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27-11-14, 16:20
Was bitte soll denn sowas?


Yesterday, the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed: Unity received a huge 2GB update. This highly anticipated update for Ubisoft’s open world game was meant to fix its performance issues, however it seems that the patch did more – or should we say removed more – than that.

For starters, we can confirm – after witnessing with our own eyes – some really broken reflections. After upgrading the game to the latest version in PS4, there were some flickering reflections in Arno’s house. Not only that, but those reflections seemed of a lower quality than those we enjoyed before patching the game.

27-11-14, 17:24
Hallo osse-d und willkommen im Forum! :)

Das kann ich für die Xbox One absolut nicht bestätigen.

Ich tippe darauf, dass es sich eher um einen Bug in der PS4-Version handelt. Ähnliches habe ich übrigens im Neogaf-Forum gelesen..

Viele Grüße,

27-11-14, 19:01
oh wow...ein update bringt noch größere bugs mit sich

27-11-14, 19:59
Der Artikel wurde aktualisiert. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Bug.

//This appears to be a bug related to the game’s TOD settings and not a downgrade. Make sure to read our follow-up article about this lighting issue!