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05-12-14, 21:54
Dear players,

as promised at the R2P finals in November we have great news for you.

We are happy to announce that Ubisoft’s German studio Blue Byte will be taking over operations for MMDoC. Blue Byte is an expert in F2P games having created several exciting titles including Might & Magic Heroes Online, The Settlers Online and Anno Online.

They will begin working with the VIP players (and some members of the previous team) on current issues, to go forward all together. The Community feedback will always matter and is important.

Blue Byte has already started working on an update that will feature the long-awaited draft mode which is planned to be available early next year. More information on this will follow.

We know you were waiting for an update for a while and we are now able to reveal the reason with this new transition phase. Since its start, the new team has been familiarizing themselves with the game and the expectations of its community. We hope you understand that during this transition phase some things might not run as smoothly as you have come to expect but we will continue to give all deserved attention to this unique title and its players.

Community management and customer support will remain as your main points of contact. The community matters a lot in Duel of Champions, and Blue Byte wants to keep this important relationship we have built over time. We’ll be introducing you to a few new faces in the following months. The team looks forward to providing you a great DoC experience! So please keep sharing your ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Your Community Manager,

Hier noch das Original von Kimmundi: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/969407

Leider wird sich Kimmundi von Ubisoft trennen, das offizielle Announcement gibt es hier:

Ich wünsche Kimmundi wirklich alles gute für seine Zukunft, er hat seinen Job als CM mehr als nur erfüllt,
seine Streams waren für mich jedenfalls immer ein fester Bestandteil auf meinem Terminkalender !
Danke Kimmundi !