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22-07-14, 20:07
Is it just me or are the checkpoints for the mission "Ironclad Dash" too far away from one to another?

Who can't remember the mission: You get a Raid spec vehicle and have to drive through the countryside to beat a record of some ... i don't care who ... guys. The problem is that i can't reach the 5th checkpoint. It's literally 500m away form me when my timer runs out. Max speed of the car for me is 170km/h.

I've had this problem in the very first mission too and since then all my settings are really low ... the game is playable without any problems so far but this mission keeps kicking my ass off. Btw i am using a notebook and it seems that there is not a really good support for them in terms of graphicchips or else i could play it in nice high settings.

If anyone else has this problem or if he knows that she/he has beaten this mission without any problems ... pls leave something here.

22-07-14, 20:12
I remember, I think it´s just you. I think it´s one of the easiest missions. I did it in Gold and I´m driving in hardcore and with sequentiell gearbox. The max speed is about 230-250 km/h. You have mp/h, don´t you?

22-07-14, 20:21
nope its km/h ... living in germany and mp/h is needless XD ... but why is my car this slow ... i don't get it.

22-07-14, 20:29
Und ich geb mir die Mühe auf Englisch zu schreiben...Fährst du mit Lenkrad oder Tastatur oder Gamepad?

22-07-14, 20:32
tastatur ... eigentlich sollten alle problemstellen von hard und software her ausgeschlossen sein

22-07-14, 20:38
Add mich mal auf Uplay dann machen wir ne Crew und wir machen die Mission im Coop

22-07-14, 20:39
Hi S4TurN3,
da du ja deutsch sprichst antworte ich auch mal auf deutsch. ;-)

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