Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : No Refund Option?!

04-09-17, 16:52
Hey there ****soft,

ever thought about adding a refund option for digital content?
Guess not! Everyone else offers the option to refund Steam, GoG and even Origin so why should you right?!

Well for me its the nail in the coffin. I didnt realize u have this stupid policy for all your digital content. So after i bought the game and realized my pc cant handle it, im sitting here literally throwing money in the garbage can!

About 3 maybe 4 years ago i swore to myself that im not going to buy an EA title ever again and i havnt since then. Today you are the publisher im adding to this list!
Thats not going to be hard anyway, since you are the only Platform that does not have a refund system in place you probably know that all your games are ****!

So farewell ****soft!
Hope u enjoy the last few cents u ever got out of my pocket!

05-09-17, 16:35
Hello and welcome to the German forum.

I think it would be better to post your problem in the international General Forum here: