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27-10-17, 11:12
Hallo zusammen,

nachstehend findet ihr eine Liste mit bekannten Problemen.

Für die aktuellste Liste seht euch bitte auch die englische Variante an >>> KLICK (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1773724-Assassin-s-Creed-Origins-Known-Issues-UPDATED-Nov-3)


In-Game Issues

Game crashes
Description: We’ are currently investigating various user reports of crashes on all platforms.
Status: Under Investigation
PC specific note: Please do get in touch with the support team and provide them with ms info and dxdiag.

Bayek repeats lines after leaving Siwa
Description: We are aware of an issue that causes Bayek to repeat a voice line (“Will Siwa ever know peace”) over and over after leaving Siwa.
Note: We decided to mute the voice line in question as a temporary solution.
Status: Will be addressed with an upcoming Title Update

CotP | Progression stuck at 97% in Atlas view
Description: We are aware of an issue where the progression display remains at 97% in the Atlas view
Status: Will be addressed with 1.4.1

CotP | Unable to complete “A Necessary Evil”
Description: We are aware of an issue where players are unable to complete the quest when reloading the quest objective immediately after the last “Essence of Darkness” has been collected
Workaround: Return to the investigation area. This should complete the quest.
Status: Will be addressed with 1.4.1

CotP | NPC stuck in Master of Secret Things”
Description: We are aware of an issue where the character Besa in “Master of Secret Things” quest remains stuck should players complete the location while the NPC is following Bayek.
Status: Will be addressed with 1.4.1

CotP | NPC not following Bayek during “National Treasure”
Description: We are aware of an issue where the NPC in the “National treasure” quest doesn’t follow Bayek if the player completes the location during the quest.
Status: Will be addressed with 1.4.1

CotP | Bayek becomes invincible
Description: We are aware of an issue where Bayek could become invincible if players talk to two priests at the same time during the quest “The Lady of Grace”
Status: Will be addressed with 1.4.1

CotP | Game crashes when fast traveling to Aaru’s viewpoint
Description: We are aware of an issue where the game could crash when players use the fast travel option to the Aaru’s viewpoint.
Note: Please note that we are currently preventing players to fast travel to Aaru’s viewpoint until the issue is fixed.
Status: Will be addressed with 1.4.1

Hints disappear from loading screen during gameplay
Description: We are aware of an issue where most of the hints from the loading screen disappear during gameplay.
Status: Will be addressed with 1.4.1

CotP | Aaru’s moon visible in Aten
Description: We are aware of an issue where Aaru’s moon is visible on the Aten map. This only occurs when players are currently in Aaru and look at the Aten map.
Status: Under Investigation


4K pictures not shared
Description: Players may experience that photo mode pictures done in 4K won’t be shared.
Status: Under Investigation

HDR | Screenshots overexposed in GameDVR
Description: Players may notice that their screenshots might appear overexposed in the GameDVR menu depending on the menu option selected (Play vs Cloud) when HDR mode is enabled.
Status: The issue is being investigated by Microsoft



HBCC causes performance drops
Description: Enabling HBCC on AMD Radeon settings can result in a drop of performance.
Workaround: We advise to turn off this setting until AMD resolved the issue with a future driver.
Status: Will be addressed with a future driver update on AMD side

Poor Performance with AMD CPUs
Description: Players who are using AMD FX Series processors may experience FPS drops and freezes, especially with the FX-8350 model.
Workaround: Disable the Cool and Quiet feature in BIOS settings and set the Power Plan to High Performance. Please note that a good cooling solution is also recommended in order to avoid overheating issues, should you implement this workaround.
Status: Under investigation

Nvidia GPUs | Game Crashes since 1.2.0
Description: We're are aware that some players using Nvidia graphics cards may experience game crashes since the most recent Title Update (1.2.0).
Initial investigations indicate that this is related to an unsupported Antialiasing option.
Workaround: Open Nvidia Control Panel > Navigate to "Manage 3D Settings" > Check if Antialiasing - FXAA is set to "ON". If so we recommend to turn it off & save your changes.

Game crashes with AMD drivers 18.2.1
Description: We have noticed game client instability with both the base game and the upcoming Discovery Tour mode, while using AMD drivers 18.2.1
Workaround: We recommend rolling back to previous driver version 17.12.1 until we have more information about the issue.
Status: Under investigation

Bitte melde alle Probleme, die nicht hier gelistet sind, dem Community-Support oder kontaktiere unseren Kundendienst. (https://support.ubi.com/)

10-11-17, 13:35
Gelößte Probleme | Fixed

Game title in Russian
Crash with 32-core PC
Objectives disappear in "The Hyena" main quest.
NPCs not loaded properly
Game crashes when trying to open a picture in Full screen while marked
Crashes during “May Amun Walk Beside You” quest on PS4
HDR | Photo mode & Skill tree videos not rendered correctly
NPC Thutmose does not load properly
Bayek and Flavius teleported outside temple
FPS drops
Season Pass mail received
Loss of inventory after "Ambush at Sea" Quest
Planetarium closed
Master Seer increases fire damage on Bayek
Progress does not carry over to Bayek
Trials of the Gods | Blue blank quest reward
Stuck on table in Krocodilopolis arena lobby
Multiple Audio Tracks
Unable to start Final Mission
Arena Leaderboards not being updated
Stuck after using Overpower ability on Diovicos
Trials of the Gods | Quest marker below world in Giza
Wrong Weapon / Battle of the Nile
New legendary quiver and bracers
Quest marker below map in Giza
THO | 93% completion on Atlas map
Change in graphics quality after the latest Title Update
Logitech Headsets Sound Issue
Trials of the Gods | Wrong reward "Rare/Legendary Quest Item"
Trials of the Gods | Sunslayer Community Reward
Framerate Drops on PS4 Pro