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04-09-18, 22:03

1. Einzel-Herausforderung

Betäubte Gegner = Blendgranate werfen und dann mit Handfeuerwaffe töten

Der Rest war machbar.....



04-09-18, 22:14
Der weiße Hubschrauber (ohne Bordwaffen)


Der weiße Zeus-SUV


Die normale Limousine



05-09-18, 19:54
Im englischen Forum (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1928079-FEEDBACK-COMPLAINT-Season-6-Challenges-Reward-Scam-By-Ubisoft) wurde heute folgender Post veröffentlicht:

Hello Ubisoft,

I'll be addressing you, the company and the community representatives, administrators etc. here.

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the Season 6 challenges. My friends and I personally found them easy due to our experience in the game, and wanted them to be a lot tougher, but then they have to be made to cater to newer players also, so it's relatively understandable.

That being said, I must bring to your attention that whether or not it was accidental, we (the players) have been very clearly scammed by you (the company, Ubisoft) as far as one of the rewards for Season 6 is concerned. The third and final special reward for completing solo challenges throughout Season 6 (all 4 weeks, or all 12 solo challenges) was a "White Chopper".

Let's talk about what a "White Chopper" is, to a person who does not own one, me for instance. I can access the list of vehicles I own by pressing tab, scrolling to the rebel skill (Vehicle Drop-Off), and cycling through the items there with Q or E. If I do not own a vehicle, the game will not list it here.

If I go to a white helicopter (unarmed Little Bird) in-game, and stand next to it, the game will prompt me to get into a "Helicopter (Santa Blanca)".

If I go to a white helicopter (Little Bird armed with miniguns) in-game, and stand next to it, the game will prompt me to get into a "Helicopter (Santa Blanca)".

If I go to a white helicopter (Little Bird armed with rockets) in-game, and stand next to it, the game will prompt me to get into a "Helicopter (Santa Blanca)".

So if I don't own a "White Chopper", it won't show in my list of vehicles, and since the names of the white Little Birds when you stand next to them are all the same, I have no way of knowing what my reward is going to be until I receive it. One would think that adds mystery to the reward. Wrong. All you need to do is look at the picture right above where it says "White Chopper" on the challenges screen, and you'll see a Little Bird armed with miniguns. Or better yet, look at the promotional advertisement picture that would pop up every now and then throughout the 3 or so weeks of Season 6, when you were in main menu, and you'd see a big photograph of all three special reward vehicles, and one of them is a Little Bird armed with miniguns.


Now here's the deal. I fly the Little Bird in this game a lot. I provide air support with it, I stunt with it etc. Anyone who really knows helicopters in this game knows that the minigun Little Bird is the best helicopter in the game by miles, in every aspect. There is no match. So when Season 6 came out over 3 weeks ago with that promotional picture, a lot of us were extremely excited to stick around for all 4 weeks of challenges just to get that minigun chopper and finally get to spawn it whenever we wanted, instead of having to look for one.

The Scam by Ubisoft: We did not get the minigun Little Bird as the third and final special reward for Season 6 solo challenges. We got the unarmed white Little Bird.

The reason I call it a scam is because that promotional picture was shown to the entire playerbase for over 3 weeks, fooling many who paid attention to it, into believing they were going to get a certain reward and they didn't.

Let's say you, Ubisoft, made a mistake. Just like in Week 2 when you somehow "translated" Montuyoc into Itacua in many languages, and San Mateo in others, for one of the solo challenges. But you realized that mistake (not that you made any "quick" effort to correct it) once people talked about it. So what about this "mistake" (in the hypothetical scenario that it was a mistake)? Did you not read all the threads of people talking about the minigun chopper reward? Did you think that people were not going to notice when 2 miniguns were missing from their reward chopper?

The problem I have here is the lack of quality control, the lack of checks and balances in so many simple things. I understand if an "internee" did not know how to translate province names into other languages. But who puts effort into making a promotional advertisement picture with something that players aren't even going to get? I wouldn't believe that the company made a "mistake" this big.

Let's work with the theory that you're a business like any other and you need players to keep playing the game, so there's more chances of us putting money into your microtransaction economy (battle crates, vehicle packs etc.) So you give us a picture of arguably the best aircraft in the game, and keep us hooked for over 3 weeks, only to give us a completely useless vehicle instead. So now we go back to buying battle crates to 'possibly' get a minigun chopper and not the same cosmetic item for the 30th time. Now I'd believe that theory, because businesses/companies have been known to employ deceitful tactics to make money.

Please understand that as displeased as I may have sounded in this thread, my objective is to bring to light the clear scam (accidental or not) that the players were subjected to, and for you, Ubisoft to give us compensation, by either giving us what you advertised as the reward, or at the very least, admitting that it was a mistake, and one that should not be made (and not corrected for over 3 weeks) by a company with your standing.

To you, the forum administrators, moderators, community representatives etc., I hope this gets to the right party within the company as soon as possible.



I'm glad to add an update here that after this thread went public, Ubisoft did indeed acknowledge their error and have subsequently compensated all players who completed all 12 solo challenges, with the minigun chopper reward as advertised (in addition to the unarmed white chopper). Please refer to Ubi-Alien's response (Reply #13 on Page 2 of this thread) for details.

05-09-18, 19:55
Auf den berechtigten Einwand des Spielers reagierte UBISOFT wie folgt:

Hey everyone,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have corrected the error and implemented a fix for all players who completed the long run challenges.

For players who completed the long run challenges before 11:15 AM CET | 5:15 AM EST, please restart your game to receive the chopper with mini-guns in addition to the chopper you already received.

For players who complete the long run challenges after 11:15 AM CET | 5:15 AM EST, you will receive two rewards: the chopper with mini-guns and the chopper without mini-guns.

05-09-18, 19:56
Ergebnis nach dem Anmelden im Spiel:


Nun ein weiterer Hubschrauber aber mit Bordwaffen - somit hat man 2 Hubschrauber bekommen


05-09-18, 20:39
Moin Forstherland,

danke für den Querverweis und die Erläuterungen hier.

Den Post im Engl. Forum habe ich auch gelesen, allerdings war die Ubisoft Antwort noch nicht drin. Da hier bisher noch keiner die Frage nach dem Chopper stellte, habe ich auch erst einmal die Klappe gehalten ;)