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31-08-14, 19:41
I found a golden in the german The Crew trailer: THE CREW | WELTWEIT DIE GRO▀ARTIGSTE SPIELWIESE [DE] at 0:45 on the back of a Ford Focus Rs but the website says it isn't on of these codes... My question is it not available yet or is it a bug? Another possibility: it is a yellow plate not an golden
Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78AeU0kzG6s&index=1&list=PLgwdROUJzf2EufJ-6mQ7TOzfKpCO6Fmlu

31-08-14, 20:02
Ist keins. Und im deutschen Forum kannst du ruhig auch deutsch schreiben!

03-09-14, 15:47
it isn┤t one of the golden plates!

you can read ther a name of one american state ;)

look to the screenshots ... ;) ;) ;)