

Triton Noir has announced a new #AssassinsCreed board game called Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice, where players will take control of a Brotherhood in the year 1509, and make their way through a “20+ hours immersive campaign based on untold stories of the Venetian Brotherhood”, which takes place “during the Renaissance between the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed Revelations video games.”

The game will be playable either solo or with up to three friends cooperatively against an AI-controlled enemy.

Along the way there’ll be upgrades for characters and the HQ, while also working in a few cameos from the Ezio games like Leonardo da Vinci, Lucrezia Borgia and Ezio himself.

The game’s Kickstarter will launch on November 13th 2018.

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