Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : PC Crash 4GB freeze still there and sucks extremly!

28-02-17, 16:44
4GB update and the problem with quit to map freeze is still in the game what the hell are u doing ubisoft??! ive never had so many problems with any other game it is heavyly frustratig when ur game freezes after u have to quit a match because the other one leaves... get it fixed seriosly im tired of it! every ubisoft game has bugs everyone knows it but this game has to be reworked there are more what frustrates but this (sorry) f...ing bug just wants me to deinstall the game because i have to quit the game after every single match...

28-02-17, 16:50
Hello Rhaiiven,

here is german section.

English one is here: