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29-11-17, 17:58
We are looking for one high level EU player for our team.



Language spoken is English so fluency in English is required or German.
Age 18+.
Previous ESL experience in Rainbow Six Siege PC is a must.
EU players only with a ping no higher than 100.
A minimum of 800 hours in game with a minimum rank of Platinum 2 - Diamond.
Working, clear microphone.
Active and willing to commit to a serious esports environment.
Ability to attend training and matches. We require someone who can turn up to the ESL cups, most importantly the Go4 cup.
Able to work as part of a team.
Flexibility is ideal.
A sense of professionalism.

Please DM me for more information and to find out about our benefits.

Uplay: Spr1ngTr4p.t3h