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01-04-16, 09:12
I have already asked but no answer!
The Division has no PvP (player vs. player) game option. There’s no team deathmatch, no capture the flag, no arena-style fighting like in most other online shooters. For players who really like PvP and want to test their mettle against other players, there’s kinda nothing to do. You could run into the DZ and immediately begin shooting other players!? this will change?

01-04-16, 09:57
Wrong Forum! You just wrote a Thread in the german Section. Would be better if you use the english one. But nevertheless, this is not an Online-Shooter as you wrote, this is a MMO with other mechanics and gameplay. The only way to do PVP is to got to the DZ. But the Game was released a few weeks ago so maybe they are going to patch other PVP-Stuff in the Future.

01-04-16, 10:22
I have already asked but no answer!
The Division has no PvP ... For players who really like PvP....

wtf, you are joking, right?
for every serious pvp player, and not arena and deathmatch boon, the dz is a dream came true.
an open, free pvp zone where you can do what you want, with all the risks and all the benefits true pvp holds.

seriously, arenastyleshitpvp came with wow to the genre, it was the dead of all open pvp ( well, first there was tarrens mill and the junge in wow, that was great, but they killed it fast)..
remembering daoc, that was pvp.

if you want 16 vs 16 oder 32vs32 go back to any other shooter, or wow, or even destiny... (omg that failbobs, if there was an pvp planet, i would be still there...)