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02-10-15, 07:25
My Specs:
GPU: Gigabyte WindForce 3x 7870GHZ @1100Mhz
CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1230v3 @ 3,5 Ghz
RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro | DDR3 1600Mhz
SSD: Samsung 840 Evo Optimized and with clean OS

Iīve tested the game on its technical aspects so far. On the PC of course.
Two issues: Performance for a game that isnīt that great looking could be better, needs intense updating after release, otherwise you could lose a lot of potential players. The game at day is .... it looks horrible, but great at night again! But that aside, more importantly, the gameplay. CS GO runs on highest settings on nearly every pc these days. Even 300 bucks medion crap. But what worries me more is the mouse lag. Thereīs no mouse acceleration, thankfully. Still, there are two different input "feelings". First is the red orchestra, insurgency like dragging of the weapons, for more realism and it makes the games animations and movements fit the gamestyle. It feels great, no problems there, well done job!

The mouse lag: Rainbow Six Siege needs real good controls, fast reactions and much more for being a competitive shooter in the future. But the non 1 to 1 transition from raw mouse input to crosshair movement, even if way way better than most ubi games, is still not acceptable and needs working. Payday 2 got the same issue back in the day, it was terrible. Overkill said it was the engine and it got fixed. It existed ever since Payday 1. I wonder if thereīs input lag on the controllers too in Siege.

I really would be glad to see get the mouse lag get fixed until release. In a game where killing terrorists in terrorist mode and against others online takes more than 1 or 2 shots to kill someone with most weapons having decent recoil animations... it sure frustrates not being one with the machine, the mouse, the controller. You want deadly precision, not an adaption or workaround for such simple flaws.

Rainbox Six Siege Issues:
- HDR effect is overdone intensively.
- Matchmaking is just... ok we all can agree on it but for ****īs sake, there was something back in 2009 called host migration!
Donīt just throw all people out of the lobby once the host broke his neck on his bamboo connection or on your servers issues, we appreaciate the dedicated servers, but without them you wouldnīt even have a chance except for some casual gaming on consoles. Right now Iīm heavily intrigued for the PS4 version, but the PC Version just cracks and busts off some of your caps for E-Sport and shooter professionalism. There are nice features too, The spray patterns of the weapons in the loadout menu for the operators. Sadly someone forgot to tell the guy to program properly so that everyone can either see a difference in them or that people are even able to see them at all ... WAY TOO TINY.

- Graphics are fucking ugly for what they are optimized for. Go close to some textures, like in the kitchen... medium textures like that filling up more than 1 GB VRAM!? 6GB VRAM for Ultra. Ultra what? 2005 like Textures? Mediocre shaders and some meh reflections? The engine creates a good enironmental atmosphere though, sadly on the bad side of performance. Your pick of engine was absolutely horrible, or your tech guys donīt know what to do with it. But I doubt that, itīs Ubisoft Montreal after all! Why not take DUNIA!? High shouldnīt take more than 1,5 really, simply because thatīs the absolute limit you can go with yourself if you want to talk to the pc market and itīs wide majority of non high end hardware. CS:Go can be played by the indian guy on his core 2 duo and 512mb gtx or radeon. Maybe if he goes to low or medium and 720p he can play Siege, but then he wonīt be able to see anything in the clusterfuck of swampy graphical eye cancer that is anvilnext on low. I guess it was on the choice of the engine really. Your anvilnext engine might be good for Assassins Creed (even there it showed its fucked uppery though), but I doubt even your own technicians can handle it.
- Still laggish mouse controls. (no, I donīt mean the nicely done weapon animations and drag animations) Compared to anything that exists in E-Sport these days, I can smell a bad habit of engine or port laziness. And all that for full price...
- Splitting between attackers and defenders on the operators is ok, but it just annoys one off the moment you want to play as Fuze or someone else and your fav operator is not available anymore, because someone took it already.... itīs annoying especially if you first have to play and unlock it all. But I guess itīs acceptable if you just would be able to unlock the choice of weapons for your own. Play with this and this unlocked weapon for this and this specific Unit, thatīs ok, but donīt limit my choices INSIDE the unitīs operators! If I play IQ, I maybe want an MP5 too, as sheīs fast and me and my mates might experiment with a fast blitz assault squad going haywire, so someone might prefer an SMG. Of course a russian isnīt going to take the P90, but just the saiga and ak12 with some LMG!?.. and then the solely russian operator hasnīt any choice to get the sexy ass saiga? IM LIKE WUT! Meaning I shall play as a recruit for the rest of my life if I want a saiga!? You add a weapon and most people wonīt even be able to play with it especially as more operators will be added. I really hope the final release is majorly adding new operators and weapons and doesnīt have so many restrictions, from what we have seen there will be much more indeed though, thankfully. You trip over your own development ineffeciencies, at least from what we can see in the Beta so far. The game wasnīt so ugly before, consoles? Nope, engine again. In such an small environment you canīt shove it down on consoles, especially not if you look at something like Uncharted 4, Killzone, GTA v and much more. 60FPS on consoles is easily achievable on 1080p... 1920 not 1440 with no drops maxed out. And please buff the shotguns, they truly are nerfed too heavily. Not on damage but the damage on range is a lot underbalanced. This also means from one room to another. 5M are too much for some already.