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19-03-18, 22:04
Hey guys,

I'm Ulukai, some of you may have seen me on some Ubisoft videos from the GRW workshop group, i'm also a old Ubi moderator for the French forum of GRW, FC & R6.

My team Eagle Squad "ES" is looking for somes teams to play against as amical matches on Thuesday, thursday & Sunday.

If you're interested you can leave a message here with your Team name, nickname or uplay name and where I can talk to you in vocal "Discord, Team speak or Mumble" !

Thx you for your time guys and have fun !

20-03-18, 04:56
Hello and welcome to the german forums.

Maybe it's better to look for teams in the international LFG-Forums here:


20-03-18, 19:26
Hi Hecki, I'm looking for German teams, all the German teams don't go check the English one, I don't speak German that's why I write in English.