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24-09-15, 22:33
Alright. I was psyched for this. It's been on my wishlist before it even existed.
And when I signed up for the BETA, and I actually got my key today, it made my day.

But, and now, please be aware, I will tell you why I HATE this game.

1. The shields

As an attacker there are 3 people you can choose with shields. And all of the 3 can be in ONE attacker team. It's hard enough to kill one shield already as a defender, so going against 3 is a nightmare.
When someone else is playing as a shield, it's a nightmare to kill them though. And no, it's not me, team mates have had the same experience.

2. The time.

You ALWAYS have a countdown. And that's good, realistic and all, if it wouldn't be so
****ing short. When I started, my second or third match, I couldn't choose my loadout (friend neither) and we were greyed out random soldiers, then the connection was lost midgame and we lost everything.
Which brings me to my third point:
3. The Connection.

Fix it. Please. I know Ubisoft is working on it atm, but it's awful.
We had a Match with 4 side changes and we were good, 3 vs. 4, and we won all 3 first, then the connection to me was lost and I lost EVERYTHING. I stopped playing after this.

4. The Team balancing.

I like that people can leave midgame and the game keeps going (GTA V take notice) yet, it bothers me that you can't, due to connection loss for example, rejoin. Like, all your teammates can leave, and you're against 4 other people with no hope of someone joining.

5. The "wallhacking" and the weapon damage:

Don't get me wrong, but it really looks like someone people use it. If it exists.
A little example:
We just started the map "House", two shields me and someone else, and went to the front door. There was some guy who pulled out his pistol, shoots through the wall, and kills all 3 of us. With one ****ing bullet.
But, shooting with an auto-shotgun takes at least 10 shots before your enemy goes down.

6. The SPECIAL abilities:

For the Blitz shield for example: You can flash other people with it 5 times but it doesn't do ****. I tried it multiple times and to be honest it flashed me more than my enemy, who ended up shooting me with his pistol through the shield. I am not kidding.

7. Time and the gadgets:

Most gadgets seem useful at first, for example: The IQ has some kind of scanner-device, which marks with a distance and a circle mines and equipment from the enemy.
BUT: Mostly you don't have the time to put down gadgets or scan for them. By the time you pull out your scanner with only your pistol in your other hand, you're done. Someone's stormed in and just shot you down or even just ran you over with his shield.
And then there's the Twitch guy, no one plays him and here's why:
He has drones and all that kind of stuff, and they can tazer you, but that doesn't do anything, because you mostly do not have either living team mates who got shot through the window by the enemy trying to open barricades, or because there just isn't enough time.
There never is enough time for anything. Most people just storm in with a shield formation or they bomb the **** out of you. Sometimes they even sneak up on your with their pistols, who seem to be one shooting.

The first 3 matches have been fun, really, because everyone was new. Now I bought 2
characters, upped their weapons a little bit, and everyone uses the shield trick, the pistol glitch and because of the weapon balancing it's a pain in my butt.

For now:

I recommend if you really want to play, like I do, you'll have to go through a lot of
disconnecting, ****** weapon damage, insane shield camping, useless special abilities and more.

Just leave it for now.

25-09-15, 10:40
Hello Ratssz,

first of all this is the german community forum, the english forum you can find here (click me) (http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/717-Rainbow-Six-Siege)

However since this sounds like feedback, and any and all feedback is valuable, I recommend you post this in the Closed Beta Forum (click me too!) (http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/966-Rainbow-Six-Siege-Closed-Beta). This is the best place for it.

Thank you ! :)