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27-05-13, 18:06
Hi all hope you can help me out.

When in the strategic map to setup a trade route. I Press the green/red button load/unload goods on/off the ship that I want in the trade as I click left mouse button on the green/red icons to adjust the slider bar to raise or lower the goods it appears in a random position on the screen and some of the time it is off the screen and I have to save and reload the game to see it again but it is happening all the time so if I setup a few trade routes I have to save and reload a lot and it is not just me this is happening to one of my friends also but not to the other one and yes I have more than two friends btw. So is this a known issue with anno 2070 v2.00.7780? I have a video for you guys to watch to see it for your selves.