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02-04-16, 20:54
me and my team (4 people: DSD_Sandhof, DSD_Vendetta, DSD_Loary and DSD_TheTGR) are at a extracion point in DZ5. suddenly one play shows up (king_kurby) acting a lil strange, has no loot what so how ever. by the time we wanted to hang out loot on the cable, he throw a brand granate at us, 2 of the team are on fire, and gets killed. but we managed to heal them up. than he activatitet his ulit, one of my guys activaitet the deff ulit also. by that time for a few sec, non of us takes much dmg. after a few sec, both ultis where down, and while our team shot at him, was clearly he doesnt lose much HP, my intire team, is high end. and notice that the dmg we made on him was 1200 max, while i make 12K dmg normal with an ak, no crit no nothing. it cant be that a player, has nearly 95% armor and gives us 3 bullets and we die from him. how can it be, that he takes a 4 man team down that play alot together. cos we are in a clan.
after we respawn, we hunt him down, tried to kill him, and tried to fet other a focus on him. remeber he activatet his ulti, everything was with in 1-2 min. and we see clearyl that he activate his ulit again. he run all the way to the DZ 03 on the big extraction point and go underground. to be clear he has ''manhunt'' and is marktet on the mimi map like a christmas tree in ney york. and suddely he disapears, no mark on the mini map, no vision from him seeing him running.
this is the 4th cheater/hacker that i met already. and always with the same behavior. looking for cover, has no loot, stun 50% of the team. takes no dmg, has a ulti cooldown for 1 min or maybe instand.

cheaters and hackers, is always a problem for pc, but everybody who play division on PC, payed for this game.
you have so many engineers working for the game, but nothing, nothing gets fixet that hacking and cheating is nealry impossible. COD can manage it until now, why they gold diggers, only see them profits, but nearly listen to the community.
please do something about this, and make us believe that we the communitie really a part of the game
code your files, or make them unchangeble, use your brain.
you know the weakness of programmin, cos your team learned it.