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08-12-14, 15:33
Hallo bei mir gehen die Preorder DLC immer noch nicht!??
weiss jemand weiter?

08-12-14, 17:09
• Pre-Order bonuses (Cars and Crew Credits) that are still not unlocked in the game should be unlocked next week. We are closely working with Sony to have this content available earlier.

Sie sind dran ^^

09-12-14, 03:09
Sie sind dran ^^

miiisi luuuutscher

09-12-14, 10:43
PS4 Preorder and Season Pass content – Update December 8th
As you know, we have been in contact with Sony to unlock the situation regarding the Season Pass, Crew Credits Packs and Pre-order bonuses.

Here are the latest information regarding this situation - December 8th

All players that purchased the Season Pass, Crew Credits packs or entered a pre-order code since this weekend should’ve received it.

Players that tried to redeem one of the mentioned content prior to the weekend may have not received it yet. We are working with Sony to fix this situation as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact customer support if you still encounter any issue.

Thank you for your comprehension.
the Crew Team

jeder die codes am wochenende einglöst hat, sollte sein zeug jetzt bekommem haben
kann ich bei mir erst heute abend überprüfen ;)