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26-04-13, 10:39
Following steps were required to actually play Farcry 3 which was a free give away from AMD.

Open Uplay webpage, order the game, redeem the game via the promo code. Install uplay. While installing uplay, notice surprised that the webpage does not recognized your uplay pc games, and does show you instead your ubisoft games bought on steam.

Open next the fresh uplay, noticed that finally at least your 12 month ago bought games managed to find its way into your account, download Farcry 3.

After download, which is about 1/4 of your normal download rate, click install. Wait gain. For the install to finish.

After install, happly click play to update your game. Get irritated by a window that demands to install Patch 1.04, because uplay pc was not able to patch your game on its own.

After updating your game, update it again, because apparently uplay pc just gave you the wrong patch. This time you need to visit first the uplay webpage again, because apperantly that was what you should have done right from the beginning. Manually download the game updates.

So, do it now, manually update your game.

Accept the licence for the about felt 10th time, and wait again.

Click play again. And watch the game to download again some stuff and finally get spammed with adds for uplay in the game, which you launched just via uplay pc.

Want to know how it works in steam?

Enter your key in the steam client,
accept terms of use,
press play,
watch it download and update and launch in ONE STEP. Your done.

Except naturally when it is an ubisoft game, because than the freaking "u play" launcher gets started from steam, but at least your game will be automagical updated by steam already.

I think your services have some room for improvement. If you want someone the accept uPlay as a client worth installing, you have to actually put effort into it, it has to work as packet management system for software bought via you and streamline the whole process. Right now the state of uplay seems to be a real mess and it is not integrated at all within the installation routines of your software or anything else. I had to visit twice your website out of the client, as part of getting my game, that is not a good thing.

26-04-13, 20:35

thanks for your detailed and well written feedback, but I guess it would be better posted in the English forums. ;-)
Here in the German forums might be too many people who won`t understand all you have written and we try to keep this forum in the German language.

I don`t have very much experience with Uplay, even I bought quite a few games on Uplay.
The games I own (and I have played) worked fine so far.
I agree with you, that the download speed is too slow! I hardly had more than 300-500 kb/s. :(
I own Far Cry 3, but I haven`t installed it yet, so I can`t confirm what you have written about it, but I didn`t have those problems you describe with other games.

We should not forget, that Uplay is still a new platform and has started only a short time ago to be a distributer of games. Before it was just a copy protection for Ubisoft games.
I have no doubt, that Ubisoft is still working on Uplay to improve it more and more.

Maybe some more people can share their experiences and if they had the same problems.

(Again I recommend, that you post this again in the English forums. Im sure you will get more responses there! :))