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22-01-16, 00:26
Hey Guys,

we are PENTA Sports (formerly playing under the name “ReFL3X.team”), an European R6S PC Team currently looking for a fifth player to complete our roster. Currently, we estimate ourselves to be a top 3 team on EU PC and are eager to aim for the top spot.

Due to work related issues, our current fifth decided to step down and continue to play as our stand-in. All of our players have previous esport expererience in CS, BF, CoD or Evolve - and while being an experienced esport player definetely is a benefit, all are welcome to apply. As we definetely consider us a team that wants to participate in the surely up and coming esport scene in R6S, we do not tolerate players with active cheating barrages on uPlay, Steam, ESL and other esport leagues.


František “A1GA” Kotačka [Captain] (CZE)
Rainer “S4i” Kneidl (GER)
Martin “rendier” Friedrich (GER)
Christopher “EAX” Elm (GER)
Maybe you?

Alexander “Care_Bear” Hope [Standin] (UK)

Good spoken English, good verbal communication skills
Able to travel inside and outside of the European Union
Able to play/train on at least 11 out of 14 days (regular practise times: [Mo - Fr] from 7 or 8 pm - open end (CET), Weekends on arrangement - 5-6 hours on average)
Eager to play as a team

František “A1GA” Kotačka (Captain)
ESL: http://play.eslgaming.com/player/3818752/

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